Google Analytics & Picreel Integration

Analyze AI-Driven Picreel Popups With Google Analytics

What Is Google Analytics & Picreel Integration & How It Works?

What Is Google Analytics & Picreel Integration & How It Works?

Picreel integration with Google Analytics helps you analyze the performance of your popups on your website. Once you install Picreel on your site, you can easily track different metrics using the Google Analytics dashboard.

When you implement Picreel popups on your site, you capture leads, get conversions, and more things happen inside the overlay window. Google Analytics lets you understand those actions on your popups to measure the effectiveness of your popup campaigns.

Your sales and marketing teams can easily use these site analytics, traffic, and website behavior to improve targeting and boost conversions plus sales for instant business growth.

Features & Benefits of Picreel Integration with Google Analytics

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