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12+ Best Popup Software That Reduce Exit

12+ Best Popup Software That Reduce Exit

The customer is about to leave your website after exploring and scrolling through multiple pages. Is there anything that you can do to make them stay or to gather their information like name, email address, phone number, etc? Well, the best exit popup software is your answer that can make all the difference to your marketing strategies. But wait, there’s a twist…

Back in the 2000s, digital marketing was rapidly growing and marketers realized the power of popups. Unfortunately, the technology back then was limited and popups flashed on the screens at the wrong time again and again. This was annoying for the visitors and interfered with the user experience.

Now, there is a lot of advancement in technology and exit-intent popups are all about the perfect placement and time. Not all the exit-intent popup tools out there offer smart and advanced options. So, here we are to help you choose the best exit popup software.

A Quick Look at Top Exit-Intent Popup Software & Their Key Features

Popup Software Key Features Pricing

Ready-to-use customizable templates
Target highly specific traffic
A/B testing and advanced analytics
Popup personalization options
Advanced trigger options

Starts at $39.97/month

100+ customizable templates to choose from.
A large question bank to create surveys from scratch.
Advanced targeting and reporting.
AI-based Sentiment Analytics.
Multiple pop-up surveys like NPS, CSAT, and Exit-intent.
Essentials - $80/month
Premium - $160
Enterprise - Custom quotes upon request


User-friendly campaign editor with the option to add custom CSS
Large selection of template popups to choose from
Reliable exit-intent recognition technology
Rich popup customization features
Starts at $49/month for 100,000 pageviews

OptinMonster Intuitive dashboard
Multiple types of popup forms
Works with popular marketing platforms
Behavioral segmentation
Page-level targeting

Basic - $9/month
Plus - $19/month
Pro - $29/month
Growth - $49/month
Omniconvert Advanced segmentation criteria
Frequency capping
A/B split testing
Custom overlay placement
Dynamic content
Starts at $167/month
Custom pricing

Thrive Leads Drag-and-drop form builder
Wide selection of templates
A/B testing engine
Fully responsive
Actionable reporting & analytics

Quarterly - $30/month
Yearly - $19/month
Wunderkind (Formerly BounceX) Website behavior analysis
Site abandonment time tracking
Track visitor cursor movements
Full-service campaign management
Advanced targeting options

Starts at $3,995/month
Custom pricing

Adoric Multi-step popups
Easy to install and use
A/B split testing
Integrates well with sales & CRM tools
Free - $0
Essentials - $29/month
Standard - $79/month
Pro - $199/month
Optimonk Drag-&-drop builder
Multiple popup types
50+ beautiful templates
A/B testing

Paid plan starts at $29/month
Sleeknote Intuitive drag-&-drop builder
120+ ready-to-use templates
1200+ integration APIs
In-depth visitor targeting option

Paid plan starts at $49/month
GetSiteControl Drag-&-drop editor
A/B testing features
1000+ Integrations
Ready-to-use popup templates

Starts at $9 monthly
HelloBar Multiple popup types
Niche targeting options
A/B testing for popups
In-depth analytics and custom reports

Starts at $29/month

Poptin Different popup types
Dynamic tags in popups
Advanced exit-intent targeting options
A/B testing
Autoresponder emails
Paid plan starts at $25/month
Privy Multiple popup types
Drag-&-drop builder
Onsite product recommendation notification
Mutiple targeting options
Autoresponder SMS

Paid plan starts at $15/month

What is an Exit-Intent Popup?

An exit-intent popup appears on the screen when the visitor is about to leave the website. It is the one last effort to make them stay, complete their purchase, get them to give you their email address, mobile number, etc., or to take any other action.

A lot of visitors land on your website from search engines, social media, and various other sources. They scroll down, might find something of interest or nothing, and leave. By providing a valuable offer or discount or free stuff with the help of exit-intent popups, you can have them stick around for more time.

The ultimate purpose of exit-intent popups is to increase leads or conversions and decrease bounce rates. Bounce rate is basically a statistic that shows how long the visitors stay on your website and whether they take any action or browse more pages before they leave. The exit-intent popups significantly reduce the bounce rates by giving the visitors a reason to stay.

How do Exit Intent Popups Work?

Exit-intent popups are triggered when the visitor moves their cursor towards closing the tab. The exit-intent technology senses the intent of the visitor that is about to leave the website or press the back button or switch to another tab.

Before they click the button to leave the website, a popup appears offering them a discount coupon to complete the checkout process or creatively asking them their email address in return for some free guide, etc. This allows the company to mail them offers and discounts in the future.

The technology is completely based on the user’s behavior. Web developers and digital marketers can set their rules to display popups according to the user’s activities on the website. The better you understand the user behavior, the more effective your campaign will be.

