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Shopify Popup Apps: Unleash Sales Boosters With Top 7 Choices

Shopify Popup Apps Unleash Sales Boosters With Top 7 Choices

Running an eCommerce store isn’t a walk in the park anymore – one wrong move and a chunk of your profit slips away as customers flock to competitors for a smoother buying experience.

Sure, Shopify makes setting up shop easier, but here’s the catch – everyone’s doing it!

So, how do you set yourself apart? What’s the unique strategy?

Surprisingly, popup apps might just be the secret in this entire process.

This is because I personally leverage popups to grow my mailing list, target visitors based on various factors, channel traffic to my store, and increase the value of my products. And the best part is that setting up popup campaigns is simple.

In this blog, I’ll share some of the best Shopify popup apps to help you take your e-commerce business to the next level. Let’s dive in!

Tool Best for Pricing
Picreel Increasing conversions on existing web traffic Forever free up to 5k visitors. Paid starts at $9.99/month.
Justuno Creating visually appealing popups Starts at $24/month
Privy Creating personalized and targeted popups Starts at $30/month
Poptin Creating engaging website pop-ups and forms Starts at $20/month
Optimonk Capturing leads Starts at $39/month
Wisepops Creating and displaying targeted pop-ups Starts at $49/month
Optinmonster Increasing your sales figures Starts at $9/month

7 Best Shopify Popup Apps for Your Store

This list of Shopify popup apps is based on the tools I’ve tried, my research, and the advice from friends. Let’s take a look:

1. Picreel – Best for increasing conversions on existing web traffic

Picreel - Best for increasing conversions on existing web traffic

Picreel is one of the most versatile popup apps designed to enhance conversion rates significantly. With a wide range of features, it aims to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their overall conversions.

The platform offers an intuitive popup editor and an extensive library of templates, ensuring quick and effortless implementation of popup marketing strategies, regardless of your industry or target audience.

One of my favorite parts about Picreel is its user-friendly interface, which allows me to easily navigate through the software. Also, its seamless integration with over 700+ other applications gives me a streamlined workflow across multiple platforms.

Picreel also offers advanced real-time cursor tracking capabilities coupled with custom conditional triggers. These features enable businesses to deliver highly personalized and targeted offers to their website visitors.

What you’ll like:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder for easy customization
  • 100+ prebuilt popup templates for quick and efficient setup
  • Advanced on-site targeting and segmentation options for personalized experiences
  • Works on both desktop and mobile websites to ensure accessibility
  • Integrates with all major CRM, email, and marketing automation tools for enhanced compatibility
  • Real-time analytics dashboard for up-to-date performance monitoring
  • In-built A/B testing features to optimize your popups for maximum conversions

What you may not like:

  • It could use more industry-specific templates
  • The analytics dashboard needs more custom fields

Price: Forever free up to 5k visitors. Paid starts at $9.99/month.

2. Justuno – Best for creating visually appealing popups


Justuno is arguably one of the best Shopify popup apps that proficiently drives and converts traffic through a variety of methods, including email capture forms, personalized recommendations, upsell or cross-sell offers, and more.

I really like that the tool has special plans that give you extra benefits, like having dedicated experts who can help you with targeting, running tests, and coming up with segmentation strategies.

Additionally, the platform collects valuable information from diverse sources, such as UTM data, IP addresses, initial landing URLs, coupon codes used, and more. Feedback from all these sources facilitates a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and preferences.

What you’ll like:

  • Audience, behavioral & geo targeting for precise targeting of specific user groups
  • Engagement tracking to monitor user interactions and behaviors
  • Event-triggered actions to automate responses based on user actions
  • Reporting analytics for detailed insights into campaign performance
  • Social media retargeting for effective remarketing on social platforms
  • Template management for easy organization and access to your popup templates

What you may not like:

  • Tracking analytics are inaccurate at times
  • The reporting section needs more filters and sorting options

Price: Starts at $24/month.

3. Privy – Best for creating personalized and targeted popups


Privy offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to capture emails and drive website traffic. One of its standout features is the exit-intent-driven website popups and banners, which are powerful tools for expanding your email list.

These popups and banners can be utilized across various channels, including your website, online store, social media platforms, mobile applications, and in-store traffic.

The popup options include banners, flyouts, scroll boxes, announcement bars, and embedded forms – all of which I could customize. They also worked seamlessly on mobile devices.

