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Power Up Mobile Marketing: Picreel & Mobit Integration

Power Up Mobile Marketing_ Picreel & Mobit Integration

Picreel is already mobile-ready, offering users templates designed specifically for optimal viewing on mobile devices. We also made sure to get ahead of Google’s latest algorithm update regarding intrusive interstitials, which can include popups. Picreel users can use our mobile popup templates confidently, knowing they meet Google’s requirements and won’t be penalized with lower page rankings.

The logical next question then is: how do you take advantage of mobile traffic?

With Picreel’s integration with Mobit, a mobile messaging and marketing platform, now you can do more than just collect emails and display offers. By collecting mobile phone numbers, you can also create mobile marketing campaigns through Mobit, effectively adding a whole new channel for reaching your customers and prospects.

How It Works

Instead of email addresses, Picreel will be building a list of mobile phone numbers for use in the Mobit app. Here’s how it works:

  • Set up your popup campaign in Picreel using a mobile template. This can be a mobile only campaign with only one field for the phone number; or you can have a desktop version as well to collect emails.
  • Set the targeting parameters so that the mobile popup displays at an appropriate time: after so many seconds on a page, after scrolling “up” a certain percentage, etc. Keep in mind that intrusive popups that display instantly, before page content even loads, are the ones that are being penalized.
  • When mobile users see the popup, they will be prompted to enter their phone number (instead of email address) in order to unlock the offer.
  • By entering their phone number, they opt-in to receive text messaging from you.
  • Through the integration with Mobit, phone numbers are automatically funneled from Picreel over to Mobit, added to the appropriate list, and a workflow is triggered that sends an introductory text message.
  • From here, you will manage your future mobile messaging campaigns as usual in Mobit!


Benefits Of SMS Marketing

SMS or Short Message Service marketing has been gaining in popularity in recent years and is a proven effective strategy as part of a multi-channel marketing approach. When combined with social media and email, SMS marketing is an effective way to instantly reach the more than 75% of Americans who own smartphones.

The benefits of SMS marketing include:

  • Affordable and easy to get started
  • Instant access to prospects and customers
  • Improved engagement, especially if you use 2-way SMS
  • Loyal customers from regular promotions
  • Ties into email marketing; i.e. “Did you read our email yet?”
  • Limited characters, images and design saves time and money
  • Open rate near 98% with 90% of texts being opened within 3 minutes of receiving

Need Help Integrating Your Picreel And Mobit Accounts?

While it’s easy to see the benefits of SMS marketing, many organizations struggling with building their phone number lists. With Picreel, you have the advantage of using proven effective mobile popups to capture site visitors at just the right time, offer them a great deal, and build your list for use in Mobit.

Need help integrating? Contact us at 888-891-5782.

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