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Here is a Guide to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Conversion rate

It is not always easy to increase conversion rate ecommerce. However what is the best conversion rate? This is a good question to start with because there are no standards for measuring ecommerce conversion rates. A good commercial rate is the one better than what you are getting right now. The following tips will help you increase conversion rate ecommerce to a better level.

Use quality product images to increase conversion rate ecommerce


belt1Images are one of the best elements that increase conversion rate ecommerce. Customers do not want to buy before they see what they are getting. What better way to grant them their wish than through good quality images. Ideally, you should use more than one photo to show different angles of the product.

Write a great product copy to increase conversion rate ecommerce


Firefox_Screenshot_2014-04-11T10-05-10.415ZIt is important that you accompany the images with detailed copy that leaves hardly any areas about the product untouched. However in your bid to increase conversion rate ecommerce, you should avoid any unnecessary hype.
The length of the copy should be long enough but concise and straight to the point. You may also choose to give both the shorter and a longer version. The later should contain every bit of information that you anticipate to increase conversion rate ecommerce.

It is advisable to add your personal recommendations to the manufacturer’s descriptions.


You can read this article for more information: -Commerce Copywriting: Guide to increase conversion rate ecommerce.

Use product videos to increase conversion rate ecommerce


Videos are better than images when you want to increase conversion rate ecommerce. They are the only step to the actual touching and feeling. It is advisable to start with a few items while weighing the impact the video option has.

One brand that has used videos to increase its sales is Zappos. You can read more on  using video to increase conversion rate ecommerce.

Customization of items helps to increase conversion rate ecommerce


When people customize items as they order they get a sense of ownership. Even when you do mass production, there are ways you can give an opportunity to people to customize what they want to purchase from your site. Brands like Dell are able to pull it, why not you?wedding ring

Stop charging for shipping to improve conversion rate ecommerce


Most online retailers do offer free shipping and it is to increase conversion rate ecommerce.In another studyup to 93% of respondents indicated that they are swayed to buy from a retailer by free shipping offer.

When2BigFeet introduced free shipping for orders that are over $100, their conversion rate went up by 50%.

This video will help you come up with a strategy to offer free shipping and increase conversion rate ecommerce, but at the same time not eat into your profits.

Have a section for sales and specials to increase conversion rate ecommerce


According to E-tailing Group study, up to 47% of online buyers buy only discounted products. 62% look for sales and specials section.

People have adapted to shopping cheap through endless sales and coupon. This discount seeking behavior is not going to stop anytime soon and, therefore, it is advisable to start thinking on how to accommodate a “sales” section on your site and increase conversion rate ecommerce.steve-madden-fall-30-off

Reduce shopping cartabandonment to increase conversion rate ecommerce


Losing customers who are going through the check-out process of an online store is widespread. In 2011it reached all-time highof 72% and it will continue climbing.

Reasons why people abandon shopping carts include:

1.Higher price than what your competitors are offering. Justify your prices by communicating added value.
2.Charging for shipping is another cause of cart abandonment.Find a way to offer free shipping and increase conversion rate ecommerce.
3.Forced registration is one thing that makes many people not to checkout. Allow people to checkout even without creating accounts and that will increase conversion rate ecommerce.
4.Lack of customer support. People need someone handy to answer to their questions about the product they are about to buy. Use live chator a visible phone number.
5.A slow site is a turn off. Speed up your site by buying a good host serveramazon sign in

Make email follow-ups to improve conversion rate ecommerce

Make sure you have means of collecting email addresses of every person who arrives at your website. Use these email addresses to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates by following up each cart abandonment with an email.

Facilitate persistent shopping cart and increase conversion rate ecommerce


Make sure that your site keeps memory of visits by each visitor through persistent cookie and allows them to start from where they previously stopped each time they come back. This allows them not to start filling out forms afresh every time come to continue processing an abandoned cart.


You can also give shoppers an option of sending carts to their email for future continuation.

