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9 Abandoned Cart SMS Examples To Win Customers

Abandoned Cart SMS

One sees abandoned shopping carts everywhere, especially in the parking lots of shopping centers and grocery stores.

Why is that?

Why would anyone abandon their cart after taking precious time to fill it? Did it become too heavy? Or is there some intoxicating feeling about cart abandonment no one is telling?

Many possibilities ran through our minds until we took out time to do the math. However, we didn’t focus on abandoned carts in parking lots and grocery stores as much as we did on those in online stores.

Here’s Why Shoppers Abandon Their Carts 

cart abandonment reasons

Image Source: Baymard

High shipping costs, unexpected checkout charges, website errors, and boring descriptive lines can make shoppers back out at the last minute.

Each of us visits an online store expecting to find easy to consume product descriptions with a simple and fast checkout process.

But unfortunately, most eCommerce businesses don’t have what it takes to provide shoppers with a swift and seamless shopping experience, so they end up chasing consumers away with obstructive encounters. 

However, based on our findings, forward-looking eCommerce stores with cart abandonment recovery strategies were able to stop fleeing customers on their track and make them finalize their purchases.

So, cart abandonment was more of an opportunity than a threat to these folks.

And that’s why we deemed it probable to provide a piece that helps eCommerce leaders move the dial on their cart abandonment strategies and make more sales.

If you’re ready, let’s begin by exploring a few steps eCommerce marketers can take to avoid shopping cart abandonment.

7 Ways to Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment

  1.     Offer a seamless website and a painless mobile app shopping experience.
  2.     Provide a user-friendly and attractive mobile interface.
  3.     Avoid excessive pop-up windows and multiple confirmations for a specific action.
  4.     Keep your product descriptions honest, descriptive, and concise.
  5.     Keep prices transparent and indicate delivery fees.
  6.     Include testimonials, ratings, and reviews.
  7.     Provide access to multiple payment gateways. 
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In the eCommerce World, Cart Abandonment is Inevitable

 According to Baymard’s research, around 70% of online shoppers leave eCommerce sites without purchasing anything.

Ecommerce marketers deploy countless cart abandonment prevention strategies. But regardless, consumers will always have a reason to put-off purchase completion.

Offline distractions, a better offer, window shopping experience, referral from a friend, money issues, and many other reasons make shoppers abandon carts.

So instead of throwing bite-sized rants trying to figure out what hindered the sale, we recommend you invest in strategies that drive abandoned cart recovery.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Ecommerce brands lose $18 billion in sales each year due to cart abandonment. But the thing is, recovering an abandoned cart is less expensive than acquiring new customers.

Anyways, sending personalized emails, app notifications, or text messages—based on behavioral cues—can make consumers return to their cart.

But wait! Isn’t it surprising that emails and text messages still serve as indispensable communication channels in an era of Instagram stories, Snapchat filters, and Facebook ads?

Abandoned Cart SMS Reminder 

Indeed, emails help eCommerce marketers streamline an abandoned cart recovery process with catchy visuals and beautiful templates. And mobile app notifications give marketers control over the messaging shoppers receive.

However, most shoppers turn off eCommerce app notifications, and emails easily get lost in an overcrowded inbox. But SMS is rather different.

Hey!✋ before you start debating against opinions as to which—emails, app notifications, or text messages—would serve you better, let’s set things straight.

SMS can go hand in hand with emails and app notifications; the result depends on your budget and target audience.

However, we intend to help you streamline an effective cart recovery process using text messages. Instead of unnecessary comparisons, let’s look at the benefits and downsides of abandoned cart text messages.

 sms campaign

Image source: Routee

Benefits of SMS in Abandoned Cart Recovery

When you begin to view cart abandonment as a goldmine for potential sales, you will easily build an accommodating SMS marketing automation strategy that yields results.

  • SMS cart abandonment messages are unobtrusive
  • More affordable than most other communication channels
  • The automation sequence is simple and easy to set up
  • Allows you to contact and message shoppers in real-time
  • A perfect complement to emails and app notifications
  • Readily received and read by shoppers

Downsides of SMS Messages

Sometimes, you need more than only a few elements to solve shopping cart abandonment, especially when dealing with shoppers desperately looking to get the best bang for their bucks.

