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11 Exit Intent Popup Examples to Boost Conversion in 2022

The customer interest span is shorter than you can imagine. 

Just about 7 seconds. And within this measly time, your customer is either in or out!

In this super-short time, you’ve to share your message across, make an impact and hook visitors to your brand. 

Is that even possible, given the little time you have? 

Yes, it is. Thanks to exit intent pop-ups that keep customers from abandoning your ship. 

These pop-ups catch customers’ attention at the right moment – just when they are about to leave, increasing your chances of conversions massively. 

This blog uncovers 11 exit intent pop-up examples and also explains how they work. 

Let’s create high-converting exit pop-ups and turn bored visitors into brand loyals. 

Exit Intent Pop-Ups – How Do They Work?

A lot of effort goes into bringing visitors to your website – optimizing website SEO and creating content to perfection, aggressively marketing your brand on social media and other channels. When people finally visit your website and leave without taking any action – the entire hard work goes in vain. 

That’s where exit intent pop-ups help. These are a kind of website overlays that show up in the nick of time just when visitors are about to exit a particular page or website, with the aim to stop them from leaving. It intends to win back visitors’ interest before you lose them forever. 

Do it right, and you have conversions. 

Go wrong with it, and you can annoy visitors even more. 

These pop-ups should be handled with care if you want to pull customers in. They target the right customers at the right time, showing them offers, discounts, and promotions, to boost sales. 

For example, if a customer adds some products to his shopping cart but doesn’t complete the checkout process due to any reason, the exit pop-up can offer a discount or incentive to convince him to complete the purchase. 

Another example can be of a customer who browses your website, checks out your products, and just decides to leave. In such cases, the pop-up can display a survey asking customers what stopped them from purchasing. 

More than the time, it’s the context that is critical in the case of exit intent pop-ups. They should be informational and in alignment with visitors’ requirements to leave the right impact. 

11 Best Exit Intent Popup Examples to Get You in the Right Direction

An exit intent pop-up is your last shot at preventing a customer from leaving. So, it better be the best one. One brilliant pop-up can instantly change customers’ minds and bring them back on track. 

Here are the top 11 exit intent pop-up examples to make that last effort count.

1. Exit Email Pop-up

Exit email pop-ups are designed to capture qualified visitors’ email addresses and grow your list of subscribers. Ask visitors to sign up for your emails and increase your chances of a conversion in the future. 

The emails you gather help you reach out to your customers and keep them informed about your new offerings, discounts, and promotions. 

Some customers might be hesitant to share their emails for fear of being bombarded with continuous marketing messages. Make an irresistible offer and assure customers that only relevant content will be shared with them. 

Leesa.com follows a similar approach. No direct CTA to get the customer’s email. The pop-up comes in the form of a friendly message – Wait, don’t go. Smart move!

exit intent popup example

2. Cart Abandonment Exit Pop-up

Cart abandonment pop-ups are great for those customers who have a bag full of your products but show exit intent without making the last purchase move. This can be frustrating as they decide to ditch you at the last minute. 

Such pop-ups aim to combat cart abandonment by making an attractive offer that pulls them back to you and encourages them to complete the purchase. Personalized offers tend to woo customers, compelling them to shop from your brand. 

Brooks Brothers nails it like a pro. Just when customers are about to leave the cart, this brilliant offer shows up, and they can’t help but buy from the brand. The exit intent pop-up example for lead gen, by Brooks Brothers, clearly wins our hearts.

Cart Abandonment Exit Pop-up example

3. Show Scarcity

A customer is really interested in your offerings, which is quite evident in the number of times he or she has scrolled through your product page. The products are added but then a sudden sign of abandonment. 

Why? The reason can be anything. But, you can still bring that customer back by implying scarcity in the exit pop-up. 

Develop a sense of scarcity by showing that the product will soon be out of stock. They will definitely not want their favorite product to be unavailable. So, they might end up purchasing it then and there. This is a powerful trick to convince customers to buy from you at that very moment. 

Everlane does a great job at creating a sense of scarcity with its exit pop-ups. Look at the exit intent pop-up demo below to learn how you can show scarcity. 

Show Scarcity example

4. Free Shipping Pop-Up

Trust you can never go wrong with this one. It is still the primary motivator for online customers who are looking for free deliveries. 

