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Psychology of Color: How Popup Design Influences Consumer Choices

Every decision we make is influenced by our emotions. Subliminally, our actions are affected by nuances we may not even be perceived with our rational brain: the lighting in a room, the smells around us, or the feeling we get when we see a particular image or read a certain word. While phrases like “subliminal messaging” and “emotional influencing” may sound sneaky, marketers actually use these psychological concepts ethically and respectfully to communicate a vision to people.

And really, what makes marketing so enjoyable is the challenge of figuring out what will really light up your target audience and resonate with them!

We have discussed how to use language that appeals to your audience, how to develop content that drives conversions and how to use Picreel’s granular targeting to show the right offer, to the right visitor, at the right time. Today, we’d like to focus on how to use the element of design and, more specifically, the psychology behind how the colors, imagery, fonts and overall visual presentation of your offer campaigns will influence visitor behavior and buying habits.

How Color Affects Messaging

What is every 5 year old’s favorite question to ask new friends?

“What is your favorite color?”

As visual thinkers, humans are naturally impacted tremendously by color. What a certain color or color combination communicates depends on factors both naturally ingrained in our brains since birth, and those developed overtime by living as members of society (i.e. both nature and nurture). 

Try this quick exercise:

  • Imagine you are in charge of designing the packaging for a natural cleaning product. Would you choose vibrant neon or a softer green?
  • Imagine an advertisement in light pink and gray. Do you assume the target audience is female or male?
  • Now picture a bold red sign with a big, happy, yellow “M” – you see where this is going

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries have traditionally used colors to communicate their branding when designing logos, product packaging for candles and websites. When it comes to creating a popup campaign that converts, make your color choices with this same idea in mind.

The colors you choose for your pop up messages elicit a very particular set of emotions and responses in your audience. Choosing the right color combination – for text, background, CTA button, images and form field colors – can significantly impact the message you send, how effectively that message is received, and ultimately the success of your campaign.

Red – Energy, Excitement, Power, Passion, Love, Danger

Orange – Joy, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Encouragement

Yellow – Happiness, Warmth, Intellect, Cheer, Stimulating

Green – Nature, Growth, Peace, Wisdom, Wealth, Calm

Blue – Serenity, Security, Trust, Confidence, Stability

Purple – Regal, Sophistication, Luxury, Power, Ambition

White – Innocence, Trust, Clean, Pure, Positive, Simple

Black – Elegance, Authority, Mystery, Darkness, Rebellion

How Images Enhance Marketing

If an image flashes in front of your eyes for only a fraction of a second, do you think you would remember it?

Well, according to a team of neuroscientists from MIT, the answer is YES. This MIT study found that the human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds – truly in the blink of an eye!

While an image alone can’t communicate your complete message effectively, incorporating a visual element such as a logo, stock photo, custom image or GIFs alongside text can attract attention, make your message more memorable, and enhance the vision you are creating for your audience.

What Font Choice Communicates

The third element of design to consider when developing an offer campaign is the font. Some brands, like the one that uses an iconic black and white mouse as its mascot, have very distinct fonts that act as instantly-recognizable branding elements on their own. However, a less-famous brands may not see font as such an important design element. But this is a mistake! Font is capable of communicating both the visual and textual elements of your messaging – two aspects that have tremendous impact on how your message is perceived!

When you are making font selections, take into consideration:

  • Font Style – The typography you choose communicates your branding! Do you want to look professional? Family-friendly? Bold? A smart font choice can communicate that visually for you.
  • Font Weight – Font weight is equally important in the way a reader perceives your message. Bold text might get noticed, but a piece of text that is too heavy on the eyes is difficult for a reader to focus on.
  • Font ColorThe psychology of color plays a huge role in marketing, but when it comes to choosing font color, you aren’t just making the selection based on what emotion you want the reader to feel. You also have to make a choice that will be easy to read and complement your overall brand color scheme.
  • Font Size – Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to font size. Take it from the master, Massimo Vignelli: it’s not the black on the page, “it is the space between the blacks that really makes it.”

While not everyone who comes to your site will consciously register your specific font style choices, viewers will get an impression of you and the message you are communicating as a result of the way your written words appear.

Picreel’s Offer Campaigns Get Noticed

Want help designing a marketing campaign that will resonate with and motivate consumers to convert? The experts at Picreel understand the nuances of design and the psychology of how color, image choices and types of fonts impact the way your message is perceived. Our pre-designed templates were created with these design elements in mind, but are also able to be fully customized with custom fonts, custom images and logos, and even GIF backgrounds that really catch your visitors’ attention. Start your free 30-day-trial now, or contact us at 888-891-5782 for help creating a dynamic campaign that delivers real CRO results.   

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