  • Consumers must opt-in, provide a phone number, and consent to messages
  • It doesn’t support the use of images and visuals
  • Not suitable for sending bulky messages
  • Shoppers have no personal control over what they receive.
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Best Abandoned Cart SMS Examples

Certain words are like sparks in a puddle of gasoline, saturated, rife with quality, yet beaming with opportunity. Finding and using such words in your cart abandonment SMS is key to success.

3 Cart Abandonment Text Message Examples

1. Friendly reminders

Do you believe that some of your store’s abandoned carts resulted from forgetfulness? Well, it’s not very common, but it’s true.

Shoppers tend to forget about their carts, especially the gentries that love window shopping. A gentle, conservative, and friendly SMS reminder can make these folks check out and make payment.

For instance, a consumer visits your online store where you sell footwear, makes a pricy selection, and opt out before checkout for unknown intentions.

Indeed, you can logically highlight a few reasons this buyer didn’t finalize the purchase. It could be the cost of shipping, slow web experience, bad reviews, lack of required product, etc.

However, don’t break a sweat trying to highlight the exact reason this consumer bailed—you’re better off looking for a needle in a haystack.

Friendly reminder abandoned cart text messages can – but don’t come with incentives in most cases. It’s a gentle nudge to help shoppers know that their cart is still intact and you’re ever ready to sell.

3 Examples of Friendly Cart Abandonment Text Messages

  • Hi Mike, we didn’t want you to forget about the awesome footwear in your cart. We’ve got some new products that might excite you if you’re still shopping. Kindly use this link to check out similar varieties and complete the purchase. Click stop to opt-out.   
  • Hi John, your order at Little Jane’s store is about to expire! Care to take a second look? {product link} Click stop to opt-out.
  • Hey Lucy, you’ve left a few items on your cart; hope you didn’t forget? Anyways, you can complete your purchase using this link. {link} send 4 to 892 to stop receiving such messages.

2. Coupons and discounts

We can unanimously agree that the right incentive opens doors to limitless opportunities. Sometimes, instead of sitting ducks waiting for consumers to return to their carts, move the needle.

Every shopper loves the feeling of spending less for more. The mere thought of discounts or free coupons can turn a nonchalant consumer into a disruptive brand advocate.

However, since you can’t offer free shipping or other incentives to every shopper that abandons their cart, you need a well-detailed strategy for cart abandonment text messages to work.

We recommend building your cart abandonment strategy around multiple triggers if you intend to draw customers back to your store using discounts.

For instance, let’s say, as a footwear dealer, two buyers visit your online store. One abandoned a cart with foot wares worth $1000, while the other abandoned a $500 cart.

You can work with an SMS marketing automation that automatically sends discount messages to consumers with over $1000 worth of goods in their cart while sending a friendly reminder to the other.

NB: You can also use discount and coupon cart abandonment SMS to attract time-sensitive sales.

3 Examples of Discount & Coupon Text Messages

  • Hi Rose! We noticed you left a few footwears on your cart. We think they’d look great on you; here is a code for 15% off. {product link} Enter cart67 at checkout to activate. Send 8 to 564 to stop receiving such messages.
  • Hi Luke, your cart is about to expire! Use cart876 at the checkout to enjoy free shipping. {product link} Reply stop to opt out.
  • Hi Adrain, did you leave that nice footwear unattended because of the shipping fee? That isn’t right! Enter cart 35334 as a coupon code to enjoy free shipping and complete your order. {product link} click stop to opt-out.

3. Lingering questions

Scouring multiple catalogs and categories is time-consuming and tiring—resulting in inaction and cart abandonment.

Ever gotten tired of searching an online store for the right footwear? If you haven’t, it’s not an experience you’d welcome with open arms.

Shoppers love a personalized shopping experience.

They love eCommerce brands that go the extra mile to show special attention, care, and appreciation, making their buying journey seamless, swift, and intuitive.  

Customers will undoubtedly have many lingering questions if your store offers exclusive products.

We recommend you automate question-answering SMS messages to help cart abandoners with high-value carts get back on track.