You’d be surprised to know that high shipping cost is still the #1 reason for abandoned shopping carts.

reasons for abandoned shopping cart

A pop-up that provides a strong solution to this problem is bound to succeed, especially when your customers are bouncing off. 

Ararose Clothing is a good example of exit intent pop-up. The company uses a similar approach to keep its visitors from leaving. 

Free shipping can turn the situation around, motivating visitors to go for your products. 

free shipping popup example

5. First Order Discount

When visitors land on your website, they have high hopes about the new products and the new experiences that await them. You can either crush their hopes or make them extremely happy in the first interaction – it’s all up to you. 

A little discount on their first order goes a long way in building a strong bond that stays for ages. The first order from new customers is as special for you as it is for them. Make the most of this opportunity to set the right tone for a long-term relationship. 

Cosmetic Capital does an amazing job at it. Its exit intent pop-up shows the first-order discount, grabbing visitors’ attention right away.

first order discount example

6. Free Giveaways

Anything free of cost is a sure-shot way to delight customers. Humans are naturally inclined towards things that can help them save money and give a good return at the same time. 

Providing free giveaways in your exit intent pop-ups is a powerful way to instantly attract visitors’ attention and make them want to try your products. Who will want to miss a chance to get something valuable for free? Well, no one will, including you and me. 

It is an interesting exit intent strategy that brings visitors closer to your brand and gives you access to their basic details like name and email addresses. 

Misen aces this technique by showing a pop-up displaying the free giveaway to visitors landing on its website.

free giveaways example

7. Lead Generation Forms

Lead generation forms are one of the best exit intent pop-up examples. This is for two major reasons. First, it gives you access to a wide pool of emails and phone numbers, which can help your sales team follow up later. Second, it paves the way for building a direct connection with customers. You ask for data, and it’s up to customers whether they want to share it or not. 

This might not go down well with all visitors, but you can expect the ones who are really interested in your brand to fill the lead gen form. 

Digital Marketing Institute follows a similar path. As you visit its website, it shows a lead generation form asking for your preference, name, email address, and phone number. 

lead generation forms example

8. Ask Questions

The primary objective of an exit intent pop-up is to prevent customers from leaving. To draw visitors back to your website, ask them relevant questions so that you can display the right information that they expect. 

When you ask suitable questions, visitors instantly get the hope that their needs will be met, and this reassurance keeps them from leaving your website. 

In Fundera’s exit pop-up example, you will find a simple question – What’s your financial goal? This direct question leads customers to a set of options, after which the website shows just the information they are looking for. Not bad!

Ask Questions popup example

9. Reminder Pop-Ups

Sometimes customers simply forget to carry out the final steps of the purchase process. This can be due to any reason, but it does affect the connection between you and your customers. 

If you don’t nudge them, how will they continue shopping? 

Take that step and share a friendly reminder as visitors show exit signs. Politely remind them that they forgot to complete the purchase, and you will find a reasonable boost in conversions. 

In the example below, the customer gets a pop-up displaying the clothes selected for purchase. The person is asked to save cart items to the email for later. A wise way to remind the customer about the purchase and capture the email address. 

10. Contests to Keep Visitors Hooked

Contests are bound to instantly attract visitors to your website and convince them to stay. People love to participate in contests and check their luck. It acts as the motivating factor that keeps them hooked to your brand, and they keep looking for such contests and offers even in the future. 

Besides retaining visitors and converting them into customers, contests also play a key role in marketing your new products. 

Alastin has beautifully implemented this concept. As you can see below, its exit intent pop-up shows contest details, markets its new product, and captures the email addresses of visitors – all at the same time. Quite clever!

want a chance to win or new daily beauty regimen

11. Newsletter Subscriptions

Encouraging visitors to subscribe to your newsletter puts you in a favorable position. You can keep your subscribers informed about the latest offerings, and you never know someone might just convert into a full-time, revenue-generating customer. 

This happens a lot of times. When visitors step into your website, they don’t necessarily want to buy. Sometimes they are just there to browse and check out your offerings. 

An exit intent pop-up asking visitors to subscribe to your newsletter keeps them in the loop of all your brand activities and increases the chances of conversion in the future. 

