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  • More leads, emails & phone numbers
  • Ask at the Perfect Moment With AI
  • Capture leads for marketing automation
  • Personalization & advanced targeting
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More Leads, Emails & Phone Numbers

Guaranteed to increase conversions

We guarantee you’ll get more conversions. Track visitors' digital footprint and click behavior in real-time and then capture the lead at the perfect time. Build your contact lists and set up marketing automation so you convert more visitors. Never miss another opportunity to keep website conversion going and close the sale.

  • Ask for leads at the perfect moment
  • Build your lists and supercharge marketing success
  • Create customized forms & offers
  • Convert more visitors into customers

Ask at the Perfect Moment With AI

Create campaigns that target the right users, sessions, and pages

Ask at the Perfect Moment With AI

With Picreel lead generation popup software, you can capture the lead before they exit your site. Enrich your exit popups and overlays with dynamic content and personalized messages that convert at higher rates. Serve return visitors personalized offers based on their previous clicks, downloads, and purchases. Identify your most profitable segments and set up A/B testing to pinpoint exactly what they respond to.

  • Enriched exit popups
  • Dynamic content & personalized messages
  • Custom offers for return visitors
  • Automatically target your most profitable visitors

Capture Leads for Marketing Automation

300+ Integrations with sales & marketing tools

Picreel lead generation popup software works out of the box with all of the most popular marketing platforms and CRM tools. We have built more integrations than any of our competitors, and we are routinely adding more. Send leads to CRM or email tools to trigger follow-up campaigns. Personalize popups with data from your CRM such as previous purchases, clicks & downloads.

  • Integrates with +700 CRMs & marketing services
  • Make marketing automation easy
  • Send campaigns based on behavior
  • Personalize messages with CRM data
Capture Leads for Marketing Automation

Personalization & Advanced Targeting

Enrich your offers with customized popups

Personalization & Advanced Targeting

Customize each visitor’s journey based on the criteria you select. Target visitors by referral source, site content, new or returning, and even visitor metadata. Engage your web visitors with customized offers that appear at the perfect moment based on their behavior patterns and past history. A/B test different strategies to figure out the perfect pathway for each type of customer.

  • Personalized, targeted campaigns
  • Advanced targeting based on behavior & history
  • Customized offers show at the perfect moment
  • A/B A/B test special offer and discount conversions

We believe software should make you happy.

Picreel by ProProfs is easy to use and is backed by awesome support.


  • Generate new signups
    Our KPI using Picreel is to generate new signups and it has certainly helped us achieve this. We've also seen that the popup has been beneficial to sales performance as well.
    Matt Stevenson
    Matt Stevenson,

    Marketing Manager
    at Student Money Saver

  • 28% lift in referrals
    Picreel given us a 28% lift in referrals to LivePlan over same timeframe (since starting with Picreel) previous year. Prior to installing Picreel, referrals from to LivePlan we're flat to slightly down.
    John Procopio
    John Procopio,

    Director of E-Commerce
    at Palo Alto Software

  • Great investment for capturing leads
    Picreel is an excellent tool to use for capturing leads. If you are in the business of collecting opt-ins so you can market to potentially interested leads, Picreel is a tool worth investing in.
    Raymond Fong
    Raymond Fong,

    of Deviate Labs, LLC


Overlays, Links & Surveys

No HTML or CSS required. Just copy and paste the code.

Advanced Targeting

Target users by referral source, site content, new or returning, and even personalize content based on visitor meta data.

Desktop & Mobile

Popups look great on desktop and mobile views. Designed for performance on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Capture & Sell

Capture leads, build lists, increase sales, interview web visitors, promote special offers, and reduce cart abandonment.

Customize & Brand

Brand popups with your company logo and customize fonts, colors, and more.

Proven Templates

Use our pre-made designs that offer the highest conversion rates.

Track Campaign Success

Monitor and improve campaign performance with live stats built into the software.

Personalize Popups

Personalize pop ups with data you collected before in your database such as name, or interested products.

Do you want instant business growth?

Picreel customers get a 15-300% instant increase in inbound leads & conversions.

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