3 Examples of Lingering Questions Text Messages

  • Hi Gabriel, do you need help selecting your preferred footwear at the Exclusive store? Call us at +23465756754 for assistance. Reply stop to opt-out.
  • Hey Mark, this is Austin from Exclusive stores. Do you have any questions about the footwear in your cart? We’re here to help you with all your shopping needs. Text 4 to 564 to stop receiving this SMS.
  • Hi Clara, we noticed you hadn’t finalized your purchase! Hope you didn’t get stuck at the checkout? Anyways, in case you run into any issues, {support link} we’re just a DM away. Click stop to opt out.

Strategies to Recover Abandoned Carts Using SMS

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Avoid sending cart abandonment text messages without first detailing a well-thought-out strategy.

 sender.net sms campaign

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7 Abandoned Cart Recovery Strategies

Promote Urgency

Allowing shoppers to sit on your offer, especially when a discount is on the table, voids the effectiveness of your cart abandonment text messages.

Unflinchingly promotes urgency.

Highlight in your SMS messages that you will call off the deal if they don’t take action before midnight or before the next hour.

Keep Messaging simple

We recommend including SMS in your cart abandonment strategy because they are short and easy to digest.

Don’t make shoppers impatient by beating around the bush with your offer. Going straight to the point is extremely crucial.

Use Multiple Communication Channels

While we focused mainly on cart abandonment text messages, SMS is not the only communication channel you can use.

Emails and mobile app notifications are just as powerful.

Build your strategy around multiple communication channels if you want to get a bang for your marketing investment on cart abandonment recovery.

End with a Clear CTA

SMS cart abandonment call-to-actions are not as persuasive as emails. Still, you can’t undermine their effectiveness.

Keep your CTA clear and precise. If you’re offering a free discount and want customers to take action immediately, bluntly say it. You might not get a second chance.

Shuffle Message Timing

In marketing, timing is everything.

Most eCommerce stores schedule friendly SMS reminders for 24 hours after cart abandonment. In contrast, discount offers and lingering questions with follow-up text messages come an hour or a few hours after abandonment.

No fool-proof sequence here. Your best bet at SMS timing is to work with behavioral cues and shuffle your timing between messages.  

Use a Unique tone of voice

We can’t overemphasize the importance of having a unique brand TOV.

Because as irrelevant as it might seem, your brand’s tone of voice sets the stage for future interaction.

If shoppers find your brand’s abandoned cart text messages interactive, exciting, or humorous, they feel compelled to do business with you again.  

Segment your customers

Segment customer data, differentiating loyal customers from newcomers. Then use the information uncovered to plan and align your messaging.

For loyal customers, exclusive SMS reminders with discounts and coupons make them feel valued and loved—a great way to keep them shopping.

You can use lingering questions and friendly SMS reminders to attract new customers. Or, if your budget allows it, you can easily turn visitors to repeat buyers with first-time discounts.

What to Include in a Cart Abandonment SMS

Like everything in life, cart abandonment SMS comes with numerous must-haves. Include the following in your cart abandonment text messages. 

Down below, you can see an easy way to create an SMS campaign. We recommend Sender.net – an omnichannel platform to manage your SMS marketing with ease. From now on, creating and generating cart abandonment SMS will be a process full of joy.

  • Brand name: No one fancies anonymous messages. Include your brand name to help shoppers know you’re the one going the extra mile to give them an exclusive shopping experience.
  • Shopper’s name: Including a name shows consumers that you know who’s at the other end of the text and that you value the relationship.
  • Discount codes: If you believe incentive is your best bet at making a client return to your cart, don’t hesitate to include a discount code in your cart abandonment SMS.
  • URL to the abandoned cart: Placing a direct URL to the abandoned cart helps hasten the shopper’s decision. 
  • Unsubscribe option: Some shoppers won’t entertain your text messages; allow them to opt-out at will.


Cart abandonment predates civilization as we know it. So, don’t get worked up trying to create a perfect cart recovery strategy—you’d run out of ideas before you even start.

Indeed, while we only made mention of SMS messages, emails, and app notifications, they’re not the only communication channels for cart recovery.

You can try pop-up ads as well as Facebook and Google retargeting. However, text messages and emails remain your best bet at getting shoppers to return to their carts. Start sending today. Good luck.

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