Display contact info and offer live chat to improve conversion rate ecommerce


This has been known to increase conversions – especially for not well known stores. It creates trust among those intending to make a purchase because they are made to understand that you are ready to answer their question and resolve any issue.icon direct

Give clear progress indicators and that will increase conversion rate ecommerce


Make your visitors aware of how long they still need to go each time they embark on a process. This makes them feel in control of the process. Use numbered lists and less of unordered lists alongside other progress indicators on the site.

Explain any uncertainty to improve conversion rate ecommerce


Make a list of the frequently asked questions, give appropriate answers and put it next to product pages.

Give multiple payment options to increase conversion rate ecommerce


Most people will abandon their cart if the do not find a payment option they are able to use. Add PayPal, Amazon and all the other Payments options, as long as your customers need them.payment options

Communicate your value proposition to improve conversion rate ecommerce


Let people who visit your site have your value proposition as the first thing they see. Let them know what separates you from your competitors.

This is important because people do not have time to spend figuring out what your value proposition is and this might lead to your site losing many potential buyers.

value proposition1

Read this: How to Create a Good A value proposition

Provide a better search to increase conversion rate ecommerce


A good Search box on an e-commerce site is crucial in helping customers find stuff. Auto-suggest search is the most ideal.

More choice requires better filters to increase conversion rate ecommerce


Many choices make it hard for people to choose and, therefore, it is advisable to provide filters in order to make the shopping experience easy, simple and smooth.wine

Use Short forms to improve conversion rate ecommerce


Research has shown that most people find forms with many fields a turn off. Therefore try to remove those that do not serve any critical purpose. People prefer to shop on sites like Amazon because they do not have to fill out long forms each time they go shopping.

Promote shopping cart items to increase conversion rate ecommerce


Never assume that because the customer has clicked ‘add to cart ,’ he will complete the whole process. Continue selling to them by displaying the contents of their cart at all times while they browse elsewhere until the complete checkout.

Do background account registration and increase conversion rate ecommerce


Do not force customers to register in order for them to make a purchase. Let it be optional and you can create an account for those who guest check out and send the password to their email address later. An email and name are things they will always find easy to leave behind.

Use Product reviews to increase conversion rate ecommerce


Reviews influence up to 60 percent of online shoppers. Therefore make use of them. Display relevant ones next to items in the cart. 40 percent of online shoppers would not buy an electronic before reading reviews.

Positive reviews work for you well but do not delete negative ones -they help salesespecially if there are only a few of them.

Upsell to improve conversion rate ecommerce


Upselling and cross-selling are known to increase the average order size. However, always offer only related products the offer should be at least 60% cheaper than the product a customer just added to the shopping cart. For instance, if a customer is buying a pant, it is acceptable to try to upsell a belt. This way you are able to improve conversion rate ecommerce

Use clear and big calls to action and increase conversion rate ecommerce


Customers should never struggle to look for action buttons. Use big, bold and outstanding buttons and never text links.

Do not forget that the wording and color of the button are also critical. Take time in drafting and designing before testing them on your site in order to improve conversion rate ecommerce.


Offer back-ordering option to improve conversion rate ecommerce


Sometimes items are out of stock. This should never go unattended. If you plan to restock within a specific time or you can offer custom made orders, use a backorder option. Brands like Wild Gems have used this option successfully to improve conversion rate ecommerce.opffer back ordering

Never copy big brands like Amazon to increase conversion rate ecommerce

If you are a small player, there are so many differences between you and the big guys. They do not have trust and security concern issues. Therefore, copying what works for them might not improve conversion rate ecommerce. There are many more reasons why you should not copy them.

Never forget to do user testing it helps to improve conversion rate ecommerce


Doing testing often on your ecommerce site will help you point out issues that make the customer experience, not so smooth, to improve conversion rate ecommerce. Invite people to browse the site in your presence and give their opinion as they are doing it. Some entrepreneurs have found that with 15 people it is possible to discover 99% of the site issues. Nevertheless, even testing by one user is better than doing none. You can also use Usertesting.com and YouEye tools to do this.

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