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Email Popups: 40+ Examples & Strategies to Explode Your List

Email Popup Designs

Email Popups are the building blocks of your marketing campaigns. Email marketing can help reach a more relevant audience at a lower cost.

But for running these email marketing campaigns, you first need to build your mailing list. You have to create the best email popup designs with the right lead generation tool to capture these valuable emails. It is an incredible way to increase engagement and convert your website traffic effectively.

Your popup design can prove to be the difference between visitors taking a quick exit or quick action by filling in their email addresses. To get it right, you need to consider different design elements for efficiently adding subscribers to your list.

Whether you are just starting your popup marketing journey or are looking to gather some cool new email popup ideas we have got you covered.

What Is an Email Popup?


An email popup is a window that pops up on the user’s screen asking for their email address. The overlay usually offers discount coupons, hot deals, etc., in exchange for the website visitor’s email address.

For example, you offer some discount to your visitors, and to reveal the code or send it over via email, you ask for their email address. That way, you get your quality email leads, and the visitors get a discount. A win-win situation for everyone!

An average email popup converts around 3.2% of website visitors.

Just like a normal popup, the design here includes elements like an offer (value proposition), marketing copy, visuals, call to action (CTA), branding, and animation. Let”s define this elements checklist before moving ahead.


The offer is your value proposition that can be an incentive, discount/promotion, or information about how your newsletter subscription can be valuable to visitors.

Marketing Copy:

It is the content that goes in your popup which can create a sense of urgency or can impress the visitors to take action.


It is your image, video, or background that will grab the attention of visitors. Usually, images of products or services related to your offer are used in the popup.


The button where the action takes place. If the visitors are interested in your offer, they will click your CTA button to submit an email address, get to another page, etc.


It is the theme or feel of your popup, like the fonts, borders, color combinations, logo, and so on. Generally, marketers match the popup to company branding & website design.


The animation decides how your popup will pop on the screen. There are multiple animations like floating, slide-in, top/bottom bars, etc.

Now that you know about an email popup, let’s check out the different types of popups!

Types of Email Popups

All the different types of email pop ups are used for the same purpose – to capture the email addresses of your website visitors. Let’s check the four types of popups.

Standard Popup

Standard Popup

The standard email popup is the one that you generally come across on different websites. It is a small window that appears on the top of the web page content. It is used to collect email addresses by displaying relevant offers such as free shipping, gift, discount, etc. These are often displayed by tracking visitors’ digital footprint to present them with a more personalized offer.

Side Messages

Side Messages Email Popup

Side messages often appear on either the left or right side of the screen in a way that doesn’t cover the web page content completely. These are great for delivering on-site messages without interrupting the user experience. So, if you want to capture email addresses without disturbing your visitors, side messages are ideal for that purpose.

Fullscreen Popup

Fullscreen Email Popup

Fullscreen popups cover the entire screen and are often not preferred by marketers. If you really want to grab the visitors’ attention, you might want to take the entire screen. Basically, these popups look like landing pages. By eliminating all the distractions, you can target your audience using fullscreen popups.

Nano bars (Sticky Bars)

Nanobars Email Popup

These popup bars stick to the top or bottom of your screen and are often used to make announcements. Similar to the side messages, these are designed in a way so that the visitors can browse the website without any interruptions. If you want to send site-wide messages without disturbing the visitors or forcing them to interact with your overlay, these are perfect.

40+ Amazing Email Popup Designs (Examples)

Below, we have listed 40+ high-converting popup designs and explained why they proved to be successful. Let’s jump right in.

Standard Popups

#1 – StackCommerce


StackCommerce witnessed a 15% increase in quality leads using this email popup design. How so? Well, the incentive can’t be more loud and clear than this. By using a simple, minimalistic design, StackCommerce focuses on “90% OFF” and makes the text large and bold without overdoing it. Something like this instantly grabs the attention of visitors. Next, the green-colored CTA looks attractive and assures the visitors of getting the deals with simple one-step signup. Surely, a great tactic to engage busy visitors.

#2 – Foundr


Foundr is a digital magazine that focuses on early-stage startup founders. The beautiful popup you see above has helped in capturing 20000+ leads. Visually, the popup makes a good impression immediately. Moreover, the color combination of background, content, and CTA button gets the job done. The content copy makes it clear to the visitors what the business is promising. After all, who doesn’t want rapid eCommerce growth & exclusive strategies? Also, an actionable CTA makes the value proposition enticing.

