Kitchen Cabinet Kings
Delray Beach,
FL 33445, United States

26.57% Shopping Cart Recovery Rate. That’s huge for us!


Kitchen Cabinet Kings is one of the largest distributors of kitchen and bathroom cabinets on the Internet. Delivering high-quality cabinets at unbeatable prices, we help customers typically save 20 to 40% on their remodel versus local retailers and big box stores. In this digital age, we want to create a booming business where customers can buy cabinets with a single click.



We wanted to increase our online presence and clientele with a unique and efficient strategy. Instead of going for the traditional retargeting program, we needed something awesome to incorporate into our website that increases our customer base and conversion rate.


We opted for the services of Picreel. Using a revolutionary onsite retargeting technology, Picreel presented our customized pop-up to our potential clients the exact millisecond they were about to leave the website. We also incorporated this at the shopping cart and have seen an increase in the conversion rate.


Kitchen Cabinet Kings got a record-breaking 137 new unique visitors a month and a conversion rate of 26.57%, which helped in increasing sales and building brand value.

picreel popup used by kitchen-cabinet-kings

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