There are a lot of exit popup software out there that works differently. It can be difficult to try all of them. To help you out, we have narrowed down the list to five. Check it out!

Deep Dive on Best Popup Softwares

Let’s explore the top five popup software to get a better understanding of their features and pricing:

1. Picreel


Picreel is a comprehensive conversion tool with more features and integrations than any other conversion platform on the market. Advanced real-time cursor tracking combined with custom conditional triggers serve up highly targeted offers to site visitors to reduce bounce rates, increase sales, and convert traffic into buyers and subscribers. The best exit popup tool has been on the market for more than a decade, and with a free 30-day trial and multiple 5-star reviews, it’s easy to see why Picreel is the trusted name at the forefront of the exit popup industry.


  • Offers different types of popup overlays to target different visitor types
  • Use the drag-&-drop builder to create delightful popup campaigns
  • Design custom offers and discounts in 30 seconds; no coding required
  • Choose from high-converting customizable templates to deploy popups in minutes
  • Advanced onsite targeting and segmentation options to display the popup to the right people
  • Target website visitors based on their actions and behavior
  • Works on both desktop and mobile websites
  • Integrates with all major CRM, email, and marketing automation tools
  • Supports real-time analytics to increase agility and campaign responsiveness
  • Leverage inbuilt A/B testing features to optimize your popups
  • Also offers service-based campaign management

Start Using Picreel’s Drag and Drop Popup Builder


  • Helps to reduce cart abandonment
  • Easy-to-use and setup
  • Advanced ad personalization to maximize conversions.


  • The analytics dashboard needs an update and more custom fields
  • The campaign dashboard can feel glitchy sometimes


Paid plans start from $39.97/month

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2. Qualaroo


Qualaroo feedback software is known for its exit-intent pop-ups and surveys, which you can create from scratch or customize the existing exit-intent templates. It tracks user behavior and shows a pop-up right when a visitor is about to leave the website.

These pop-ups and surveys effectively reduce the churn rate and stop customers from leaving the website by either offering them a deal, discount, gift voucher, or asking them about their experience.


  • You can personalize the branding of your pop-ups, add custom images, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Offers question branching and skip logic to make your pop-up and surveys relevant to each visitor.
  • Helps you collect in-context feedback from leaving customers so that you can work on those problems and reduce the churn rate.


  • Niche targeting options based on visitor behavior and actions
  • AI-based sentiment analysis engine


  • The reporting section needs more filters and sorting options
  • Needs more industry-specific templates


Starts at $80/month

3. Wisepops


Wisepops is an onsite marketing platform specializing in intelligent popups, banners, bars, and comprehensive analytics. It’s easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality, templates, and no code needed.
Indeed, creating campaigns is pretty straightforward with the option to customize your popups to match your brand style. Thanks to these features and fast customer support, Wisepops is highly rated. In fact, the app has a 4.9 rating on Shopify.


  • User-friendly campaign editor with the option to add custom CSS
  • Large selection of template popups to choose from
  • Reliable exit-intent recognition technology
  • Rich popup customization features
  • Detailed analytics, including data by country


  • Very effective in driving the traffic to the right page
  • Support smart onsite notifications


  • Needs better documentation and guides
  • Setting up goals can be tricky for some users


Starts at $49/mo for 100,000 pageviews

4. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is lead generation software that converts website visitors into buyers and subscribers through the use of its signature exit intent technology. With one-click integration with all major email marketing providers and a simple drag and drop form builder, it’s ideal for small businesses that want to manage their own campaigns. The best thing about this exit intent software is that multiple customization options are available to create campaigns.


  • Drag-&-drop builder to create beautiful exit popups in minutes
  • Multiple customizable popup types like overlays, sidebars, inline forms, countdown offers, and coupon wheels
  • Smart exit Intent technology to target leaving visitors and prompt actions
  • Supports A/B split testing to test different types of popup designs
  • Built-in reporting and analytics to track popup performance in real-time


  • The TruLead™ feature helps to verify the captured leads automatically
  • Tons of customization options and animations to design popups
  • Adaptive popups to target different customer segments


  • Tool navigation can be improved to make it more user-friendly
  • May cause performance issues with some web pages.


Starts at $9/month

5. Omniconvert


Omniconvert is a complete Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tool with exit popups being part of the offerings. Omniconvert features a variety of exit pop types that can be triggered on load, time, scroll or click, and with more than 40 segmentation criteria, offers are highly targeted to visitors’ behavior. The advanced options in this exit popup software make it easier to add dynamic texts to banners such as user location, temperature, etc.


