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Timer Popups Strategies: Supercharge Subscribers & Revenue

Timer Popups Startegies : Supercharge Subscribers & Revenue

Creating a sense of urgency in visitors can help businesses garner more sales. One of the best tools to attain urgency is Timer Popups.

This blog presents relevant timer popup examples so you can follow suit and create your popups for better conversions.

Marketers use scarcity to boost product demand by introducing a decrease in supply. Generally, when something is unavailable, it becomes more alluring. Marketers get the effect of scarcity with headings like ‘Hurry Up’ or ‘Only A Few Remaining.’ Add a countdown timer popup into the mix, and you have the perfect recipe to get more conversions.

What Is a Timer Popup?

Timer Popups are generally time-based elements that ask the users to perform specific tasks in a limited time in exchange for better deals. For example, a timer popup asks for an email address in 5 minutes to get a 50% discount on the first order.

Marketers use timer popups on the landing pages to get quick responses. However, today businesses also use these popups for the exit pages to create a sense of urgency.

Lastly, some businesses also use a pop-up timer to countdown the beginning of special sales and discounts. It helps generate curiosity in the users and makes them come back to the website with the intent to purchase.

How to Create Timer Popups – A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Creating an online popup timer with Picreel is easy and effective. To do so, here are a few steps to follow:

1st Step: Create a New Campaign

1st Step: Create a New Campaign

Firstly, visit your Picreel account.

  • Find ‘Campaigns’ on the dashboard.
  • Then, click on ‘+New Campaign.’

2nd Step: Choose the Timer Overlay

2nd Step: Choose the Timer Overlay

  • Now, choose the timer overlay from the featured popup templates
  • Hover over the selected overlay and click on ‘Customize.’

3rd Step: Edit the Timer Overlay

3rd Step: Edit the Timer Overlay

The ‘Customize’ option will take you to the edit design section.

  • Here, you can select the element available on the left pane and customize it as per your needs.
  • Once you satisfactorily complete the design, click on ‘Save’ to save the changes and move to the next step.

Learn how to customize the overlay appropriately to get the best results.

4th Step: Adjust Settings to Needs

4th Step: Adjust Settings to Needs

Broadly speaking, there are three sections of settings for every campaign.

  • Adjust the basic settings to determine the placement of timer popups on your website.
  • Select the correct trigger for the popups and overall impression frequency.
  • Lastly, go through the miscellaneous options, including device type, location, and other personalizations in the final settings.

5th Step: Save the Campaign

  • Finally, click ‘Save’ at the top-right corner to finalize the campaign.

How to Use Countdown Popups – Relevant Examples & Use Cases

Psychology has a huge role to play in the working of countdown popups. If you limit the shopping time, it encourages the user to make quicker decisions. You can leverage a range of benefits, which are listed below:

Increase the Number of Email Signups

Firstly, you can offer a 10% discount for email signup with the timer countdown to create a sense of urgency. It will get you more email signups and warm leads ready for conversions.

You can use a range of motivators like discounts, giveaways, offers, exclusive offers, or important information to get more email signups.

Countdown examples:

Curology has a timer-based popup that requires users to provide their email addresses to participate in the giveaway. The light colors help create a relaxing look for the popup. Moreover, the picture of the product shows the possible reward, getting more customers to participate.

Curology example

Discounts for every email signup can become expensive over time. Hence, giveaways or newsletters are better benefits to give.

Create Product Launches Excitement

Use the timer popups to create excitement in your users. It can include a product launch or a countdown to the beginning of a sale. Anticipation is a huge reason for coming back to your website for making the purchase. And the countdown timer can create excitement and anticipation in users with ease.

You can use the product launch popup to get more customers interested in your website.

For Example:

Create hype around your products using this popup template. The popup asks the users to provide their email addresses in exchange for getting an update on when the product launches.

Create Product Launches Excitement

Product launch does not limit to new items. It can also include the launch of a new website, or new service.

Build Momentum for Sales Campaigns

Use the popup timer online to boost your sales campaign. It includes limiting the timing of the sale to get customers to make the purchase quickly.

Build Momentum for Sales Campaigns

Use the popups to showcase your best products. It will appeal to the customers and make them purchase the product quickly.

Countdown Examples:

This timer popup from Fashion Nova mentions the various offers available on the website. The timer adds the need to act quickly before the offer expires.

The sale can include a flat $50 off on a $300 purchase. Or 15% to 80% off on products. Add the timer for quick purchases.

Limited-Time Offers Promotion

60% of people perform the purchase because of fear of missing out (FOMO). Hence, flash sales are an excellent tool for getting conversions.

