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Connect Customer Data: Picreel-Apiant Integration (15,000 Apps)

Connect Customer Data: Picreel-Apiant Integration (15,000 Apps)

In our latest move to further improve our customers’ experience, Picreel is now integrated with Apiant. The largest app connectivity tool to-date, Apiant works with more than 15,000 apps to automate data transmission and trigger workflows.

What does this mean for Picreel customers? Time and money is saved, tasks are automated, data entry is eliminated, and leads are more efficiently tracked and managed – all of which have a positive impact on pipeline, sales velocity and ultimately, revenue.

Here’s how it works.

Picreel Customers Choose How To Use Their Conversion Lead Data

Picreel is a conversion rate optimization tool that captures leads from popups on your websites. Once a conversion lead is captured, Picreel customers can choose what to do with the data. You can:

  • Download a .csv file with the lead data, then manually add it to your CRM, email or marketing automation (MA) system and perform the next task (such as sending an email or calling the lead)
  • Integrate Picreel directly with your CRM, email or MA system so that the data is automatically added to the appropriate system. From here, you can set up workflows within your CRM or MA system that triggers some specified action
  • Put the data to work in multiple systems by funneling it through Apiant first

Start With Apiant

Apiant is similar to our Zapier integration in that it enables multiple apps to exchange data and talk to one another. The difference is that Zapier users are more limited with the availability of apps they can connect. Apiant is usable with more than 15,000 apps, making it the largest and most practical app connectivity tool on the market.

Instead of configuring your CRM, marketing automation platform, and multiple other apps to perform certain tasks, data is funneled through Apiant first. Apiant is where you specify what happens to the data that comes through, what system it should flow to, and what action should be taken there.

It’s a one-stop-shop for connecting apps that use the same data.

For example:

For clients that use a marketing automation system like Marketo, not only will your lead automatically populate your database, but you can also create a custom program in Apiant that will trigger a workflow to:

  • add the lead to a specified list based on where/how they converted on your website
  • automatically send an introductory email
  • create a follow-up task for the lead owner, and
  • alert the lead owner of the activity

An Example Of Picreel-Apiant Integration: Google Sheets

Organizations use many different CRMs, email platforms and marketing automation systems to track and manage leads. While Picreel already integrates with many, like Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, MailChimp and more, some of our clients prefer a semi-manual process of exporting their Picreel leads to a spreadsheet program like Google Sheets. For clients that don’t have thousands of conversion leads, this makes a lot of sense when it comes to personal lead nurturing strategies.

This tutorial gives you a step-by-step guide for connecting Picreel to Google Sheets via Apiant. The beauty of this connectivity is that once you set up the workflow in Apiant, every time you get a new lead in Picreel, your Google Sheets is automatically updated with the information. This eliminates manually checking your Picreel dashboard and the subsequent data entry that follows.

Apiant Is Accessible, Affordable, And Intuitive

Starting at just $19 per month, Apiant is incredibly affordable and easy to use, even for users otherwise wary of creating custom workflows in more complex programs like Marketo. If you’re interested in connecting Picreel to your apps via Apiant, simply go to https://apiant.com/#apps, type in “Picreel,” then follow the instructions to connect Picreel to the app of your choice and establish workflows in the Automation Editor.

Need more help? Picreel is here to help! Contact us at 888-891-5782 to learn more about our latest integration with Apiant.

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