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picreel-zapier integration

By Landon Donovan

Latest Picreel-Zapier integration helps to grow your business

Imagine your marketing strategy for a minute.

You spend resources to show up on Google, write mind-blowing ad copy, and create fantastic content. Great job!

You’ve been expanding your marketing strategies and you know one of the most important aspects is to convert more of your web visitors into leads. It feels wrong when traffic comes to your site and exits without buying, reading your content, or simply leaving an email address for follow up.

Exit popups by Picreel is a great way to re-engage web traffic. So you quickly created a Picreel campaign, and there’s a nice little popup that appears on your site every now and then. It helps you convert web visitors into targeted leads by offering value in return for email addresses. Eventually, you get hundreds of email contacts every day that you can use for special offers, direct sales, and follow up.

Now the question is — how do you get all of these into your email service or CRM?

Of course, you can export and import your lists manually. But that’s extra time that you can spend on other important things!

So how do you solve this and save time?


The Picreel-Zapier integration

This is one thing you can consider.

Zapier connects more than 750 apps to achieve great results faster. It enables you to connect your favorite apps with automatic workflows that save you from tedious manual work.

Picreel can be connected with Zapier to send all your leads to hundreds of different web services. Whenever your web visitors enter their email into a popup on your site, this can be sent to any database you use. It can be MailChimp, Google, HubSpot, Salesforce and other popular online apps – more than 750 apps to be exact.

Here’s what I like about this integration:
-you can get it work in minutes
-no code or programming is needed
-start using it for free until you’ve a high task volume.

Check the full list of apps that you can connect to Picreel, or start with the most popular connections:

Say goodbye to manual import and export processes. Let Picreel and Zapier do the work for you! Read more about it by visiting the Picreel integrations landing page on Zapier. If you need help setting up your own connections, drop us a message or check our help article.

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