Collect Phone Numbers with Exit-intent Popups

Collect phone numbers of your visitors and grow your mobile list

Most online shoppers visiting your website for the first time may not be ready to make the purchase. This rate can go to more than 90%. Most of them will never return. You have to capture these visitors’ details, most importantly their phone numbers. Find out how Picreel popups can help you accomplish this.

Why Collect Phone Numbers?

SMS has 90% open rates while email is at 20%

Increasing sales through email marketing has always been in trend. But, as the global usage of smartphones is on the rise, the focus of businesses has shifted towards mobile. The average open rate for an SMS campaign goes to more than 90% while email’s open rate hangs around 20%. It is the customers’ phone numbers that can be used to better target online shoppers through SMS and calls. The issues of the shoppers can also be addressed in a more personalized way with the help of this communication channel.

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Popup Examples to Collect Phone Numbers

Free Shipping

A simple distraction that can easily grab visitors’ attention. Ask visitors’ mobile numbers in return for free shipping on their next order.

Free Shipping
Gifts & Giveaways

Offer freebies and host giveaways on your website and get visitors’ details in exchange for their participation.

Gifts & Giveaways
Discounts & Coupons

Display beautiful popups to offer discount coupons as customers always love to grab a bargain by entering their phone number.

Discounts & Coupons
Request Callback

Offer a callback asking for visitors’ details to provide them custom quotes or resolve their queries.

Request Callback
E-book & Guides

Display premium e-book and guides according to visitors’ interests and offer them for free in return for their mobile number.

E-book & Guides

Grow SMS Subscribers List

SMS engagement rates are almost five times higher than emails. Collect phone numbers from website visitors by offering deals and discounts, free shipping codes, e-books, and much more. Even if the visitors don’t make the purchase today, redirect them later back to your website by running efficient SMS marketing campaigns.

  • tick Picreel Collect phone numbers for SMS campaigns
  • tick Picreel Offer special deals & offers over SMS
  • tick Picreel Redirect prospects to your website
Grow SMS Subscribers List

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Let Visitors Ask for a Callback

Let Visitors Ask for a Callback

It is natural for visitors to have questions about your products/services before they make the purchase. Based on the visitors’ movements and actions on your website, display a well-timed popup to offer them help and schedule a callback. You can easily increase brand awareness and reputation by happily answering the visitors’ questions over the phone.

  • tick Picreel Track visitors’ browsing behavior
  • tick Picreel Offer help to potential customers
  • tick Picreel Answer questions delightfully via call

Collect Rich Data About Mobile Users

Collecting contact information from your website visitors is the need of the hour. Target your leaving visitors with exit-popup surveys to gather information such as name, phone number, email, etc. Automatically transfer the collected data to your marketing and CRM tools. Let your sales and marketing teams use this data in future campaigns.

  • tick Picreel Collect information via exit surveys
  • tick Picreel Capture name, phone, location, email, etc.
  • tick Picreel Sync with CRM & marketing tools

Offer Custom Quotes on Phone

Offer Custom Quotes on Phone

Some products and services are best marketed over the call. Instead of mentioning all the pricing information on the website, display popups to collect the prospect’s contact information. Schedule calls and messages to offer them custom quotes according to their requirements and successfully close deals to increase sales.

  • tick Picreel Talk to prospects about products
  • tick Picreel Offer custom prices based on interest
  • tick Picreel Schedule calls, close deals & boost sales

Do you want instant business growth?

Picreel customers get a 15-300% instant increase in inbound leads & conversions.
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Why Use Picreel to Collect Phone Numbers?

Learn the benefits of using Picreel to collect phone numbers
Grow mobile list

Building a mobile list of your potential customers gives you a huge opportunity. With the right exit popup, collect the mobile numbers of your visitors to send customized messages later. More than 90% of consumers check their text messages daily, and you can turn them into potential paying customers.

Generate new leads from smartphones

Phone marketing is a crucial part of selling online. A huge opportunity lies for your business if you have the details of potential customers. Capture the email addresses and numbers of your mobile visitors and the details will be crucial in your marketing campaigns.

Bring back abandoning customers

Capturing phone numbers is crucial for bringing back visitors abandoning their cart. As the SMS open rate is higher, a well-curated incentivized abandoned cart text message is more likely to redirect visitors back to your website to complete their order.

Increase sales via SMS marketing

Every e-commerce business wants to increase conversions and sales. With Picreel’s interactive exit popups, you can easily collect phone numbers of website visitors and utilize these in SMS marketing campaigns to connect with potential customers.

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Picreel customers get a 15-300% instant increase in inbound leads & conversions.
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  • Generate new signups
    Our KPI using Picreel is to generate new signups and it has certainly helped us achieve this. We've also seen that the popup has been beneficial to sales performance as well.
    Matt Stevenson
    Matt Stevenson,

    Marketing Manager at Student Money Saver

  • 28% lift in referrals
    Picreel given us a 28% lift in referrals to LivePlan over same timeframe (since starting with Picreel) previous year. Prior to installing Picreel, referrals from to LivePlan we're flat to slightly down.
    John G
    John Procopio,

    Director of E-Commerce at Palo Alto Software

  • Great investment for capturing leads
    Picreel is an excellent tool to use for capturing leads. If you are in the business of collecting opt-ins so you can market to potentially interested leads, Picreel is a tool worth investing in.
    Raymond Fong
    Raymond Fong,

    Co-Founder of Deviate Labs, LLC

Do you want instant business growth?

Picreel customers get a 15-300% instant increase in inbound leads & conversions.
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