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Best Ebook Popup Examples + How to Create

Best Ebook Popup Examples + How to Create

Capturing and retaining your audience’s attention is more challenging than ever. Ebook popups are a powerful tool for converting visitors into loyal readers and subscribers.

These strategically designed popups can offer valuable content in exchange for a visitor’s email address, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best ebook popup examples that have proven successful in various industries.

Additionally, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on creating compelling ebook popups that attract, engage, and convert your target audience.

Also, if you want to watch a quick video on how to create effective popups, here’s one:

Why Use Ebook Popups + Examples to Engage Customers

Ebook popups are a powerful tool for digital marketers and website owners looking to grow their email lists and engage visitors.

You create a mutually beneficial exchange by providing valuable content, such as an informative or entertaining ebook, in exchange for a visitor’s email address or other contact information. This strategy not only helps you build a list of potential customers but also establishes your brand as a valuable resource.

The content offered in ebook popups is typically high-quality and relevant to the interests of your target audience, which increases the likelihood of conversion and ongoing engagement.

Here are some effective types of ebook popups and examples of how they can be used to maximize engagement:

Exit-Intent Popup

Exit-intent popups are designed to appear when a visitor is about to leave your site, giving you one last chance to capture their attention and convert them into a subscriber.

They are particularly effective because they target users who were otherwise going to leave without taking any action. This type of popup leverages the opportunity to re-engage potential customers by offering them valuable content just as they are about to leave.

Exit-Intent Popup

By providing an enticing offer, such as a free ebook, you can encourage visitors to stay a bit longer and engage with your content, ultimately increasing your chances of conversion.

Timed Popup

Timed popups appear after a visitor has spent a certain amount of time on your site, indicating a higher level of interest.

This type of popup is effective because it targets users who have already shown a commitment by staying on your site for a specified duration. The timing can be adjusted based on your audience’s average engagement time to ensure that the popup appears at the most opportune moment.

Timed Popup

Timed popups help to maintain user engagement by offering valuable content like an ebook just as their interest peaks, preventing them from leaving the site prematurely and enhancing the user experience.

Scroll-Triggered Popup

Scroll-triggered popups appear when a visitor has scrolled down a certain percentage of the page, indicating they are engaged with your content.

This type of popup is highly effective because it targets users who are actively consuming your content and are more likely to be interested in additional resources. In fact, data shows that scroll-triggered popups have a 3.09% average conversion rate.

Scroll-Triggered Popup

By setting the trigger at a specific scroll depth, you can ensure that the popup appears only when the visitor is sufficiently engaged, making the offer of a free ebook more relevant and appealing. This method helps to seamlessly integrate the popup into the user’s browsing experience without being too intrusive.

Content-Specific Popup

Content-specific popups are tailored to the specific content a visitor is viewing, making the offer highly relevant.

This type of popup is effective because it provides a highly targeted message that aligns with the visitor’s current interests. By analyzing the content being consumed, you can create popups that offer additional, related resources, such as a free ebook, which enhances the visitor’s experience and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Content-Specific Popup

Content-specific popups help to build trust and authority by showing that you understand and can meet the visitor’s needs with tailored content.

Slide-In Popup

Slide-in popups are less intrusive and appear from the side of the screen as the visitor scrolls down, providing a subtle yet effective call to action.

Slide-In Popup

This type of popup is effective because it captures attention without disrupting the user’s browsing experience. Slide-in popups are particularly useful for offering additional content, such as a free ebook, as they provide a gentle nudge to the visitor while allowing them to continue engaging with the main content.

This approach can lead to higher conversion rates as it maintains the flow of the user’s interaction with the site.

How to Create a Ebook Popup With Picreel: Step-by-Step Tutorial

To display ebook popups on your website, you’ll need first to create a popup on your popup builder tool such as Picreel.

Let’s look at the steps to do so:

1. Sign up for a Picreel account and log in.

Sign up for a Picreel account

2. Go to the “Campaigns” menu and click “New Campaign” at the top right. You can also select the templates option from the drop-down or start from scratch.

New campaign

3. From the templates menu, choose the ebook popup template you want to design.

Choose a Popup Design

4. Once you select the design, customize it according to your preferences.

customize it according to your

5. Configure your targeting and trigger options to specify when and where you want your popup to appear.


6. Click “Save” to activate your popup.

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Use Ebook Popups to Your Advantage

By offering valuable content like ebooks tailored to your audience’s interests, you can turn casual visitors into loyal subscribers. Whether you choose exit-intent, timed, scroll-triggered, content-specific, or slide-in popups, each type has its unique advantages and can significantly boost your conversion rates.

Implement these strategies to enhance user experience, grow your email list, and drive sustained engagement with your content.

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