#3 – Mala The Brand

Mala The Brand

Let your visitors know that you won’t spam their mailing app. The unique content copy makes this email signup popup pretty interesting. As soon the headline captures visitors’ attention, the next line provides an incentive to further motivate the visitors. The color and font combination perfectly matches the website design, and CTA “Join the club” creates a sense of exclusivity.

#4 – MVMT


MVMT grabs an extra 15% new leads per month using this email subscribe popup. The idea is simply to educate the visitors about the benefits of an MVMT newsletter subscription, such as deals, new arrivals, and great content. It makes the subscriber feel that they’ll be part of an exclusive club. The CTA “Get Access” is crystal clear, and the button color highlights it well.

#5 – Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh uses a great combination of visuals and incentives in this eye-catching, exit-intent popup design. The color scheme matches the website, and surely the image looks attractive. In the marketing copy, they have come up with discounts on the first three orders, and who would say no to $80 off? By entering the email address, visitors can unlock the offer easily. It not only helps the brand capture leads but also prevents abandonment.

#6 – The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News witnessed a significant increase in email subscribers using this well-designed email signup popup. The incentive is clear & straightforward as readers can try any weekly subscription with the limited-time special offer. The images are thoughtfully placed, which shows the readers how compatible the newspaper is with different devices. Furthermore, the CTA button and the decline button are actionable too.

#7 – GAIAM


GAIAM’s popup signup form is one of the most creative popups you will ever see. The unusually attractive shape of this popup can catch visitors’ attention in no time. With minimal information (words) to digest, the popup delivers the 20% discount boldly. The green-colored CTA button matches the brand’s visual aesthetic, and the simple yet elegant design proves to be an effective lead magnet.

#8 – Danish Skin Care

Danish Skin Care

Danish Skin Care achieves visibly higher conversion rates and quality leads using beautiful exit popups. The 2-step form creates a sense of urgency by incorporating a 5-minute timer in the exit popup. The highlighted action word “WAIT!” in the headline compels the visitor to read the unique offer and CTA in bold further guides them to get their free guide. Also, the decline button reads “I do not want beautiful skin!” which might stop the visitor from closing the popup.

#9 – Trustico


Trustico uses a totally different type of strategy for collecting the email addresses of visitors. By offering valuable insights and using the fear factor, Trustico uses facts to keep the content copy crystal clear. By writing an engaging headline and maintaining a conversational tone, the visitors are likely to stick to the end. To read more information about the concerning matter, visitors will fill in their email addresses, and the CTA reads it out loud.

#10 – Structube


Huge giveaways are more effective than other incentives. The headline is bold and clear “Win $100,” and no one wants to miss out on such an opportunity. The attractive yellow CTA color matches well with the image and website theme. The image is also quite appealing and lets the visitor know what they can purchase with the $100 gift card.

#11 – Gwen Beloti

Gwen Beloti

Gwen Beloti uses a visually appealing popup design that goes perfectly with the luxurious brand. The focus is on the fact that visitors can get “10% off” by signing up for the newsletter. But there’s more to it. They have added a field with a unique offer down below to get added perks or additional discounts in the visitors’ birthday month. People love to get birthday surprises, and this added field plus CTA in contrasting colors is great to grab more leads.

#12 – Gong


Gong uses an eye-catching and innovative email capture popup design. The content copy is also powerful as it uses a new marketing technique of including social proof. It simply suggests that over 60,000 marketers and sales professionals have subscribed to their email newsletter. So, there must be something beneficial about it. Also, the marketing copy looks more credible by mentioning companies like LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

#13 – Statista


Statista uses graphs and a copy that tells exactly what the users will get if they sign up for the newsletter. While the popup is simplistic, it still has visual cues to engage the customers. Moreover, the section for the email address is at the bottom. The background changes to black for greater visibility.

#14 – Baymard


Baymard popup presents a bold heading mentioning what they are offering. Underneath the title, you will find the company boasting about the frequency and legitimacy of the articles. Then, there is space for your email address and a bold CTA to grab the user’s attention. On the left-hand side, the popup uses pictures and information related to the landing page to tell users why they should keep in touch.

#15 – Prestige Time

Prestige Time

Prestige Time is another website that uses the lightbox popup example. Here, the heading is bold and eye-catching, and even if you do not read it, the letter icon helps get the point across. Their copy mentions what you will receive in the email. Finally, there is space for adding your email address, and the subscribe button is in bold too. They also provide a close button to ensure that the users know they have a choice.

