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How to Create Popups in PrestaShop

How to Create Popups in PrestaShop

Have you ever used PrestaShop for any e-commerce activity?

Well, I have been using the platform for the past few years for various e-commerce tasks. But only recently have I discovered that I can use PrestaShop popups on landing pages to get better leads and more attention.

Now, this is so cool, right?

Yeah, and when creating popups for PrestaShop, I can use two major options. First, I can go with PrestaShop popup modules, and second, I can use a popular tool like Picreel that can help create customizable popups quickly.

Now, let me show you how my Picreel popup appears on the PrestaShop website:

In this blog, I will show you how to create popups in PrestaShop using PrestaShop popup modules and the Picreel popup tool and draw a comparison between these methods.

But before we enter the details of creating popups, let’s first see what makes creating a popup using the PrestaShop module different from a popup tool like Picreel.

This will help you look at both options from various angles and pick the better option. Here are the factors we will consider:

Criteria PrestaShop Popup Module Picreel Popup Tool
Ease of use ✅The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. ✅The interface is straightforward and simple to use.
Design options ❌Design options are limited, offering only basic templates and customization features. ✅It offers access to a diverse range of pre-built templates with user-friendly customization options.
Targeting options ❌Targeting options are basic, relying on page, time, and customer behavior. ✅It has advanced targeting possibilities based on visitor activity, geolocation, and referral sources.
A/B Testing ❌It has limited A/B testing options for popups. ✅You can conduct thorough A/B testing with advanced options to gauge popup performance effectively.
Analytics and Reporting ❌It has only basic reporting and analytics options. ✅It has advanced analytics and reporting tools offering actionable insights into popup performance.
Customer Support ✅The platform has good customer support in the form of documentation, forums, & a ticket system. ✅It has excellent customer support through email, live chat, & phone options.

Based on personal experience with both these methods, I recommend using Picreel to create PrestaShop popups for the following reasons:

  • Superlative Features: Picreel offers a wide range of advanced features like exit-intent triggers, A/B testing, and analytics to make your popups more effective and engaging.
  • Design Options: Picreel supports a wide range of pre-built popup templates that can be customized according to your needs and brand preferences.
  • Advanced Analytics and Reports: Picreel offers in-depth analytics and detailed reports to help track popup performance and improve operational efficiency.

Besides, Picreel works directly without needing any additional download.

But let’s be fair and know the process of creating popups through both these methods.

Here, I will show you the process of creating a popup using a PrestaShop popup module and the Picreel popup tool.

Method 1: Using Popup Module for PrestaShop

1. Go to the PrestaShop Addons page and download a suitable Popup Module for PrestaShop.

Addons page

2. Go to the PrestaShop admin panel and click the “Modules Catalog” tab for your downloaded popup module. Click “Install” and then go to the “Installed Modules” tab, find your module, and click “Configure” to set it up.


3. In the module settings, find “Display Rules” or “Triggers.” Decide where and when the popup should appear.

Display Rules

4. Customize how your popup looks – change colors, layout, and animations. Once done, click Save in the module settings. Turn on the popup by enabling it.

module settings

Ta-da! You are good to go.

By following the above steps, you can add a popup in PrestaShop using an addon module and customize it according to your preferences and needs.

Now, let’s check out our other method.

Method 2: Using Picreel Popup Builder

Other than the above method, let us know how to create popup in PrestaShop using Picreel, a feature-rich popup tool that works excellently across various platforms, including PrestaShop.

Watch this video tutorial on how you can create a PrestaShop popup using Picreel.

Here are step-by-step instructions on creating a popup using Picreel:

1. Sign up for a Picreel account and log in.

2. Go to the “Campaigns” menu and click “New Campaign” from the top right. You can select the templates option from the drop-down or start from scratch.

New Campaign

3. From the templates menu, choose the type of popup you want to create.

templates menu

4. Once you select the design, customize it according to your preferences.


5. Configure your targeting and trigger options to specify when and where you want your popup to appear.


6. Click “Save” to activate your popup.

Embedding Picreel HTML Code Inside PrestaShop

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add a PrestaShop popup made with Picreel:

1. Navigate to campaigns and click on “View Code.”

View Codes

2. Click on the code to copy it.

3. From your PrestaShop admin panel, go to the Modules section and Configure the Custom HTML Code module.

admin panel

4. Add a Description to your Module and select the position. Next, paste the copied embed code in the Custom CSS, HTML, Javascript Code box.

embed code

5. Save the changes, and you are ready to go.

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Which Method is Better: Method 1 or Method 2?

When picking the best method, it’s essential to employ the most appropriate tool that coordinates with your overall strategy. Picreel stands out with its advanced popup functionalities, including extra triggers, and is compatible with numerous third-party integrations, all at a more budget-friendly price point. This makes Picreel a good choice for various needs.

Also, Picreel comes with a forever-free plan for startups and small businesses and allows you to create unlimited popups with all premium features. I feel the free version does the job. However, you can always look for paid options starting at $9.99/month.

But if you wish to use only the basic features with the PrestaShop popup module, you can always go with the tool.

No matter what path you pick, you must remember that the ultimate aim is to create eye-catching popups that attract your audience and drive conversions. Keep track of your specific needs and pick the tool that best aligns with your goals.

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