GQ shows the best exit intent pop-up example. This leading fashion magazine does a superb job of encouraging readers to subscribe to its newsletter through its exit intent pop-up. The pop-up is beautifully designed and instantly catches visitors’ eyes.

newsletter popup example

These striking examples of the best exit intent pop-ups will surely lead you in the right direction. 

Checklist to Create Exit Intent Pop-Ups That Convert

Converting random visitors into loyal customers continues to be a daunting challenge for marketers across the globe. You need to know what makes customers tick, show them offerings that pique their interest, and give them strong incentives to stick to your brand. 

Exit-intent pop-ups serve the purpose well. They are carefully designed to win back visitors’ interest before they bounce off, only to never return to your website. 

You need to be very cautious while building exit intent pop-ups. 

Done wrong, they can repel customers. 

So, what is the secret sauce to building awesome exit intent pop-ups that compel customers to stay instead of pulling them away?

1. Attention-Grabbing Headlines

A headline is the first thing visitors tend to notice in a pop-up. Create short, eye-catching headlines that quickly grab customers’ attention and compels them to take action. Ensure that the headline has a power word that is the cynosure of the entire pop-up. 

For example, Words like Win, Grab, Unlock, Guaranteed, Shocking, Lifetime, and the like are packed with emotion and persuasion. Using such words in the headline leaves a strong impact on visitors. 

2. An Impactful Call-to-Action

There is a strong reason CTAs like Read More, Buy Now, Explore Now, Get Started are all over the web. Over time, marketers have realized that such action-oriented, simple and succinct CTAs urge customers to click and take action. 

Your exit intent pop-up should follow a similar approach. Create a strong CTA that is relevant, action, or benefit-oriented and stands out from the rest of the pop-up content.

3. An Enticing Copy

Your exit intent pop-up might have a killer headline and beautiful visuals. But if the message is not compelling enough, the pop-up will fail to make the cut. Give visitors a valid reason to take that offer and give you their email address. 

Communicate your value proposition clearly and ensure that the pop-up is in context with their requirements. Nothing can beat an informational and engaging copy that adds value to the visitors’ experience. 

4. Appealing Visuals

Research reveals that humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. We are hard-wired for visuals. We instantly get attracted to content that is interactive and engaging. 

A winning exit intent pop-up capitalizes on this aspect of humans and gives them every reason to take action. 

Feature relevant images to make the pop-up more trustworthy. Display products or the inside content of an offer to help visitors connect better with your brand. Use visual cues and images of people taking the required action that you want visitors to take, and make your pop-up stand out. 

5. Be Context-Specific

Out-of-context pop-ups are a sure-fire way to frustrate customers. It makes no sense to display a ‘First-buy discount’ to a regular customer browsing through your product page. Similarly, it is highly irrelevant to show a cart abandonment pop-up when visitors haven’t added anything to their cart. 

Pop-ups are meant to arouse the interest of visitors and keep them hooked. But pop-ups can do the opposite if not created or used in the right way and at the right places.

6. Get the Timing Right

Understand that timing is critical when it comes to exit-intent pop-ups. A pop-up that shows too early has a high chance of irritating customers. How do you expect visitors to take your offer when they have hardly looked at your website? 

Bring the pop-up too late, and you might miss out on a golden opportunity to convert visitors. 

The trick to building winning overlays is in striking the right balance. Create well-timed pop-ups using a software like Picreel, understand user behavior, and do not miss a single opportunity to delight your visitors. 

These are some proven strategies to drive pop-up conversions. Done right, your exit-intent ad has the immense potential to turn random visitors into devoted customers.

Make Your Last Shot the Best One

Like it or not but customers, today are spoilt for choice. Why should they choose your brand over others? Exit-intent pop-ups help you provide valid reasons for visitors to stay and convert. 

If a visitor plans to leave, it simply means he or she didn’t like your brand, offerings, or the overall experience. This is your golden chance to make an offer that customers can just not resist. 

With well-timed, context-specific, and informational exit intent pop-ups, you can up your chances of a conversion. While creating pop-ups, ensure that you have a strong CTA and compelling message. Leaving timing to chance is a big NO. 

You can also steal some ideas from the exit intent pop-up examples of leading brands shared above. Get a cue from these examples to inspire your own. 

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