#16 – Kohl


Kohl adheres to one of the two-step email popups ideas. Here, the copy mentions the offer you get for signing up and what you will receive in the emails. Lastly, the button sign up now will take you to the next step. There is a picture on the left-hand side to give you a visual representation of happiness.

#17 – Wall Span

 Wall Span

Wall Span is among the popup examples that include a complete form. Here, you need to offer both your email address and phone number. As a lead magnet, the company provides a guide on designing or renovating your kitchen on your contact details, making it lucrative enough for people who are genuinely interested in the product.

#18 – InstaCart


InstaCart popup email comes with the visual of a shopping paper bag on the left side. On the right-hand side of the popup, the heading at the top mentions the offer in bold, and then the pointers list the benefits in detail. The email space is white with a green CTA that again mentions the benefits. This popup also has a fine print at the bottom for permissions.

#19 – Nike


Nike popup newsletter subscription gives you the opportunity to be the first to know about the latest offers. The simple copy does not demand much attention. However, the popup email form does have three sections to fill, including email address, date of birth, and shipping preference. Then, there is the signup button in black to grab attention.

#20 – Zulily


Zulily popup signup form mentions up to 70% off daily deals in the heading. The white background with a purple title and CTA grabs users’ attention to get more conversions. While it has a simple copy on the top, there are links to terms and conditions, privacy practices, and more at the bottom.

#21 – Renaissance Antiques

Renaissance Antiques

Renaissance Antiques is among the most simple yet effective popup examples mentioned here. The white background with black font is classic. The heading is extra big to ensure that the users know what they are doing. Then there is a copy followed by a place to fill email address and a CTA button that says submit. They clarify that they would not spam you for every detail and only contact you to send updates for big stocks.

#22 – Goldwin


Goldwin offers a popup signup form under the two-step process. Here, the company mentions a discount to the users who sign up and talks about what they will receive in the inbox. Then there is the subscribe here button that takes the users to another page where they can fill in the details. The black-on-the-white theme of the popup is compelling and presents the idea to the users correctly.

#23 – Contecair


Contecair has an email popup that mentions their several products on the side. Moreover, it offers a complete form that prospects can fill and hit submit. While the form is effective with a transparent background, the images in white talking about recent introductions work as a copy.

#24 – Schuh


The Schuh club comes with a short copy that offers $5 off on joining the club, among other things. The email sign-up popup does have a form that asks for your full name, email address, and gender before you can sign up.

#25 – Pott Candles

Pott Candles

Pott Candles newsletter popup gets straight to the point with a bold heading letting the reader know there is a treat for them. It is followed by a short copy and only requires the reader to fill in their email address and click submit.

#26 – Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works has a water-themed popup with a specified and fun outline. Moreover, it invites you in with the promise of a scoop. The popup does not demand much of the users, as they can give their email address to sign up.

Side Messages

#27 – LN-CC


Apart from the nano bar at the top, LN-CC also opens a non-intrusive newsletter popup that adds more to the offer. In this, they ask for your email and gender and offer 10% off on the first order. Moreover, their copy also mentions the different types of information you will get on your mail if you opt to provide the email address. Lastly, their way of using the gender buttons as the CTA ensures that the new users provide that information alongside the email address without following any additional steps.

#28 – Sage x Clare

Sage x Clare

Sage X Clare is another website that provides email popup examples that aren’t intrusive. The pink box appears on the right-hand side of the screen with a short copy and has white boxes for mentioning the first name and email address. There is also the permission box to get consent from the users. Lastly, the CTA in the black box is highlighted in the pink box.

#29 – Libro.fm


The non-intrusive popup of Libro.fm mentions how they can help your business succeed with a copy mentioning the types of book you can purchase. Then, the lightbox encourages users to get in touch by providing their name, email address, and company name before hitting the bold CTA that says submit.

#30 – Coastal Vintage

Coastal Vintage

Coastal Vintage popup email form is a non-intrusive popup that comes on the side of the banner. It displays the brand logo and works as newsletter popups. The simple white background popup with blue colors sprinkled in between is soothing to the eyes and can get the job done.

#31 – Love Home Decor

Love Home Decor

Love Home Decor has a side message popup that asks you to subscribe to their newsletter. It offers the latest scoops, including free gifts with purchases to entice the users. Then, there is a simple space to mention the email and the button to subscribe.

#32 – DecorPot


Decor Pot is one of the best email popups that you can create. The geometric design suits the theme of a modern apartment interior design. Moreover, the popup form asks for details like name, email address, mobile number, and apartment name. It also asks you to select one of the two options to get a free quote.

