Vila Maria José, Goiânia - GO,
74085-580, Brazil

15% growth in lead generation!


M.POLLO is a clothing brand with over 20 years in the market. It was created to focus on men who want to dress well. Throughout our history, we have gone the extra mile to stand out with our sophisticated, stylish, and groundbreaking collections made with high-quality and hard-wearing fabric, which appeal to our more and more demanding customers.



As an online brand, we wanted a tool that could help us generate quality leads, which can be later targeted for sales purposes.


Picreel helped us to boost our lead generation. It really makes us glad because the cost and benefit are unbelievable compared to any other marketing strategy we have. The tool is easy to use, and high conversion customizable templates are really perfect for our team to design and present to the visitors.


We already generated more than 400 leads with Picreel, which represents today 10% of our total lead generation. In recent months we had a peak, and the Picreel lead generation contributed 15% to our total.

picreel popup used by mpollo

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