  • Offers different popups like on-click, scroll, load, and exit intent to collect desired information from visitors
  • A/B test your popups to optimize them
  • Advanced segmentation criteria to show the popup to the right visitor at the right time
  • Inbuilt product recommendation engine to improve users’ onsite experience
  • Supports dynamic content to personalize the popups


  • All-in-one tool to test and optimize your website
  • The analytical engine is easier to set up than Google Analytics


  • Comes with a steep learning curve
  • You cannot track multiple A/B tests simultaneously with the A/B test dashboard


Paid plans start at $83/month

6. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is an all-in-one list-building solution. With signature SmartExit technology that triggers exit popups when certain conditions are met, not just when a visitor makes to leave the site, visitors see unique offers based on their activity, behavior, and time spent on the website. There are multiple popup layouts to choose from, with customizable options.


  • User-friendly drag-&-drop builder to design the perfect exit popups and more
  • Use form animations and pre-built templates to attract visitors’ attention
  • Advanced targeting options based on attributes like page type, posts, categories, tags, and URL
  • In-depth analytics dashboard to track popup campaign’s performance
  • Allows A/B testing to test and optimize the popup overlays


  • Show personalized offers to different visitors with the SmartLinks feature
  • Wide variety of popup options and templates


  • Steep learning curve due to the number of features and functionalities
  • If you don’t host a WordPress site, you also need to purchase Thrive Suite for the tool to work


Costs $299/year

7. Wunderkind (Formerly BounceX)

Wunderkind exit intent pop up tool

Wunderkind (Bounce Exchange) uses behavioral automation technology to track the activity of site visitors in order to serve up highly targeted offers at the optimal time for conversion. The company’s white glove full-service management ensures your campaigns are created by conversion professionals with the onus of success on them, not you.


  • Website behavior analysis
  • Track visitor cursor movements
  • Site abandonment time tracking
  • Visitor targeting into strategic buckets
  • Full-service campaign management


  • Helpful in reducing cart abandonment and earning new subscribers
  • All-in-one marketing platform to target both onsite and offsite visitors


  • Feels buggy at times while creating the popups
  • Can cause minor performance issues on your website


Contact for a quote

8. Adoric



Adoric is the number one pick for a variety of reasons. The tool works by creating a personalized path for every visitor. Unlike most lead generation tools out there, this doesn’t only help generate leads but also helps to convert them.


  • It’s feature-rich and supports a variety of elements, including design, communication, analytics, and tracking
  • You can use it to create multi-step messages to optimize your conversions
  • It also supports forms and can be connected to a variety of Sales CRMs
  • Tons of templates to build actionable popups in minutes
  • Supports dynamic content to show personalized messages on your exit popups


  • Extensive graphics element options to choose from for your popups
  • Works well on desktop and mobile
  • Built-in scarcity triggers to entice the users


  • The editor may glitch sometime while designing the popup
  • The product recommendation tool needs to be more intuitive


Paid plans start at $9/month

9. Optimonk


What makes Optimonk one of the best exit popup software is the ability to gamify the user experience. The tool provides multiple popup options to draw visitors’ attention like welcome, lucky wheel, conversational, win-a-gift, and ebook. It also houses one of the most advanced targeting options to help you reach desired customer segments with the right offer at the right time.


  • Drag-&-drop builder to design and deploy popup campaigns in minutes
  • Supports popups, lucky wheel popups, nano bars, interstitials, and sidebars for your website
  • 50+ beautiful templates to choose from
  • Set up automatic exit-intent popup triggers based on user actions, demographics, and behavior
  • A/B test your popups to optimzie them for conversions
  • Offers integration with tools like Moosend and Salesforce


  • Suitable for building your email lists and reducing the website bounce rate
  • Woks for both desktop and mobile websites
  • Offers 300+ mobile-responsive templates


  • The analytics dashboard needs more metrics to make performance tracking better
  • No multi-lingual support within the same popup. You need to create a separate popup in the desired language
  • Steep pricing compared to other tools in the list


Paid plan starts at $29/month

10. Sleeknote


Sleeknote is among the top popup and exit intent software in the market. It offers multiple tools like forms, slide-ins, and sidebars to turn the website traffic into customers. You can target different visitor types like new, repeat, and leaving with personalized overlays to collect leads, show discounts, and redirect them to desired pages.


  • Intuitive drag-&-drop builder to create beautiful popups to engage visitors
  • Customize the popup’s theme, font, and position on the page
  • Offers 120+ ready-to-use templates to let you deploy exit popups in minutes
  • Supports 1200+ integrations to manage workflows and data
  • In-depth targeting options to display the popup to the right visitors


  • Supports A/B testing to test and optimize your popups
  • Real-time personalization and product recommendation


  • The analytics dashboard can be upgraded to show more details


Starts at $49/month

11. GetSiteControl


GetSiteControl puts you in control to prompt action from website visitors and push them towards the end of the conversion funnel. Explore upselling and cross-selling opportunities, collect contact information, gather feedback, and stop abandoning visitors with a single tool. With a no-code editor and detailed campaign analytics, GetSiteControl earns its place among the best exit popup software.