In terms of targeting and customization, I could display and target campaigns based on various criteria, such as exit behavior, cart abandonment, cart value, scroll depth, timer settings, geographical location, device type, and more.

What you’ll like:

  • Customizable triggered display options for complete control over popup appearance
  • Automated text & email reminders for leaving visitors to promote lead nurturing
  • Integration with tools like Squarespace, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Google Analytics for enhanced compatibility
  • Gamified popups to create engaging and interactive experiences for visitors
  • Redemption tracking to monitor the success of promotions and offers.

What you may not like:

  • The Privy logo on designs cannot be removed unless paid
  • It is not possible to target displays by URL

Price: Starts at $30/month.

4. Poptin – Best for creating engaging website pop-ups and forms


Poptin is a highly regarded lead-capturing tool for online marketers, digital agencies, portals, bloggers, and eCommerce websites.

With a primary focus on generating more leads, increasing sales, reducing cart abandonment, and improving visitor engagement, Poptin offers a wide range of features to achieve these goals effectively.

I have used Poptin mainly for its ability to enhance conversion rates and drive subscriptions through survey forms and popups in multiple formats and with exit intent technology.

It also provides diverse templates for web and mobile overlays, surveys, chat, push notifications, and widgets within web pages.

What you’ll like:

  • Exit-intent technology to capture attention and retain visitors before they leave
  • Automated welcome and offer emails to nurture new leads and drive conversions
  • Personalizable popup & email capture form templates for customized branding
  • Drag-and-drop builder for easy and intuitive design customization
  • A/B testing and analytics for data-driven optimization of popups and email campaigns

What you may not like:

  • You can’t switch between pop-up formats after completing a design
  • Limited features in the free plan

Price: Starts at $20/month. Free version available.

5. Optimonk – Best for capturing leads


As an all-in-one on-site popup personalization platform, Optimonk equips online stores with a flexible toolkit to maximize their mailing lists, drive conversions, increase sales, and recover cart abandonment.

Most users, including me, choose Optimonk for its diverse range of popups tailored to engage with visitors at various stages of the customer journey.

For new visitors, the app offers gamified popups, conversation popups, and welcome popups with enticing offers, fostering increased engagement and a higher likelihood of converting.

For returning visitors, Optimonk intelligently displays personalized popups with relevant product recommendations, announcements, shopping quizzes, and promotions. These smart popups are strategically designed to enhance conversions and encourage repeat purchases.

What you’ll like:

  • Coupon auto-redeem for seamless and automated application of discounts
  • Dynamic text replacement for dynamic and personalized messaging in popups
  • Countdown timers to create urgency and drive immediate action
  • Mobile-optimized popup templates for a seamless and optimized experience on mobile devices

What you may not like:

  • There is no option to set the probability of the pinwheel
  • Some customization options are not very straightforward

Price: Starts at $39/month.

6. Wisepops – Best for creating & displaying targeted pop-ups


Wisepops is an intelligent popup creation and management application designed to cater to eCommerce stores of all types. With its intuitive drag-and-drop builder, ready-to-use popup templates, and comprehensive data dashboard, Wisepops simplifies and streamlines the process of popup marketing.

With Wisepops, I have the flexibility to embed images, videos, HTML, and i-frames effortlessly. The fantastic customization options allow me to adjust size, color, and font to match my website’s theme seamlessly.

It also offers advanced control over display options and closing preferences. You have the ability to choose exactly where and when to present the popups, ensuring they appear at the most relevant and opportune moments.

What you’ll like:

  • Exit-intent popups to capture visitor attention before they leave the website
  • Unlimited A/B testing to test and optimize different variations of popups
  • Best-in-class personalization and targeting options for delivering relevant and personalized messages to users
  • Integration with 60+ CRMs for seamless data synchronization and email marketing campaigns automation

What you may not like:

  • The current domain is disabled as soon as a new one is created
  • It needs better documentation and guides

Price: Starts at $49/month.

7. Optinmonster – Best for increasing your sales figures


OptinMonster is a versatile Shopify popup app that offers users a range of options to create popup forms in various formats. These include slide-ins, floating bars, inline forms, scroll boxes, lightbox popups, and more.

With its user-friendly, drag-and-drop form builder, I could easily customize the branding of my forms with personalized messages, images, and colors without the need for coding.

