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10 Powerful Landing Page Design Tips for HIgher Conversions

10 Super Effective Landing Page Design Tips to Improve Conversions

The right landing page is like an effective marketing tool that can attract customers and help you grow leads to boost conversions. A beautifully designed landing page with great content and elements can be the key difference between generating zero, hundred, or more than a thousand leads daily.

No matter what it is that you’re selling or offering, landing pages have one ultimate goal and that is to delight visitors, so they take action. A simple page design that just “looks good” isn’t enough to compel your visitors & customers; you need to give them what they want.

The website’s homepage is all about giving visitors a general overview of your business and leading them to specific sections of your website. But, that’s not the case with a landing page as it helps you to reach out to the target audience, build customer loyalty, and boost sales.

So, what can be done in order to build a flawless landing page that keeps your visitors happy and skyrocket your conversions! Let’s find out the landing page design tips below.

What Is a Landing Page?

Sometimes called a “lander” or a “lead capture page”, a landing page is one page in your website that is made distinctive from your main website, having been designed for one fixated purpose. Its main objective is to make visitors take one definitive action and it is done by filling out an accompanying form.

Usually, a landing page is incentive-driven, which helps reach the purpose. For example, if the goal is to get as many e-mail signups as you can, you may add a bonus/discount/deal for everyone who signed up.

Landing pages work simply because you eliminate everything that clutters and highlights one purpose. Thus, a landing page helps clear out the confusion by displaying specific content and makes it easier for the visitor to convert.

How to Create a Landing Page?

Obviously, you are looking to create a landing page that converts. So, before beginning or putting together your thoughts on the design/copy, you need to ask yourself: what do you want to really accomplish? Are you looking to boost sales or want to increase newsletter signups or just want to promote your products/services? Got the answer? Now let’s follow this simple process to see how to design a landing page with the right design thinking tools!!

Fixate on a Single Goal

Let’s state the most obvious one here. This is why landing pages are created in the first place. Your subscription form (because that’s how the landing page accomplishes its purpose) should be the first thing you have to focus on. Keep it short and simple.

The landing page content should explain why it is sensible to sign up and what’s in it for them. To highlight your subscription form, pick a color that contrasts it against the whole page and outline it to make it more visible.

Keyword Research

As now you have your goal and your product/service, think of what people type in that Google search bar for solutions to problems that your product/service/newsletter can solve? You can take the help of some keyword research tools as well to make a list of high-traffic keywords.

Put together these keywords and write your content by including these keywords to get rankings on various search engines.

No Time for Chatter

Landing pages are no spot for cryptic messages. Everything in there should be specific and precise. Specify who your target audience is and who isn’t. Clearly state the incentive and list the exact things the visitors will get once they sign up. If possible, provide confirmation (social proof) on how others have benefited by signing up in your program.

Spoil the Audience

The hierarchy of the spotlight should be you, your product, and the audience. How do you focus on your audience? Use words that are easy to understand and be explicit on the advantages your product/service can bring to their lives.

Be Straightforward

Quickly get to the point and take advantage of simple, understandable headlines that readily state the primary points. Do not overhype things. Simplicity works best to get the attention of visitors.

Engage Your Audience By Telling a True Story

Have you helped a smaller company beat the odds and keep up with its competing giants? Have you helped someone earn more money or surmount their problems? Now is the time to tell that story in the form of featured case studies. This often works better than simply stating facts and numbers.

Honesty is Still the Best Policy

If you don’t have a story to tell, then don’t make something up. Just because you’re trying to grow your audience list doesn’t give you a license to be disreputable. If you don’t have legit stories and testimonials from customers yet, share your own. Do not build yourself up too high or it will all come down and break in your head, one way or another.

Let People See the Connection

One common use for landing pages is a destination for your paid ads. You don’t want people to get confused and second-guess ‘which is which’, so match the design color and scheme of your paid ads to that of your landing page. A ready connection means less confusion.


The essence of having a landing page is about making it available for everyone to see. So it only does make sense if you promote it through links in your newsletters, on social media, community websites, and pretty much everywhere you can think of. Just don’t spam because it’s annoying.

Benefits of a Landing Page

Why should one create landing pages? Are there any benefits apart from increasing conversions? Let’s find out!

Promoting Products/Sale

A landing page is all about a single product, promotion, service, or sale. The sole purpose of it is to deliver one message to the visitors. So, marketers can boost conversions through one specific sale or marketing goal. It also allows you to test the success/popularity of a specific product.

Getting SEO Rankings

As a certain set of keywords (search terms) are targeted in landing pages and are often promoted using Google Adwords/other paid methods, this helps your landing page in moving up. You can easily promote your sales/products to the shoppers browsing for similar content.

Growing Subscribers & Boosting Sales

A well-designed and high converting landing page can prove to be efficient for your sales process. Rather than placing specific CTAs on your homepage or other landing pages, you can use the right sign-up, subscribe or buy CTA at the right landing pages to increase your subscriber base and boost sales.

Increasing Credibility

 As you focus on the problems, existing models, and solutions of a particular product or service, visitors feel that you recognize their problems and are helping them in the best way possible. By including product-specific testimonials & case studies, you can make the prospects feel more confident about their trust in you.

