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7 Very Effective Conversion Rate Optimization Methods

There is no better way to learn Conversion Rate Optimization than doing it yourself. Most probably, after doing CRO for a long time, you might have collected some tricks of the trade you have learned along the way.

Even then, there’s no such thing as too much marketing, isn’t it? Here’s seven more CRO methods that are proven to work and how you can apply the principles into your own website.

1. Less is More

When you want people to convert, one of the best things to do is to keep your webiste tidy by removing all possible distractions in your landing page.

Here is one example featuring the Optimizely site. The one below is their old “lander”.


Check out their latest landing page and see for yourself.


Have you seen the difference? None of the product information and video remained, except for the Call To Action– no “happy customers” list and no CNN video reference. People have seen enough advertisements already and that’s why being concise and straight to the point work.

2. What About Long Content?

In CRO, there is no such thing as an absolute truth. While tip No.1 encourages you to be as concise as possible, the other side of the coin shall not be ignored altogether. Depending on the product or service you sell, optimizers sometimes favor long pages filled with content. Again, it is somewhat a double-edged sword. It could provide that “wow” factor, like what E-commerce solutions site Shopify does in their home page (see below) and it can possibly bore people to death, too.


And more….


We’re not into the bottom of their home page yet but you get the point: Test and see whether your product warrants a long copy. Otherwise, stick with tip #1.

3. Put the Call To Action at the Center

Check out the sample below, from the old and new page from Campaign Monitor.





Which copy did you think made it easier for users to sign up, the upper right-hand corner CTA of old or the instensified and centered CTA of the new copy? Needless to say, the new one gets the nod.

Just to drive the point, here is another example from the site Naked Apartments.


Did you see a pattern? Campaign Monitor and Naked Apartments are two completely different websites but from a CRO viewpoint, they employ the same principles. Putting the Call To Action in the center especially works for sites that offer free trials.

4. Use a Background Video

As shown in tip #4, a background image (along with a centered CTA) can do wonders for your conversion rate, but have you tried putting on a background video instead of a still image?

This, folks, is the newest, cleverest tricks you can do in HTML. YouTube’s advertise page is already using it and look how neat and stunning it looks!

I’m going to thrown in and include three more websites that has background videos in their homepage. It’s very moving as much as it is impressive.

Media Boom. Spotify. My Provence. This trick makes you look more legit.

5. Email Capture at the Hello Bar

The Hello Bar is one of those neat and free optimization tools that you should not fail to use and this is one way to utilize it. Here it is in action:


This is a good way to increase subscriptions especially to bloggers but be warned not to carry it too far. It should be helpful to edit your code if someone has already gave you their e-mail so the same message won’t be shown to the subscriber.

6.Use Pictures of People for Background Images

It is not a new practice by any means but this just works. Plain and simple. Volusion used it in a perfect way:


As you can see, the website combined the elements we previously mentioned. A Call to Action in the center, minimal distractions and a picture of a person in the background image.

7. Employ Live Chat

Live chats are a proven commodity when it comes to increasing the conversion rate. In fact, companies like Blue Soda Promo experienced an enviable 60% increase in sales just by using live chat!


Here’s another example from Evergage:


Aside from using live chat as Blue Soda Promo and Evergage do, a more cutting-edge approach involves personalizing the live chat, where the chat bar appears only when a visitor is taking too long to convert. Either way, using live chat often leads to higher conversion rates.

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