Highlight the limited-time offers with popup timers to grab users’ attention. Include the savings customers will miss out on if they do not avail the offer now. It will help them make the purchase quicker.

For Example:

Another Picreel popup that you can customize with your brand name and logo. The essential elements of the popup include the timer, the actual offer in bold, and the call-to-action.

Limited-Time Offers Promotion

Keep the flash sales short, to create higher urgency. The sale can include a percentage of the full price or a flat rate off on purchases.

Reduce Cart Abandonment Using Timer Popup

A huge benefit of the online popup timer online is that it can help reduce cart abandonment. Add an offer for the customers leaving the website after adding products to the cart. Saving some extra cash might be the push they need to make the purchase.

Reduce Cart Abandonment Using Timer Popup

The companies can also try converting them into warm leads by asking for signup in exchange for better deals on the email.

For Example:

The Picreel Popup builder mentions the sales along with the timer to encourage customers to make the purchase. The bold font helps attract the attention of the users. Moreover, the timer creates urgency. The popup comes at cart abandonment to nudge customers towards making a purchase.

Reminding people of the offers already running on the website can help companies retain customers.

Special Days Countdown Timer

Set a countdown timer for the special day’s deal. It works as a constant reminder for your users who visit your website. It can include information like the biggest offers available on those days. The use of special days online popup timer will encourage customers to add everything they like to the cart.

Special Days Countdown Timer

Moreover, if the offers are reasonable, you might get significant conversions on special days.

Countdown Examples:

The Forever 21 Memorial Day Deals Popup includes a huge timer to get customers excited. Moreover, they mention the reason for the sale upfront to get more customers interested in the purchase. The vibrant colors make the website overlay pop.

Special days offers are exciting and acceptable. It is the time of the year that requires shopping. So, use the countdown with special offers to give people a reason to shop.

Best Timer Popup Apps for You

Here are some of the best timer popup tools to consider for your company.

1. Picreel


Pricing: The plans for Picreel range from $9.99 per month for the yearly package. The tool also offers a forever-free plan with unlimited campaigns and popups, enabling you to test it out before making a decision.

Overview: Picreel is a comprehensive popup tool containing various templates. You can choose to create a new campaign with timer popups using the application. Moreover, the tool offers a real-time assessment of results and comprehensive integration. Use the tool to collect emails, make sales, or provide helpful information to users for better conversions.

Best For: Picreel is the ideal timer popup application for eCommerce websites on various platforms. You can use the tool on Shopify, WordPress, and other online platform stores. Companies of all sizes-small, medium, and large, can use the tool for success.

Key Features

  • 100+ Templates: Picreel’s comprehensive template options have something for every business. Moreover, you have the liberty to customize the templates to match the aesthetics of your website.
  • Trigger Popups at the Right Time: We also have the option of creating triggers for the popups. You can set conditions for when the popup becomes visible to the user. It allows you to target the customers efficiently and get results.
  • Detailed Reports: Picreel dashboard offers detailed reporting about the conversion rates, impressions, visitors, and other statistics. The reports help quantify the results from the investments and give a clear picture of the effectiveness of the campaigns.
  • 700+ Integration: Picreel works with your other marketing tools. Integrate the Popup application with other tools to get sales from every user who comes to your website.


  • Extremely intuitive interface
  • Highly customizable templates
  • Well-segregated and operation-friendly settings
  • Full-time email and phone support
  • A/B testing


  • Automation needs improvement
  • Initial learning curve

2. Optinmonster


Pricing: The basic plan starts from $9 per month, and paid plans reach up to $49 per month. But, these prices are relevant for yearly plans. There is no demo in Optinmonster, but there is a 14-day no questions asked return policy. Also, there are no provisions for opting for a monthly plan.

Overview: Optinmonster is another popup tool that converts your website traffic into sales. The tool offers an array of timer popups which can be customized to create that sense of urgency. The application helps companies show personalized messages to the users as per their behavior to get more engagement and sales.

Best For: The tool is ideal for all types and sizes of companies. The various plans available on the tool ensure that there is something for everyone.

Key Features

  • On-site Retargeting: The Optinmonster timer popup can help on-site retargeting to better-converting pages. It helps improve the overall conversion rate and helps customers find the right products quickly.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Use the analytics to quantify the results. The insightful tool helps determine the effectiveness of the various campaigns. Moreover, you can use the dashboard to create detailed reports.
  • A/B Testing: Deploy A/B testing to test various campaigns in a similar situation to understand your customers and get better results. It helps find the campaigns that are working better.
  • Drag and Drop Popup Builder: Optinmonster comes with an easy-to-use popup builder. The highly customizable designs help companies create popups without the help of a professional designer.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Adaptive popups
  • Highly customizable templates
  • Mobile-friendly


  • Third-party integrations need improvement
  • Setup can become confusing

3. Popup Smart

Popup Smart

Pricing: Popup Smart has a free option, and the paid plans can reach up to $108 per month. However, this pricing is applicable for yearly payments. Monthly payment plans cost more.