  • In-built drag-&-drop editor to build exit-intent popup and other overlays in minutes
  • Track the performance of popup campaigns in real-time with in-depth analytics
  • A/B testing features to optimize the popups
  • Integrates with over 1000+ tools to export/import data.
  • Ready-to-use popup templates for different scenarios and visitor types


  • Works for both desktop and mobile websites
  • Supports behavioral and action-based triggers
  • Affordable pricing options as compared to other similar options


  • Needs more theme customization options
  • No multi-lingual support for popups


Starts at $9/month for 20K monthly widget views

12. Hello Bar

Hello Bar

Hello Bar’s simplicity is not to be confused with its efficiency. It is one of the most effective exit intent software that offers sticky bars, popups, bars, sliders, and banners. You can place the sticky bar on the page header or footer and use modal popup overlays to entice visitors into taking desired actions. This pop up software is perfect for generating leads, engaging visitors, reducing bounce rates, and improving conversions.


  • Offers unobtrusive popups, sticky bars, alert cards, and slide-in forms.
  • Use niche targeting options to segment visitors by source, demographics, actions, and ad campaign
  • Track popup and sticky bar campaigns’ performance using the in-depth analytics dashboard
  • Create custom reports using the in-built filters and share them with other teams
  • Supports A/B testing for popups, bars, and banners


  • Sticky bars and banner popups do not hinder the visitor experience
  • Better targeting options than other similar exit popup tools
  • The platform is regularly updated to add new features and weed out bugs


  • The builder can sometimes feel slow and glitchy
  • Needs more time-based popups like limited-time deals, announcements, etc.


Paid plans start at $24/month

13. Poptin


Poptin is built for e-commerce websites, online marketers, digital agencies, bloggers, and anyone looking to reduce bounce rate, increase email subscribers, and curb cart abandonment. You can design embedded forms and smart popups to engage your visitors. Its exit intent technology lets you target precise actions and behavior of leaving visitors to engage them.


  • Create different popup types like slide-in, overlays, embedded, sidebar, and floating bar
  • Place dynamic tags in popups to personalize them
  • Offers advanced exit-intent targeting options to pinpoint leaving visitors
  • Run A/B tests on your popups to find the ones that work best for you
  • Set up autoresponders to send automated emails to new subscribers
  • Integrate with workspace tools to sync and manage data flows
  • Design gated popups to offer discounts and generate leads


  • The WYSIWYG editor makes popup designing and customization easy
  • Competitive pricing structure makes the tool accessible to a broader audience
  • Options to design different autoresponder emails based on visitor type


  • UX can feel a little clunky when importing branding options to forms
  • Takes some time to get used to the popup builder


Paid plans start at $25/month

14. Privy


Speaking of gamification, Privy is another excellent popup and exit intent software that lets you turn visitors into subscribers and customers. Use welcome emails, offer alerts, spin-wheel games, and other engaging means to help visitors take the next step to conversions. From personalized popups to targeted email campaigns, the tool lets you target people on-site and off-site to maximize engagement.


  • Design different popup types like wheel popups, banners, slide-in, fly-out, etc., for your website
  • Supports a drag-&-drop builder to let you create popups that are hard to resist
  • Leverage niche event triggers to show the popup at the precise time to the visitors
  • Set up automatic text notifications to bring back leaving visitors.
  • Integrate with tools like Squarespace, HubSpot, and Google Analytics


  • Supports onsite notifications and a free shipping bar.
  • Autoresponder SMS feature to engage new subscribers.


  • Does not offer a teaser popup feature
  • Setting up email campaigns can be challenging due to the unintuitive campaign builder


Paid plans start at $15/month

Comparison of the Best Exit Popup Software

  Picreel OptinMonster Omniconvert Thrive Leads Wunderkind
Multiple Form Types Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
A/B Testing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy Form Builder Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Full-service Management Yes - - - Yes
Targeting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Integration Yes Yes Yes - Yes
Advanced ad personalization Yes - - - -

Which Exit-Intent Popup Software Is Best for You?

Well, it is quite clear that exit-intent popups are a powerful way to reduce bounce rates and boost conversions. At the same time, you can build a large email list to increase sales and overall engagement. But which solution is the right one for you?

You can try a free exit popup software trial to check out the various functions and options available. However, if you are looking for modern and proven exit intent software, Picreel is the real deal. It focuses mainly on targeting visitors at the right time to increase sales, conversions, and leads. From reducing cart abandonment to increasing phone and email lists, Picreel offers a guaranteed solution to give wings to your marketing efforts. We would love to know about your preferred features in an exit-intent popup software.

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