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Email Popups: 15+ Proven Examples & Best Practices

Email Popups 15+ Proven Examples & Best Practices

So, you’ve invested considerable time and resources into creating a captivating website with compelling content and irresistible offerings.

But how can you ensure your efforts don’t go unnoticed and your visitors don’t slip away?

Email popups hold the key to transforming your website’s success. They’re the gateways to capturing valuable leads, boosting your brand’s visibility, and driving revenue to new heights.

In this blog, we’ll explore how to leverage email popups to make a substantial impact and showcase 15+ real-world examples that will spark your imagination and redefine your online marketing strategy.

What Is an Email Popup?

An email popup is a small window or message that appears on a website with the primary goal of collecting visitor email addresses. These popups typically include a form where visitors can enter their email address and, in some cases, other relevant information.

Email Popup

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15+ Email Popup Examples to Grow Your Mailing List

Email popups come in various forms, each designed to engage visitors differently. Check out 15+ email popup examples by businesses that got it right!

Exit-Intent Popup:

Exit-intent popups are triggered when visitors are about to leave your website. They are a last-ditch effort to capture their attention and encourage them to subscribe or take another desired action.

1. StackCommerce


StackCommerce witnessed a 15% increase in high-quality leads by implementing an exit-intent popup facilitated by Picreel. This popup offers a compelling discount to online store visitors, encouraging them to reconsider their exit and provide their email addresses for exclusive deals.

2. Foundr


Foundr’s exit-intent popup, powered by Picreel, is designed to minimize its bounce rate by offering a free masterclass. It features a clear and concise headline. The clear CTA encourages visitors to take action immediately, and the popup’s value proposition emphasizes the benefits of subscribing.

3. Mala The Brand

Mala The Brand

Mala The Brand employs an exit-intent popup with vibrant visuals and a clear message. By using appealing imagery and a straightforward offer, it captures the attention of visitors who are about to leave and encourages them to subscribe.



MVMT’s exit-intent popup is focused on converting visitors into subscribers by offering an exclusive discount in exchange for an email subscription. The incentive of a discount is a powerful motivator to prevent visitors from leaving the site.

5. Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh employs an exit-intent popup that entices visitors with free meal kits and shipping before they exit the website. This popup leverages the impulse to save money and enjoy convenient meal solutions.

Side Messages:

Side messages are small, unobtrusive notifications that slide in from the side of the screen. These messages appear on the screen in a way that doesn’t cover the web page content. They can deliver on-site messages, promotions, or prompts for subscribing without interrupting the user’s browsing experience.

6. Sage x Clare

Sage x Clare

Sage x Clare’s side message popup offers a discount in a subtle yet effective manner. It avoids being intrusive while still encouraging visitors to explore the brand’s offerings and potentially subscribe.

7. Libro.fm


Libro.fm promotes audiobook subscriptions with a side message popup that provides a convenient way for visitors to learn about its services without obstructing their view of the website content.

8. Coastal Vintage

Coastal Vintage

Coastal Vintage utilizes a side message popup to encourage visitors to sign up for its newsletter. This unobtrusive approach lets visitors stay informed about the latest products and offers.

9. Love Home Decor

Love Home Decor

Love Home Decor has a side message popup that asks you to subscribe to its newsletter. It offers the latest scoops, including free gifts with purchases to entice the users. The non-disruptive nature of side messages makes it easy for users to interact with the promotion.

Fullscreen Popup:

Fullscreen popups cover the entire screen, eliminating any distractions and grabbing the visitor’s full attention. They are often used for important announcements or promotions.

10. 100% Pure

100% Pure

100% Pure captures the attention of visitors with a fullscreen popup prompting the user to choose their mystery offer. The large and visually appealing design ensures that the offer is impossible to miss.

11. Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream offers a discount on an annual subscription with a visually appealing fullscreen popup. By showcasing the value proposition prominently, it entices visitors to explore the content.

Nano Bars (Sticky Bars):

Nano bars, also known as sticky bars, are small, persistent bars that stick to the top or bottom of the screen. They can contain email capture forms or quick links to important content. Similar to the side messages, these are designed so that visitors can browse the website without any interruptions.

12. ColourPop


ColourPop uses a sticky bar to promote limited-time deals or discounts. These persistent bars at the top of the screen also help keep visitors informed about ongoing promotions.

13. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein features a sticky bar with a clear CTA for discounts or special offers. This ensures that the promotion is visible as visitors navigate the website.

