Case Studies

Living Online is a digital marketing agency located in Western Australia. They specialize in multi-channel campaigns for their clients by using an agile methodology to make decisions based up on data-driven results across SEO, Social Media, PPC, Content Marketing, Remarketing and overall Consulting and Strategy.

Living Online has used Picreel across several of their clients to improve the conversion rate of websites and to also capture customer data to increase the chance of them converting at a later date. This has meant that their clients have been able to get the most out of every advertising dollar that is being spent on bringing new traffic to the website.

Recently, Living Online ran a campaign for a client to help increase their newsletter database. The campaign ran for one month and increased the weekly newsletter signups from an average of 30, to over 300 each week, an increase of 900%. This subsequently flowed through to their email program and boosted all metrics, most importantly for revenue.

The proof is in the numbers
client popup design

10x more subscribers

Vertical Nerve is a digital optimization agency specializing in web analytics, search marketing, web development and conversion rate optimization. It is one of the several agencies nationwide who are Google Analytics and Tag Manager Certified Partners, 360 Authorized Resellers, Google AdWords Certified Partners as well as a Microsoft Advertising Preferred Agencies.

Their rocket-smart experts help clients like Dallas Morning News, Pizza Hut, KB Home and MoneyGram improve their business through the transparent data-driven approach to online marketing.

They implemented Picreel for the Dallas Morning News in an effort to increase their news subscriber base by promoting special offers. They have had excellent success rate using Picreel. They have won back more than 3,000 lost visitors and seen over 500 new subscribers in a few months of using Picreel. They have also seen their Picreel conversion rate reach 16.66%!

The proof is in the numbers
client popup design

3000 exiting visitors converted

500 new subscribers

16.66% conversion rate

Danish Skin Care is an award winning fast growing etailer that specializes in making its customers skin beautiful and healthy. Founded by Mads Timmerman, it provides high-quality customized products to its very loyal customer base.

"Its so easy to make beautiful exit pop-ups with Picreel", Timmerman says, "We save a lot of time and resources (by using the platform) and these are high converting pop-ups."

Although they use them at all areas of their site, Danish Skin Care is also having success in converting customers who look to be abandoning their cart at check out. Timmerman feels its very easy to implement, optimize and customize Picreel as needed…and the price is very reasonable.

According to Timmermann "Anyone who wants visibily higher conversions, should really consider Picreel".

client popup design

Trustico® is a global SSL Certificate specialist based in England. Their SSL products are vital for securing credit card sensitive data and other personal information shared over the web. Since 2004 Trustico® has been providing reliable SSL certificates to different markets, including online, financial, banking, and governmental institutions.

Trustico® has been using the Picreel service in order to improve the conversion rate on their website and offer valuable information to their customers. As a result, they were able to provide more targeted close messages to exiting visitors. With the help of popups, Trustico® offers great value in exchange for visitors' emails.

Now Trustico® is using Picreel’s lead capture technology and successfully growing its customer base. During the last month, they made the web even safer by collecting the email addresses of visitors who were just about to leave, resulting in a highly targeted campaign to turn their visitors into paying customers!

client popup design

Cuestionarix makes college education in Latin America more accessible to highly motivated students with limited resources through a unique, gamified test prepping platform for standardized admission exams. They offer powerful online study tools using the platform, which includes interactive exercises, full-length practice exams, video lessons, and live tutors. They allow students to study regardless of their location, age, or educational background. Their solution is also 80% cheaper than the competition.

Cuestionarix aims at increasing conversion rates by making users visit the pricing page faster, and at reducing bounce rates for first time visitors.

With Picreel, the visits to their pricing page increased by 40%. Also, it allowed to decrease bounce rates by 20%.

The proof is in the numbers
client popup design

40% more traffic

bounce rate decrease by 20%

StackCommerce is the leading native commerce platform for online publishers, communities, and brands. With curated products tailored to online publisher and affiliate audiences, they monetize products where users are most engaged; in homepage feeds, sidebars, article posts, social and email. With over 270 partners such as Digg, Engadget, Gawker Media, TheNextWeb, and Cult of Mac, they have established an expansive reach which allows them to sell products at discounted prices. The core of their business is in tech products but they have recently expanded into men's lifestyle and have plans of expanding into more verticals in the near future.

The goal when they started using Picreel was to capture more emails from users that visit their stores.

By using Picreel, in addition to a native email capture model, StackCommerce has increased email signups by about 15%.

The proof is in the numbers
client popup design

15% increase in new leads

Grivy is a marketplace for localized consumer services connecting online consumers with offline businesses. The platform offers services from local merchants such as restaurants, spas, hotels and other specialty businesses with discount coupons. Consumers can discover dining deals, spa offers and room discounts in a hyper-local setting online. Users can bid, buy or reverse bid for local deals. Grivy launched as a marketplace in early 2015 and with thousands of active running deals has become Indonesia’s largest one stop destination for discovering consumer services from favorite merchants nearby.

