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10 Product Bundling Examples to Boost Sales & Customer Satisfaction

10 Best Product Bundling Examples From Real Brands

When it comes to product merchandising and sales, “Two are always better than one.

Successful marketers are creating product bundles of two or more items that seem irresistible to customers. Offers so exciting that they can’t skip the “Buy Now” button.

Get ready to feel inspired by product bundling examples from the leading brands. From food packages to home decor, discover how brands offer bundled experiences to captivate customers and magnify sales.

What Is Product Bundling?

Product bundling is a marketing strategy where multiple products or services are combined into a single offering, often at a discounted price. The aim is to increase the overall value proposition for the customer and stimulate sales by offering a comprehensive solution.

This strategy allows businesses to promote related items, boost customer satisfaction, and differentiate their offerings in a competitive market. Bundling can be based on various criteria, such as complementary functionality, thematic coherence, or pricing tiers.

For instance, in the technology industry, a product bundle might include a laptop, software suite, and accessories offered together at a discounted price. This not only simplifies the purchasing decision for the customer but also enhances the perceived value of the overall package.

10 Best Product Bundling Examples that Work Like a Charm

In this section, we will explore ten brands that have redefined product bundling and inspired thousands of marketers across the globe.

1. Travel Essentials Kit – Nuxe

Travel Essentials Kit - Nuxe

Image Source: Nuxe

NUXE, a beloved French skincare and cosmetics brand, was founded by Aliza Jabès in 1990. Over the years, the brand has become a driving force behind iconic skincare products that have become a daily essential for millions of women.

Even though the travel and tourism industry took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, things seem to have returned to normal now. Overall, the contribution of tourism and travel industry to the global GDP amounted to 9.5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2023.

NUXE has been quick to bank on this opportunity with the help of its “Travels Essentials Kit” for women. At a discounted price, customers can get iconic beauty products like hand cream, body-cleansing gel, micellar water, and more.

Key Takeaway: Successful businesses adapt their bundle strategies to market changes. NUXE seized the opportunity post-COVID-19 by introducing a “Travel Essentials Kit,” capitalizing on the rebound in the travel industry and showcasing the importance of adaptability to market trends.

2. Pure Bundling – Netflix

Travel Essentials Kit - Nuxe

Image Source: Netflix

Netflix, a global streaming giant founded in 1997, has revolutionized home entertainment. With an extensive library of films, series, and documentaries, Netflix delivers diverse and original content to millions of subscribers worldwide.

So, what is Netflix’s pure bundling strategy that helped it grow its paid subscriber base to 247.2 million?

In the process of pure product bundling, packages are curated with items unavailable for individual purchase. Netflix adeptly employs this strategy, consolidating its entire media collection into a single package accessible through a monthly subscription. There is no option for viewers to select series or films individually.

Key Takeaway: Leverage pure bundling to streamline offerings and grow a subscriber base. Netflix’s success lies in consolidating its extensive media collection into a single package through a monthly subscription. This pure bundling strategy simplifies choices for viewers, contributing to substantial growth in paid subscribers.

3. Complete the Look – New Balance

Complete the Look - New Balance

Image Source: NewBalance

New Balance, an iconic athletic footwear and apparel brand, boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1906. Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, New Balance combines cutting-edge technology with classic design.

So, whenever a customer looks to buy a single product, let’s say sports shoes, New Balance recommends a complete bundled look inclusive of sportswear and accessories. This is a great way to give customers more options related to the product they originally meant to purchase.

Key Takeaway: Cross-promote products and increase sales by offering bundled product recommendations. New Balance’s strategy of suggesting complete athletic looks beyond individual items like sports shoes showcases the value of providing customers with complementary options, enriching their shopping experience.

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4. Holiday Bundle – Death Wish Coffee

Holiday Bundle - Death Wish Coffee

Image Source: Deathwishcoffee.com

Established in Saratoga Springs, New York, in 2012, Death Wish Coffee comprises a dedicated team constantly exploring innovative approaches to deliver bold and smooth cups of coffee to the community.

Death Wish Coffee offers a separate category of product bundles. To lure customers during the holiday season, the company launched a holiday special bundle that includes all its top-selling flavors, including pumpkin chai, vanilla, coconut caramel, etc.

Key Takeaway: Diversify offerings with seasonal bundles to attract customers. Death Wish Coffee’s strategy of introducing a holiday special bundle featuring top-selling flavors showcases the effectiveness of creating unique product combinations to capture consumer interest during specific seasons or events.

5. Care+ – Samsung

Care+ - Samsung

Image Source: Samsung

Samsung, a global technology powerhouse established in 1938, has evolved into a leader in consumer electronics, mobile devices, and semiconductor technology. Renowned for innovation, the brand remains at the forefront of shaping the digital future.

So what’s Samsung’s product bundle idea? Instead of offering another product, the company offers premium support and coverage, called Samsung Care+, in the bundle form. While buying any product, customers can choose to pay a small amount of money to protect their devices against physical or liquid damage.

Key Takeaway: Win customer’s trust by integrating support services into product bundles. Samsung’s success lies in offering Samsung Care+ as a bundled service, showcasing the importance of providing customers with premium support and coverage options at the point of purchase.

6. Advanced Mountain Kit – The North Face

Advanced Mountain Kit - The North Face

Image Source: The North Face

The North Face, a renowned outdoor apparel and equipment brand founded in 1966, stands as a symbol of adventure and exploration. Famed for its high-performance outerwear and gear, The North Face caters to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

With the help of athletes, designers, and innovators, the company created the Advanced Mountain Kit – a system of layers optimized to provide enhanced moisture management and waterproofing.

