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By Landon Donovan

Picreel + Email Integrations: How To Connect Mailchimp, AWeber, ConstantContact, and more!

So you’ve converted a bunch of website visitors and have a list of email addresses… now what!? The beauty of using Picreel to capture leads is that, while you certainly can download a .CSV file of collected email addresses, we’ve made it incredibly SIMPLE to automatically send Picreel data to your email system of choice. Why would you want to do this? So you can eliminate manual data entry, instantly start the nurturing process, stay in front of prospects, and ultimately win more sales, faster.


But many Picreel customers either aren’t aware of these integrations, or are worried it’s too complicated. So they go the manual data entry route, eating up valuable resources and losing the timing advantage gained by emailing new leads right away.


If this sounds familiar, STOP! We want to show you just how simple it is to connect Picreel to your email system. With hundreds of integrations, including all the major email platforms such as MailChimp, ConstantContact, AWeber, and more, there’s no reason to waste another moment manually moving data.


Here’s how to do it.


The Problem With Data Entry


Not much needs to be said here. Using human resources for data entry in our era of automation simply doesn’t add up. It’s time-consuming, error prone, and by the time new leads get their first email, they may have already forgotten about you or moved on to a new provider.


Today’s marketing technology solutions are built to talk to one another — whether that’s through direct integrations, or third party apps like Zapier or Apiant. With modern marketing automation, it just makes sense to leverage the capabilities that, well… automate tedious and repetitive tasks for us.


What Happens Next?


It’s one thing to automatically send your Picreel leads to a list in MailChimp, but then what? This is where a bit of pre-planning is necessary. Today’s email platforms are chock full of features that allow you to segment lists for uber-personalized messaging, optimize send times, frequency and cadence, and basically just have incredibly granular control over your email marketing process.


The ability to automate much of this process is where these systems really shine. Email platforms like MailChimp, AWeber, ConstantContact, as well as comprehensive marketing automation systems like HubSpot and Marketo, have native capabilities that allow you to create fully customized workflows to automatically perform tasks based on specified triggers.


For example, a workflow automation may look something like this:


New lead is added to “Demo” mailing list

“How to schedule your demo” email is automatically sent

Lead owner is automatically notified

“Follow up demo” email is automatically sent in 48 hours if no response is received


You may have multiple forks in your workflow based on lead behavior as well. For example, if they click a button in the email to schedule their demo, this may trigger another workflow that automatically moves the lead to a different mailing list, and a “Thank you for scheduling your demo” email is automatically sent.


This automation alleviates the burden on both marketing and sales to manually move leads, send emails, and schedule follow-ups. Workflows are built around predictable lead behavior and desired outcomes, thus creating repeatable email marketing strategies to maintain your nurturing funnel.  


Where Picreel Comes In


When you connect Picreel to your email system, leads that are collected from offers on your website are automatically sent to your email platform. The new workflow automation would look something like this:


New lead is collected from Picreel “Demo” campaign

Picreel automatically adds new lead to “Demo” mailing list in email system

“How to schedule your demo” email is automatically sent

Lead owner is automatically notified

“Follow up demo” email is automatically sent in 48 hours if no response is received


Pretty simple, right!? Now let’s take a look at how easy it is to connect Picreel with some of the most popular email platforms.




Connecting to MailChimp is as simple as finding your MailChimp Api key and list ID number. Next, head over to the “Integrations” tab on Picreel. Enter your Api key and list ID, select the Picreel campaign you want to connect the list to, and hit “Assign.” All past and future leads Picreel has collected for that campaign will automatically be sent to the designated list in MailChimp.

This knowledge base article walks you through the MailChimp integration step-by-step.




To connect Picreel and AWeber you need to locate your AWeber list number, access token and access secret. Then, simply enter this information on the “Integrations” tab on Picreel and hit “Assign” to automatically send all past and future Picreel leads to the designated AWeber list.

This knowledge base article walks you through the AWeber integration step-by-step.




To connect Picreel and ConstantContact, all you need to enter on the “Integrations” tab is your ConstantContact list ID. Assign your Picreel campaign to the list ID, and voila! All past and future Picreel leads will automatically be sent to the designated list in ConstantContact.

This knowledge base article walks you through the ConstantContact integration step-by-step.


Connecting Other Email Systems


Picreel’s extensive knowledge base has step-by-step instructions for routing leads to a number of popular email systems and marketing automation platforms. Not finding what you need? Get in touch with us. We’re here to help make Picreel work for you!


Learn more about where your Picreel leads go and find a knowledge base article to get help connecting your email system:


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