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Your Agency’s Comprehensive Guide To Conducting CRO Audits For Customers

As businesses and website owners have begun realizing the value of optimizing their site to convert existing traffic, many marketing agencies have started offering conversion rate optimization services to meet the demand for this professional service. The challenge is that every customer is different; every website has different business objectives and definitions

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B2B marketing, E-Commerce strategies, Picreel

More Ways To Make Money This Year | Monetizing Website Traffic

More Ways To Make Money This Year It’s that time of year again to start thinking about how you can put your website to work! Whether you’re an ecommerce site, a marketing agency, or a reseller of software solutions, there are several easy ways to start monetizing the traffic on your website — even if those visitors never end

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Your Agency’s Step-by-Step Guide To Getting Customers Started With Overlay Offers For CRO

If your agency is responsible for increasing your customers’ conversion rates, you’ve likely explored – and are utilizing – a variety of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategies to meet the business objectives of your customers. Whether the goal is to get more newsletter signups, or boost ecommerce sales, using offers as a

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Tips For Increasing Ecommerce Sales & Getting More Leads — TODAY

As the online holiday shopping season starts winding down, the new year is a great time to evaluate your ecommerce site for ways that you can boost lead generation and increase sales. Today’s post takes a look at some of the big-picture strategies to help your brand stand apart from competitors and ultimately increase sales, as well as some quick-hit tips for acquiring more leads from existing traffic — starting today.

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So Your Agency’s On The Hook For CRO Results… Here’s How To Deliver

Driving more traffic to a website can be an expensive and time-consuming project. What’s more, there’s no guarantee that the new traffic will convert once on a website. That’s why savvy agencies are offering conversion rate optimization (CRO) services to their clients as a ways to leverage current content to get more conversions from existing traffic. It’s all

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Do Your Site Visitors Enjoy Your Popups? (Or Are They Annoying?)

Do Your Site Visitors Enjoy Your Popups
Let’s be real: some people hate popups. But the numbers don’t lie. Popups are a legitimate conversion rate optimization strategy that really work. So why do they get under some people’s skin so much? In short, because they aren’t done right. Timing is everything with popups, and so is relevance. Showing the right offer to the right person at the right time

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Conversion Optimization: 21 Best Practices for Beginners

Conversion rate optimization best practice
Editor’s note: This story was originally published in August 2014. It has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Chances are, conversion rate optimization best practices were not even a blip on the radar when you first thought about setting up your website. Now, however, things are probably a bit different. Like most other ecommerce entrepreneurs, you have come to

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Part 2: Exit Intent vs Visitor Engagement — Examples Of CRO Exit Strategies

In part one of this series, we explored the difference between popups when a visitor goes to leave your site, versus those that are triggered based on behavior. Each strategy has its pros and cons, and there is a time and place for both. Many Picreel customers have found that a smart mix of targeting actually yields the best results, but understanding when

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Part 1: Exit Intent Vs Visitor Engagement Popup Strategies

exit intent vs engagement
The word “exit” is used a lot when it comes to using website popups as a conversion rate optimization tool. From gauging a visitor’s intent to exit, to sophisticated exit technology that identifies the precise moment a visitor goes to leave a site, many marketers feel that popups are best served upon exit. But using popups as a CRO tool have gained in popularity, the

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Steps to Take If Your Content Is Not Driving Conversions

content is driving conversions
Even though you put in the time and effort to craft web content for your audience, you have not been getting the results for which you had hoped. Quality content can drive traffic to your website and improve your sales when you follow the right steps. Trying to rush the process or making mistakes, however, will cause you to waste time on content that won’t get the job done. If you would like to learn how you can create high-quality, engaging

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