This bundle is designed to protect adventure lovers from extreme weather conditions, allowing them to move more freely and fluidly in the highest of alpine regions. It includes a combination of warmer, hoodie, and jacket for maximum rigidity.

Key Takeaway: Innovate and collaborate to meet customer needs. The North Face’s success stems from collaborative efforts in creating the Advanced Mountain Kit. The company also highlights the role of innovation in product bundles, which are engineered to protect outdoor enthusiasts from extreme conditions.

7. Monthly Box Subscriptions – BarkBox

Monthly Box Subscriptions - BarkBox

Image Source: BarkBox

BarkBox, a well-known brand for pet essentials, offers a range of toys, health and wellness products, and accessories for dogs. Pioneering the product bundling strategy, they were among the first to embrace this approach in the pet accessories market.

So what products can you expect to get for your pooches? Once you subscribe to BarkBox, you get a box delivered to your doorstep every month, which includes 2 plush toys, 2 bags of treats, and other fun activities and games.

The company even allows customers to customize the box based on their dog’s breed, allergy, and toy preferences. Now, isn’t that a ‘pawesome’ deal?

Key Takeaway: Harness the subscription box model for enhanced customer engagement and personalization. BarkBox’s success lies in showcasing the value of regular, tailored deliveries to create a loyal customer base in the pet accessories market.

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8. Gaming Bundle – PlayStation

Gaming Bundle - PlayStation

Image Source: PlayStation

PlayStation, a gaming brand by Sony Interactive Entertainment, has been a cornerstone in the gaming industry since 1994. Known for groundbreaking consoles like PlayStation 4 and 5, it offers an immersive gaming experience with an extensive library of titles.

All the gaming folks out there will agree that a PlayStation bundle is always better than a standalone product. To make life exciting for gamers across the globe, the company offers a PlayStation VR bundle, which includes a VR headset, camera, camera adaptor, PlayStation VR Worlds, etc.

Key Takeaway: Enhance product value and CX through bundled offerings. PlayStation’s success lies in recognizing that gaming enthusiasts prefer bundles over standalone products. The introduction of the PlayStation VR bundle highlights the effectiveness of providing comprehensive packages for an enriched gaming experience.

9. Home Decor Bundle – NestSet

Home Decor Bundle - NestSet

Image Source: Nestset.com

NestSet.com is a home decorating platform offering curated and bundled home decor items and accessories. It simplifies home decoration by grouping each piece into sets. With one click, customers can add everything to their cart or simply for their virtual home decorating services.

It’s quite interesting how NestSet offers home decor bundles based on color and aesthetics. The best part is that you can even customize your bundle to achieve that magazine look for your home interiors. For instance, the image depicts the “Snuggle Bundle,” which includes a pillow, a throw blanket, and an ottoman. A warm and cozy bundle, indeed!

Key Takeaway: Elevate customer engagement through creative bundles centered on visual themes and aesthetics. NestSet.com simplifies home decoration with pre-grouped decor sets. It demonstrates the value of providing bundles based on color and aesthetics for a uniquely curated and visually harmonious home.

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10. Breakfast Bundle – Cuisinery

Breakfast Bundle - Cuisinery

Image Source: Cuisinaryfoodmarket.com

Cuisinery Food Market is an online platform offering unique, chef-inspired frozen specialty food. With roots in the food service industry, it brings authentic European ingredients to home cooks and food enthusiasts across the country. It ensures quick delivery and optimum freshness, elevating at-home meals with extraordinary flavors.

Who doesn’t want a lip-smacking breakfast? We all do, right? But, sometimes, ordering a single item doesn’t do enough justice to our taste buds. This is where Cuisinery has cracked the code with its breakfast bundle called “At Home French Bakery.”

The food bundle includes butter croissants, apple turnovers, waffles, french crepes, and other delicious items. Cheers to a wonderful breakfast!

Key Takeaway: Create product bundles to satisfy customer needs. Cuisinery Food Market’s success lies in providing unique, chef-inspired frozen foods while innovatively addressing customer desires with bundled offerings like the “At Home French Bakery.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does product bundling benefit customers?

Product bundling benefits customers by offering convenience, cost savings, and a curated shopping experience. It simplifies decision-making, provides value through discounted packages, and often introduces customers to complementary products, enhancing overall satisfaction and making the purchasing process more enjoyable.

Q. What are the types of product bundling?

Here are several types of product bundling strategies:

  • Pure Bundling: Selling products only as a bundle, with no option for individual purchase.
  • Mixed Bundling: Offering products both as individual items and as part of a bundle.
  • Cross-Selling: Recommending related products at the point of purchase, encouraging customers to add complementary items to their cart.
  • Joint Bundling: Packaging products from different manufacturers together to create a bundled offering.
  • Customized Bundling: Allowing customers to create their own bundles by choosing specific products based on their preferences.

Q. Why do businesses choose to implement product bundling strategies?

Businesses implement product bundling strategies to increase sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and differentiate themselves in the market. Bundling provides customers with added value, simplifies purchasing decisions, and encourages them to explore a wider range of products, ultimately contributing to higher revenue and brand loyalty.

Q. Which kind of products should you bundle?

You can bundle products that complement each other or address a common need for customers. Effective bundles often combine core products with related accessories or offer variations of a single theme, creating a cohesive and appealing package that enhances the overall customer experience and value proposition.

Q. What is the “buy-more-pay-less” bundle, and why is it attractive to customers?

The “buy-more-pay-less” bundle is a pricing strategy where customers receive a discount for purchasing a larger quantity of a product. This bundle appeals to customers by offering cost savings as they buy in bulk, creating an incentive to increase their purchase quantity and overall spending.

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