14. LN-CC


LN-CC utilizes a sticky bar to provide easy access to limited-time offers, new arrivals, and promotions. The non-intrusive nature of sticky bars makes them an effective way to engage visitors.

15. Ulta


Ulta is another website that offers non-intrusive email signup popups for users. Here, the popup bar is at the bottom and aims to grab the users’ attention immediately.

16. The Body Shop

The Body Shop

The Body Shop engages visitors with a sticky bar highlighting new arrivals or offers like free shipping. Sticky bars are a great way to draw attention to specific content without obstructing the user’s view.

Timed Popup:

Timed popups appear after a specific amount of time has passed since a visitor landed on a webpage. They are less intrusive than immediate popups and allow visitors to engage with your content before the popup appears.

17. Olipop

Olipop Shop

Olipop encourages visitors to subscribe to its newsletter with a timed popup. This approach gives users time to explore the website before being prompted to subscribe.

18. SocialMediaToday


SocialMediaToday promotes its free newsletter with a well-timed popup that appears strategically to capture the visitor’s interest after they have spent more than 15 seconds on the website. This approach leads to more engaged and informed subscribers.

6 Tips for Designing Email Capture Popups

After exploring a range of successful email signup form examples, let’s delve into 6 valuable tips for crafting highly engaging popups –

1. Use a clear and compelling headline

A clear and compelling headline is the first thing your visitors will notice when they encounter your email popup. It should succinctly communicate the value of subscribing to your email list.

For instance, a headline like “Join 1 Million Entrepreneurs” immediately conveys the size and influence of their community, enticing visitors to become a part of it.

2. Add an engaging Call to Action (CTA)

Your call to action is the gateway to converting visitors into subscribers. Design a CTA that not only stands out visually but also motivates action.

For instance, a CTA button stating “Unlock My Discount” clearly communicates the benefit of clicking – accessing an exclusive discount.

With a popup tool like Picreel, you can easily experiment with different CTAs to determine which one resonates best with your audience.

3. Get the visuals right

Visual elements and colors play a crucial role in email popup design. They help capture your audience’s attention and reinforce your brand identity.

Choose a popup builder tool offering a wide range of customization options, enabling you to choose the right visuals and colors for your popup. You can easily upload images, incorporate your brand’s colors, and even use animation effects to make your popups visually engaging.

4. Keep it user-friendly

The simplicity of your email capture form can significantly impact conversion rates.

To make it user-friendly, keep the form fields minimal, ideally requesting only the essential information. A shorter form reduces friction, making it easy for visitors to subscribe quickly without feeling overwhelmed or hesitant.

5. Have a strategic placement

Choosing the right moment and location to display your popup can have a significant impact on conversions. Effective placement ensures that your popup doesn’t disrupt the user experience but complements it.

Exit-intent popups, as seen in the examples, are strategically placed to appear just as visitors are about to leave the website. This timing captures their attention at a critical moment and increases the chances of them reconsidering and subscribing.

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6. Focus on mobile responsiveness

With an increasing number of users accessing websites on mobile devices, it’s crucial to ensure that your email subscription popups are mobile-responsive.

A mobile-friendly design ensures that your popups display correctly and function smoothly on smaller screens. This is why it is critical to choose a popup tool that offers responsive templates and allows you to preview how your popups will appear on various devices.

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Maximize Conversions with Picreel: Transform Your Email Popup Strategy

Email popups are a dynamic tool for building your subscriber list. By following the best practices and drawing inspiration from the impressive examples listed above, you can create email popups that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

To take your email popup game to the next level, consider using a powerful tool like Picreel. Picreel’s user-friendly platform empowers you to design, customize, and strategically deploy captivating email popups – whether you’re looking to capture leads with exit-intent popups or engage your audience with timed messages.

Start exploring the potential of Picreel today and supercharge your email marketing efforts. Your website’s growth awaits!

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What are the best practices for designing email popups?

The best practices for designing email signup popups include crafting a clear headline, using engaging CTAs, selecting appealing visuals and colors, simplifying the form, choosing strategic placement, and ensuring mobile responsiveness.

How can I increase the effectiveness of my email popups?

To increase the effectiveness of your email popups, A/B tests different designs and messaging, offer valuable incentives, use exit-intent triggers, and analyze user behavior. You can invest in a reliable popup tool like Picreel to enhance the effectiveness of your popups.

Can I customize the targeting of email popups?

Yes, you can customize popup targeting with tools like Picreel. It offers advanced targeting options based on exit intent, user behavior, time on page, cart items, and more. Customized targeting ensures that your popups are displayed to the right audience at the right time, improving conversion rates.

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