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Since 2008 the Dream Giveaway® brand has been licensed by a variety of 501(c) (3) charitable organizations for the purpose of conducting sponsored fundraising promotions. Since that time, donations received from millions of individual donors and the sponsored Dream Giveaway promotions have delivered millions of dollars in unrestricted funds to the individual sponsor charities and a variety of grant recipients. These funds have helped provide important assistance to veterans, hospitalized children, cancer victims, the homeless, victims of natural disasters, and other worthwhile causes.



The Dream Giveaway site functions as an e-commerce platform, where individuals purchase tickets to enter their choice of featured giveaways. We were experiencing issues with bounce rates and conversion rates on the ticket purchasing pages. We were looking for tools that could effectively allow us to convert web visits, increase ticket sales before the customer could leave. Our business model required a tool that could simultaneously target upsell products based on customer activity on the site.


In 2015, we began researching conversion rate optimization solutions that would help capture site visitors’ attention and lead to increased sales. After a 30-day trial of Picreel, we fully adopted the platform, citing its ease of use, flexibility and easy maintenance. We were particularly impressed with Picreel’s targeting options, which allowed us to target offers based on the page a visitor is on, where the inbound traffic is coming from, and even whether the user is on a desktop or mobile device. We also appreciated the ability to capture contact information from the visitors that converted on a Picreel offer, which helped us build lists for future marketing communication.


Right out of the gate, we have had great success using Picreel offers to increase sales and conversions. We have been able to cost-effectively capture a significant amount of sales that can be tied directly to the ads displayed through the Picreel platform.

During one campaign, we used an offer as an incentive to get visitors to complete their ticket purchase after clicking the “Enter Now” button from a featured giveaway. People love our giveaways and feel good about their ticket purchase being a donation to help charities, but this is the page where we saw an opportunity to improve bounce rate and conversions. By offering a discount, in one case 25% off the visitor’s ticket purchase, they had another incentive to complete their purchase. Often, we would even see higher purchase amounts with customers using the coupon. So not only have we increased sales, but those sales have been very profitable for us as well.

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