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7 Best Gamified Popup Examples & Ideas

7 Best Gamified Popup Examples & Ideas

Gamified popups are known to enhance user engagement and positively impact marketing, lead generation, and conversion.

They tap into our natural competitive spirit and activate our brain’s reward center.

In the case of website visitors, gamification can enhance their engagement and overall experience. This persuades them to take more action.

If you’re looking for gamified popup examples, ideas, and how to create one, we can help.

Continue reading to find out.

Top Examples and Ideas for Gamified Popups

These are tried and tested gamified popup ideas and examples that you will find easy and practical. Understand what each of them is, how they work, and how they can help you.

Spin-the-Wheel Popups

Spin-the-Wheel Popups

This gamified popup presents visitors with a virtual spinning wheel. Users can spin the wheel for a chance to win a discount, coupon code, or other promotional offers. The user simply clicks a button to spin the wheel and waits for it to stop on a prize.

The spinning wheel used in gamified popups is typically divided into multiple sections, with each section representing a different prize or discount.

The outcome of the wheel spin determines the user’s specific prize or discount. The prizes or discounts available can vary depending on the specific brands and their offerings.

Spin the lucky wheel

Pro Tip: Customize the prizes to match your target audience’s preferences, and consider offering multiple levels of prizes to keep visitors engaged.

Scratch Card Popups

Scratch Card Popups

This type of interactive popup emulates the experience of scratching a lottery ticket. Users can use their cursor or finger to scratch off a virtual layer to reveal a prize or offer. The scratch card popup creates anticipation and excitement for the user.

This element of surprise can generate positive emotions and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Scratch card popups can serve as a lead generation tool. To participate in the scratch card game, users are often required to provide their email address or other contact information. This enables businesses to capture valuable customer data and expand their targeted marketing efforts.

Similarly, these popups can be integrated with sales and promotional strategies to offer exclusive discounts or special offers to visitors.

Pro Tip: Limit the number of scratch cards per user to encourage repeat visits and engagement.

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Gamified Surveys Popups

Take this survey & take

Gamified survey popups turn typically mundane surveys into an interactive game-like experience. Visitors are presented with a set of survey questions in a visually appealing and engaging manner.

The gamification elements can include time-based challenges, rewards for completing surveys, or a progress bar to enhance motivation.

One advantage of gamified survey popups is that they can increase survey completion rates. Additionally, gamified surveys can capture more detailed information from respondents since the surveys are designed more engagingly.

Pro Tip: Keep the surveys short and enjoyable, and consider offering incentives or rewards for completing them.

Pick-a-Gift Popups

Pick-a-Gift Popups

With these popups, you can present website visitors with a grid or set of hidden presents. Users just need to enter their email address and click on a gift to reveal their prize or offer.

The element of surprise and choice adds an extra level of engagement. The popups create a sense of anticipation and excitement for visitors, as they feel like they are participating in a game and have the opportunity to win something valuable.

These popups work on the psychological principle of loss aversion, where people are more likely to take action to avoid losing something of value.

Pick-a-gift popups can be used to capture email subscribers and drive user interaction on websites.

Pro Tip: Vary the prizes behind each gift, and consider offering limited-time offers or exclusive rewards to increase urgency.

Memory Match Challenge Popups

Memory Match Challenge Popups

Memory match popups utilize the classic memory match game. Visitors are presented with a grid of cards that they need to flip over and match in pairs within a given time limit.

These popups let website visitors play a memory matching game in exchange for a chance to win a prize or to gain access to exclusive content. Such gamification complements standard marketing activities and makes them more effective and attractive to visitors.

They are basically designed to draw visitors’ attention and engage them actively with the website. They make the visitors feel invested in the website and ideally provide a memorable user experience that encourages them to return.

Pro Tip: Gradually increase the difficulty level as visitors progress to keep them challenged and engaged.

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Gamified Quiz Popups

Gamified Quiz Popups

The next type of gamified popup is a quiz popup. It presents site visitors with a series of quiz questions in a fun and interactive format. Based on their answers, users might receive personalized recommendations, discounts, or rewards.