Overview: Popup Smart helps engage visitors with website overlays. With both paid and free plans, the application is equipped to support every type of business. The timer popups options available on the application help nudge your customers to buy quickly. The no-code tool helps improve eCommerce sales and engage visitors.

Best For: Popup Smart is ideal for companies of small and medium-size. These companies can use the tool to get conversions and more overall sales.

Key Features

  • Highly Adaptable Templates: While many templates are limited in Popup Smart, they are highly customizable. Hence, users can change the design to compliment the website.
  • 24/7 Support: The application developers offer 24/7 support to guide users through any issue. It ensures that users get the help they need at any time of the day. They also have a skilled support team that is equipped with the knowledge base to help through the process.
  • Training Sessions: Their in-person and online training sessions are present to help customers start their popup journey. The sessions help start working on the application with little to no issues.
  • No-code Tool: Popup Smart is a no-code tool. So, users with no developer experience can also use the tool with ease. It will only take 5 minutes to set up and start the new popup campaign.


  • Requires minimal time to create popups
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy-to-use once setup is complete


  • Expensive, especially for high better features
  • Difficult to set up

4. Sleek Note

Sleek Note

Pricing: You can use Sleek Note for free in the 7-day trial. The paid options range from $62 per month to $462 per month. But annual subscriptions for the same plans will cost 20% less monthly.

Overview: Sleek Note timer popups work towards conversion rate optimization. Use the tool to create timer popups for the desired tasks. The application helps create step-by-step campaigns that keep the visitors engaged till they make a purchase. With several features and a money-back guarantee, it is another effective popup tool that companies can consider.

Best For: Sleek Note has provisions for companies of all sizes. Their various paid plans cater to companies of different sizes.

Key Features

  • Mobile-friendly Popups: Sleek Note offers mobile-friendly popup templates. Use them to target customers from various devices without hampering their website experience.
  • Split Testing: The application offers split testing. It can help determine the best reactions to specific user actions to get more conversions. The tests help find the best designs, CTAs, and placement of popups to create campaigns that convert.
  • Multistep Campaigns: Avoid overwhelming the potential customers by asking for too much information up front. Instead, opt for the multistep campaign to get more information about the customers as they continue using the website.
  • 1200+ Integrations: Sleek Note has over 1200 integrations to work in harmony with your other marketing tools. Their extensive list of integrations and willingness to increase the integrations as per customers’ demand makes it a top-five popup application candidate.


  • Easy designs customization
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Unlimited campaigns


  • Expensive
  • The backend user interface can become annoying

5. Poptin


Pricing: Poptin has a free plan, and the paid plans can reach up to $119 per month. In the yearly subscription, users get 20% off on these prices.

Overview: Poptin helps create timer popups that increase visitor engagement and reduce cart abandonment. Smart popups are ideal for companies that are looking to improve their sales. Engage the customers with popups that intrigue and educate using Poptin. Without coding skills, even beginners can use the tool without additional help.

Best For: The popup timers tool caters more to digital agencies that work for several clients. However, companies of all sizes can also opt for the application for professional use.

Key Features

  • 60+ Integrations: Poptin popups can integrate with more than 60 other marketing applications. It will help streamline the marketing process. The popup application works with the other tools to provide the best experience for your customers.
  • Insightful Analytics: Checking return on investment is essential for companies. Poptin dashboard offers every detail you will need to create extensive reports. Moreover, it helps determine the various effects of multiple campaigns and improves the overall conversion rate.
  • 40+ Templates: With over 40 templates for popups, you will find the perfect fit for your website. While the number of templates is limited, you can customize them. Custom-made designs on the existing templates can help create new looks that work with your website.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy implementation
  • Affordable Pricing


  • A/B Testing interface can become confusing
  • Needs an increase in the number of templates

Clock Higher Conversions & Sales With Timer Popups

Timer popups’ importance and impact make them the ultimate tool to get conversions. Now that you understand how they can help your business get the desired outcome quicker, start creating them today. Prioritize the customer experience when designing these timer popups and watch your conversions grow.

Take the time to find the right popup application before starting the campaign. Also, ensure that you are willing to work through the learning curve. Applications like Picreel, when used correctly, can improve sales in a day. So, perseverance will bring you closer to your goals through the learning process.

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