Full Screens

#33 – 100% Pure

100% Pure

Probably the best 2-step email popup example! People love interactive stuff, and the brand delivers them a simple game. As soon as the visitor clicks on their mystery offer, the best discount offer popups up in the next window. The CTA “Get 15% OFF” is compelling, with the decline button also making an impact. What’s more? Visitors can choose what type of offers and content they want to receive over email!

#34 – Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop

This two-step email subscription popup is short and sweet. Firstly, it talks about the service Stop & Shop offers – grocery delivery directly to your business. Then, there is a get started button that takes the user to the next step to provide their email address.

#35 – Netflix


The Netflix email subscription popup is simple. The background has posters of all types of shows and movies that you can watch. Then, the short copy tells you what they are offering and ends with the box to enter your email address in a complete white box. Lastly, the Get Started button is in red, just like the logo color, to keep a consistent theme.

#36 – Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream’s full-screen popup is much like the Netflix popup. However, it does have the special offer as a separate element in the popup. Their copy talks about the documentaries you find on the website and the slashed price. Then, the CTA is in the color scheme to match the website’s logo.


#37 – ColourPop


ColourPop uses a nanobar that sticks to the bottom of the page. Visitors can easily browse the products and check other CTAs on the site. The popup highlights “10% OFF” and to gain exclusive access to the newsletter and other deals, visitors can easily get the offer by entering their email address. It is a great design for eCommerce brands.

#38 – Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein gets more lead magnets on its website by offering a 10% off on the first purchase. It gives the users a reason to buy the product they want while allowing the company to stay in touch with them to pursue them further. The gray popup asks for the email address and uses the offer as the CTA.

#39 – LN-CC


LN-CC has a nanobar that offers different offers in rotation. Their email popup at the top nanobar provides the option to sign up for a newsletter where you can find exclusive early sales access. Moreover, it also promises the latest editorials and promotions to the email with the CTA at the end. The website could use a different yet muted color to make the offer pop more.

#40 – Ulta


Ulta is another website that offers non-intrusive email signup popups for users. Here, the popup bar is at the bottom, in pink, to grab the users’ attention immediately. The copy warns about missing the fun if you do not sign up for the application while providing information about what you will get. Then, there are spaces to type in the first and last name and the email address. The CTA is highlighted by creating the button in white.

#41 – The Body Shop

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is another brand that uses a nano bar at the top to mention their offer. Here, they create a distinction between the header and the banner with a green-colored nano bar. The popup idea here is providing a range of offers upfront and then giving clients the option to click and collect.

Tips for Designing Newsletter Popup

From the above email popup examples, you must have captured a good picture of lead capture overlays. So, are you ready to design one for your website? Here are some of the popup best practices to grow your subscriber base.

Use a Powerful Headline

You might have around 3-4 seconds to grab visitors’ attention, and apart from the visuals, the headline is the first thing that visitors notice in your popup. To impress them, you need to come up with a strong headline that delivers the most important information about your offer. If you are offering a discount or gift card or something for free, then highlight it like “25% OFF”, “$15 gift”, and so on. It will offer value right away and make the visitors stick for long.

Keep Your Content Copy Relevant & Clear

Your popup should not look complex or hard to read. Come up with a simple copy that contains only relevant and necessary content. If it takes far too long to learn about your offer, then visitors are likely to close the popup window in between. Also, do not write long stories and get straight to the point quickly. If you want to add more content, then design multi-step popups.

Use an Engaging Call to Action (CTA)

Your call to action should be direct and crystal clear. As the CTA will guide visitors to take action, it should not create confusion. If you are offering a discount, then you should avoid a CTA that reads “Sign Up Now” and instead go with something like “I want 25% off!” or “Get me $50 off!” Keep in mind to use only one CTA in one popup.

Get the Visuals & Colors Right

Your popup should fit well with the website theme. For that, use the right color combination and use striking colors for your headline and CTA. As for the fonts, do not go for anything fancy and keep it simple to make it easily readable. Next, the visuals (image/video) should be relevant to your offer. Make sure to use optimized images/videos so that the popup loads quickly.

Keep these popup design tips in mind, and you can easily create delightful popups.

Let’s Get to Growing Your Mailing List!

Email popups can help grab visitors’ attention and grow your audience. They also help you get the contact information you need to stay in touch with them even when they leave.

Use the popup designs mentioned above to gather fantastic ideas. You will get all the inspiration you need to create campaigns that convert.

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