These popups typically include quiz-like elements, such as trivia questions or interactive games, to make the user experience more enjoyable and interactive.

Gamified quiz popups generate engagement and provide valuable insights.

Contexts where you can deploy these popups include lead capturing, social sharing, and feedback collection. Their entertaining and engaging nature helps create a positive brand impression and enhance the overall user experience.

Pro Tip: Include social sharing or leaderboard features to encourage users to compete with friends or colleagues and increase the viral spread of the quiz.

Digital Slot Machine Popups

Digital Slot Machine Popups

These popups simulate the experience of playing a slot machine. Visitors click a button to spin the reels and see if they win a prize or reward.

The anticipation and element of chance make this gamified popup engaging for users.

In other words, the appeal of these popups lies in their interactive and exciting nature. Visitors enjoy the element of surprise and the chance to win rewards.

This gamification strategy is fun for users, leading to increased time spent on the website and higher conversion rates

Pro Tip: Offer different themes or variations of the slot machine to keep visitors entertained, and consider setting a maximum number of spins per user to create scarcity and drive urgency.

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How to Create Gamified Popups: A Step-by-Step Guide

To create a gamified popup, you’d first need a popup builder. For the purpose of this post, we’ve used Picreel as an example.

Watch this video tutorial on how you can create a popup using Picreel:

Here are step-by-step instructions on creating a gamified popup using Picreel:

1. Sign Up and Log In

Visit the Picreel website and sign up for an account. Once you have signed up, log in to your account.

Sign up for a Picreel account and log in

2. Create a New Campaign

In your Picreel dashboard, click on “+ New Campaign” to initiate the process. You’ve the option to create a new campaign either from scratch or by using a pre-built template.

New Campaig create from scratch

3. Select a Popup Template

Picreel offers a variety of pre-designed gamified popup templates. Choose a template that is suitable for your popup campaign.

Choose a Popup Design

You can easily change the layout & design, add input fields, and choose elements, such as text, images, and buttons.

add input fields

4. Configure the Popup Trigger

Determine the trigger that will activate the popup, such as when a user tries to exit the website, after a specific time delay, or when the user reaches a certain page element.

For this, go to the campaign settings where you’ll find basic and advanced options.

Campaign settings targeting

First, enter the URL where you want the popup to appear. You can run your campaign on just one or multiple pages.


Next, under “When overlay appears,” you can set up scheduling, trigger options, and impression frequency.

Similarly, under “Other Options”, you can configure different targeting options, such as new or returning visitors, where they are coming from, device type, and so on.

This is the step where you can add gamification elements to your popup. Picreel offers different engagement options, such as spin-to-win wheels, scratch-off cards, slot machines, and more, to design the best gamified popups.

Select a gamification element that suits your campaign goals.

5. Customize the Gamification Element

Once you have chosen your gamification element, customize it according to your preferences. You can modify the text, prize options, colors, animations, and other features.

Customize the Gamification Element

6. Integrate It With Your Website

Picreel provides different integration options, allowing you to seamlessly add your popup to your website. Depending on your website platform, you may need to copy and paste a code snippet or use a plugin.Picreel provides a simple code snippet that you can embed into your website to display your popup.

View Code

7. Test and Preview

Before launching your gamified popup, make sure to test it thoroughly.

Preview how it appears on different devices and ensure that the gamification elements are functioning correctly.

By following these steps using Picreel or a similar tool, you can create engaging and interactive gamified popups to enhance user experience and drive conversions on your website.

Create Your Own Gamified Popups Effortlessly

You’ve seen the various gamified popups available and how to create them. So, it should be easy to get started with a popup campaign.

Gamified popups are a step ahead of ordinary popups. They are more engaging and interactive, so they also drive more sign-ups, leads, and conversions.

The popups you create for your marketing campaigns are as good as the tool you use for the purpose. So, choose your popup builder carefully.

The best way is to first go for a free trial or a personalized demo to understand whether it can meet your needs. Try out a few different popup builders and compare them based on factors important to you before making a decision.

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