Grivy had tons of web visitors that they couldn't capture well. They tried to gate their content which didn't work but have seen amazing results with Picreel's exit technology. Captured data is synchronized real-time with Mailchimp. The team has been able to increase leads by more than 57% and have been able to convert 22% of the captured leads into registered users. In addition, they have also been able to significantly increase conversions at the shopping cart stage, with the use of personalized offers upon exiting the (mobile) site.

The proof is in the numbers
client popup design

57% more leads

22% increase in registrations

Amaro is an online fashion business. They keep track of breaking news in the fashion industry.

Before Picreel, Amaro tried several popup tools but none of them met their stringent requirements. They were looking for a powerful popup tool that could increase their subscription rate, could also run consistent A/B tests, while also allowing them to have full control to develop custom designs. It was also important for them to have the ability to automatically import new leads from the popup interface to their CRM database (as opposed to manually uploading to their r server, like most other popup tools required).

Picreel technology is very important for Amaro’s customer acquisition strategy. By offering a powerful solution to capture new leads, they are able to monetize a much larger base of subscribers than before.

The proof is in the numbers
client popup design

MVMT Watches is building a significant niche in online marketplace. They offer fashionable high-quality watches and fashion accessories. MVMT became the second highest crowdfunded fashion brand in 2013. Their social media community is over 1.5 million followers!

Just like most online businesses, MVMT is searching for qualified leads all the time. They use Picreel to convert their enormous traffic into leads.

During the first month of using exit offers they generated 15% more emails of potential buyers. Quite an impressive result for such a short period of time!

The proof is in the numbers
client popup design

15% more new leads/month

Semconversions is a marketing agency that used Picreel to one of the clients -- is a quality provider of discount printer supplies. They started the business in 2004 with a mission to meet printing needs. They sell Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), remanufactured, and compatible ink and toner cartridges for brand names such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Canon, Lexmark, Xerox, Panasonic, Brother, Oki, Pitney Bowes, Samsung, Sharp, and other brands. They focus on value and best shopping experience by offering free shipping on all orders. The products are consumer recognized for high print performance and quality standards. Some of their prices are even lower by 75% compared to most OEM products.

The main goal of using Picreel was to increase sales. It still remains the biggest focus.

Since the start of using exit popup transactions increased by 44% and revenue increased by 36%. Exit popup was one of the contributors to this achievement. The 5% discount code which is generated in the exit popup is used in 21% of all sales. continue to use the exit popup by Picreel as a great online sales promotion instrument.

The proof is in the numbers
client popup design

44% more transactions

36% increase in revenue

Telemedicina Morsch has been providing cardiology services for more than 15 years. Their strongest point has always been personal approach to every patient.

To convince clients who have doubts and fears about the medical examination, they have decided to apply Picreel’s technology. And that was the strongest decision from all possible options.

Picreel has already brought results. More specifically, the popularity of Morsch’s medical services is boosted by about 3% conversion rate. And it’s just the beginning of our effective collaboration.

The proof is in the numbers
client popup design

conversion rate increase by 3%

Improving Customer Retention with Onsite Retargeting

Kitchen Cabinet Kings is one of the largest distributor of kitchen and bathroom cabinets on the Internet. Delivering high quality cabinets at unbeatable prices, Kitchen Cabinet Kings customers typically save 20 to 40% on their remodel versus local retailers and big box stores. Kitchen Cabinet Kings offers over 30 in stock cabinet door styles and delivers to your home in just 7-14 business days.

In this fast paced world, gone are the days of going to numerous stores to buy stuff. In this digital age you can buy anything and everything with the click of a button and Kitchen Cabinet Kings have used this notion well to create a booming business.

But Kitchen Cabinet Kings wanted to increase their online presence and their clientele. So instead of opting for a retargeting program, they opted for the services of Picreel. Using revolutionary onsite retargeting technology, Kitchen Cabinet Kings got a record breaking 137 new unique visitors a month and a conversion rate of 26.57%.

The proof is in the numbers
client popup design

26.57% Shopping Cart Recovery Rate

137 New Customers/Month

M.POLLO is a clothing brand with over 20 years in the market. It was created to focus on men who wants to dress well. It's an elegant and robust brand. (ps: note that we always write "M.POLLO", with capital letters and no space between the dot).

Our goal with PicReel was to boost our lead generation. We already generate more than 400 leads with the tool, which represents today 10% of our total lead generation. In the last month we had a peak, and the PicReel lead generation was 15% of our total. It really makes us glad because the cost x benefit is unbelievable compared to any other marketing strategy we have.

The proof is in the numbers
client popup design

more than 400 leads

Our Clients

Picreel has worked well for many different types of companies in many different industries. Any brand with an online presence can find a huge value in Onsite Retargeting. Just read the testimonials!