Improving Campaign Accountability

When you run campaigns on landing pages, you can assign responsibilities easily. The reporting will be more specific for different products and that makes analyzing the success smoother. Individuals can basically own a campaign and can practice a culture of accountability for their campaigns.

As now we understand the benefits of a landing page, time to check out the key elements of a landing page that designers & marketers shouldn’t miss.

Key Elements (& Best Practices) of a Landing Page

When visitors visit your webpage, they should be able to quickly and easily grasp what you are offering. For that, you need to work on the key elements of your landing page. Let’s get right into it.

Consistent Branding & Logo

Your landing page should look like it’s a part of your website. You can obviously change the landing page structure and design, etc., but you should go with a consistent branding & logo. For example, have the logo of your company at the top of every page so visitors know where they are. Having a banner about your website’s information on all your pages makes it look uniform.

Ensure your landing page matches your website’s style, keeping branding and logo consistent. For instance, place your company logo at the top of each page for instant visitor recognition. When considering the overall design, incorporating creative company logo ideas can further enhance brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Compelling Headline

Take care of the headline and the headline will take care of you. What would make a good headline? State the biggest advantage the audience will have if they take a specified action. You can also play along with people’s curious nature and ask a thought-provoking question and answer it creatively in the content that follows.

Clear & Engaging Content

We couldn’t reiterate this enough but clear, precise content with a definitive explanation of its value is often appreciated by the readers. You need to explain exactly what the offer is with an original CTA and catchy lines to grab the attention of visitors throughout the landing page. Make use of bullet points and bolded words for better & quick understanding.

Enticing Photos, GIFs, & Videos

Choose images that keep it real and explain what the offer is all about. Maybe you can use your own photos or employees as models to show a human element that is missing in stock photos. This improves engagement and lets you narrate your product’s story in an interesting way to drive visitors towards your call to action.

Genuine Validations

This includes testimonials (real, of course), stories, statistics, case studies, and pretty much anything that supports your claims about the product or service you are promoting on your landing page. You can also feature your top, popular, & reputed clients on the landing page to attract visitors’ attention quickly.

Powerful Call to Action

Probably the most important element of your landing page is the call to action. No high converting page is complete without the right CTA. It is the element of your page that is designed to drive visitors’ attention. This CTA will be the deciding factor in converting your visitors into customers. The best way to do this is by using a compelling copy with a minimalistic design. You can use well-timed popups to display and deliver CTA in an interactive way.

The key elements are basic for each landing page and should not be overlooked while working on great landing page designs. However, you need to keep certain points in mind while implementing these key elements.

Points to Consider While Designing a Landing Page

The landing page design should be flawless and for that, you need to consider the following landing page tips to get maximum conversions!

1. List Your Audience

Your landing page should be able to convey the message to the audience. All customers are not the same and they can vary for different landing pages. The more specific your target audience is, the better you will be to handle their problems and this will help in conversion optimization.

You can segment the audience based on their age, gender, location, or any other filter that’s relevant for your products/services. Design multiple landing pages for different audiences and use a set of popups to maximize your designing efforts.

2. Avoid Distractions

As the visitor has landed on your landing page, make sure that there are no distractions that might cause them to leave. The most common mistake that designers make is providing a navigation menu bar right at the top of the landing page. Visitors can easily navigate to different areas of your website and that takes them away from your offer.

So, remove unnecessary external and internal links from the landing page’s navigation and footer. Doing so will leave the visitors with only your CTA button and thus a landing page free from distractions will lead to more conversions.

3. Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Approach

More than 55% of web traffic worldwide comes from mobile phones. That’s literally more than half of the visitors! You obviously can’t overlook this while designing your landing pages. While strategizing, go for a responsive design and create mobile-friendly pages to provide a better browsing experience.

Having landing pages that load quickly, look picture-perfect, and work smoothly on all devices increases the chances of conversions. You can use web design & development tools to apply changes to both the page versions automatically.

4. Use Popups to Incorporate Discounts & Offers

Use Popups to Incorporate Discounts & Offers

Discount coupons, deals, and offers are some of the most popular and efficient ways to boost sales and conversions. Surely, customers love to grab a bargain with open hands. With the help of the best popup tools, you can easily display the right offers to your visitors.

Using an exit-intent popup tool, you can identify the visitors’ browsing behavior and can come up with the perfect discounts at the right time. Make sure to follow the best practices while designing popups to drive sales.

5. Perform A/B Testing

Something from your perspective might be great, but that might not be the case when your visitors see the same thing. So, when you have hosted your landing page, you need to check what works well and what needs improvement!

Perform A/B testing with the help of insightful reports and analytics to see how visitors are interacting with your pages. You need to consider and change different elements like headlines, content copy, images/videos, CTAs, testimonials/case studies, navigation links, buttons, and other page elements. With all the results in front of you, choose the best converting landing page and optimize it regularly.

Time to Get the Landing Right!

Marketers have realized the importance of landing pages and how they provide an opportunity to create product-specific & customer-oriented marketing campaigns! The key to success is how beautifully and optimally they’re designed. From the technical aspects to the marketing aspects, everything should be well-structured and perfect to increase conversions.

Every detail matters and you should focus on all the key elements, best practices, and tips that we discussed earlier. Always make sure to keep on testing your landing pages and popup/overlays as there’s always room for improvement.

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