According to me, the most popular feature is its built-in page-level/geolocation targeting. This feature enables users to display unique campaigns to each visitor based on factors like their location or the specific page they are viewing. It allows for more targeted and personalized experiences, increasing the chances of conversions.

OptinMonster also offers A/B testing capabilities, allowing users to test different variations of their forms to identify the version that yields the highest conversion rate.

What you’ll like:

  • Advanced page level and geolocation-based targeting to deliver tailored popups based on specific web pages or user locations
  • The TruLead™ feature automatically verifies captured leads, ensuring data accuracy and quality
  • Multiple customization and animation options to design visually appealing and engaging popups
  • Adaptive popups that adapt to different customer segments, allowing for personalized messaging and offers

What you may not like:

  • Tool navigation can be improved to make it more user-friendly
  • It may cause performance issues with some web pages

Price: Starts at $9/month.

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Which Is the Best Shopify Popup App?

Ultimately, you’ll have to choose the best Shopify app based on the kind of popups your audience wants to see and how you want to display them. Also, consider the features each tool offers and how well they match your goals.

Here are 3 tools that I would recommend:

Tool #1 – Picreel

Picreel excels as Shopify’s top popup app, boasting user-friendly features, customizable templates, advanced targeting like exit-intent and geolocation. Plus, its analytics and A/B testing features help optimize popup performance.

Tool #2 – Privy

Privy, a leading Shopify popup app, empowers store owners with customizable popups, bars, and banners tailored to visitor behavior. Its drag-and-drop editor simplifies popup creation, featuring exit-intent, spin-to-win, and countdown timer popups to enhance conversions and sales.

Tool #3 – Optinmonster

OptinMonster transforms visitors into customers with attractive popups and opt-in forms. It includes advanced targeting like exit-intent, geolocation, and page-level targeting for personalized, resonant messages.

Based on my experience and what I’ve discovered, I believe Picreel is the top pick. It’s user-friendly, has a straightforward design, and doesn’t cause delays. It’s an excellent fit for any Shopify business aiming to boost its product sales.

Learn More About Shopify Popup App

How to Implement a Custom Popup in Your Shopify Store?

To display popups on your Shopify store, you need a Shopify popup tool to integrate with your Shopify account. We’ll take Picreel as our tool of choice

  1. Sign up for a Picreel account and go to the “Campaigns” menu and click “New Campaign” from the top right. Also, you can select the templates option from the drop-down or start from scratch.
  2. From the templates menu, choose the type of popup you want to create.
  3. Once you select the design, customize it according to your preferences.
  4. Configure your targeting and trigger options to specify when and where you want your popup to appear.
  5. Click “Save” to activate your popup.
  6. Now log in to your Shopify account.
  7. Click “Apps” on the dashboard and access the Shopify App Store.
  8. Search “Picreel” in the search bar and select “Picreel: Sales & Email Popups” from the search results.
  9. Click “Add app.”
  10. Click “Install app.”

Do these popups work on mobile devices?

Yes, these popups are designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices.

Are there any best practices for using popups on my Shopify store?

Absolutely, when incorporating popups into your Shopify store, it’s advisable to follow some best practices. Ensure that popups are strategically timed and offer value to visitors, such as exclusive discounts or relevant information. Keep the design visually appealing and consistent with your brand. Be mindful of the frequency to avoid overwhelming users and allow easy closure options. Testing different popup variations through A/B testing can also help identify what works best for your audience, refining your approach over time.

Do I need coding skills to use a Shopify popup app?

No, you don’t need coding skills to use a Shopify popup app. These apps are designed to be user-friendly, often offering a drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates, allowing you to create effective popups without any coding expertise.

Is there any Shopify popup app that offers A/B testing features?

Shopify popup apps like Picreel, Wisepops, and Poptin are known for offering A/B testing features. These tools allow you to experiment with different variations of your popups, helping you identify the most effective strategies for engaging your audience and driving conversions.

Are there any limitations on the number of popups I can create with these apps?

The limitations on the number of popups you can create depend on the specific Shopify popup app you choose. Many popular apps, such as Picreel, do not have any limitations on the number of popups you can create. It’s advisable to review the details of each app’s pricing structure to ensure it aligns with your business needs and the desired number of popups you plan to implement.

Can I target specific customer segments with personalized popups using these apps?

Shopify popup apps commonly offer features allowing you to target specific customer segments with personalized popups. These tools typically provide advanced targeting options based on factors like user behavior, demographics, and geography.

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