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By Sherice Jacob

5 Awesome Client Case Studies that Will Change the Way You Look at Exit Popups

As a marketer, you already know that exit popups, lightboxes and other last-minute notifications are a great way to attract and redirect customers back to your offer without being intrusive. Here at Picreel, we’ve talked extensively about exit popups and how to use them to attract new leads. But what do clients think? We asked five of our users at Picreel to share their results with us and how they and their clients have benefitted from the use of these innovative remarketing techniques.

You won’t believe what we discovered.

“Significant Improvement to Conversion Rates”

One of the biggest misconceptions of using overlays and popups is that they could turn visitors off and aggressively impact conversion rates. This is precisely what Rotem Shay, of thought before using Picreel.

The way you look at exit popups

He was worried about the effect such a popup would have on the website’s reputation and bounce rate – even going so far as to run tests on pages with and without Picreel technology. Guess which one converted better? The Picreel versions – with over 6,500 conversions equalling nearly a 10% conversion rate.

Using a Welcome Popup versus an Exit Popup

Picreel exit offer for glassesusa

Boaz Ariely, of had previously used a welcome-style popup for their website, so he and his team were already aware of the benefits that such technology provided.

However, with this popup, he was able to achieve a nearly 13% conversion rate on top of what he was already enjoying with the welcome popup. By covering both bases, the team at was able to work with visitors who were returning and leaving, and target them with the precise offer at the right moment depending on their actions.

Double-Digit Growth in Sales


Before using Picreel, Brandon Atchley of was concerned. He, like many internet users, thought popups had a negative connotation – that it would actually steer customers away from purchasing their keyless remote products. However, after using the following overlays on his site:

Picreel exit offer for GoKeyless
Picreel exit offer #2 for GoKeyless

He and his team experienced double-digit growth in sales and were able to bring in 500 new leads within a month!

Brandon learned that when using Picreel, popups didn’t look much like popups and instead were viewed more like messaging tools — something to help, not aggravate, the user. When using overlays this way, customers felt more inclined to trust the company and reach out for assistance – which can make all the difference in the world when closing a sale.

Overlays – Not Just for Business

It’s not just businesses that are benefitting from overlay technology. Organizations and educational institutions are enjoying great turns as well, like, using this overlay:

Picreel exit offer for Scitexas

Prospective students looking to go back to school don’t just want a career – they want to save money while getting one. The school had previously tried popups, but felt they were inadequate since they could be blocked, hidden or otherwise not shown. With overlays like this one from Picreel, compatibility was no problem, and, in the words of our clients at SCITexas who used it “Once we tried Picreel, we never looked back”.

Once we tried Picreel, we never looked back”

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

Jenna Long of, was well aware of how overlay technology worked and knew it could benefit her site. What she was looking for (and what Picreel delivered) was a lower cost of acquisition proportionate to conversion rates. When you can get more sign ups without spending more, what’s not to love about that?

Jenna sends out a discount code to every email address that signs up under her Picreel overlay and, as a result, has seen a measurable increase in sign-ups that use that specific code. Not to mention bringing in over 200 leads in just one month. When you can track results so quickly and easy, you can see measurable, impactful changes in your business – for the better!

What You Can Learn from Using Overlays on Your Website

Overlays work like any marketing technique or strategy — it’s all in how you use them. Coming up with an irresistible offer, cultivating a relationship with your clients and exceeding their expectations are something that no online tool can do (at least not yet!). But with technology like Picreel, you’ll have a vehicle that helps you close more sales, engage with more customers and give them what they truly want — a business that understands them!

Have you used exit overlays in your business? What have your results been? Share your stories and triumphs with us in the comments and let us know!

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