Webhooks & Picreel Integration

Capture & auto-push leads to your favorite apps

What Is Webhooks & Picreel Integration & How It Works?

What Is Webhooks & Picreel Integration & How It Works?

Picreel integration with Webhooks helps your teams to work on captured leads in different sales and marketing/CRM tools. Without any coding, you can connect Picreel with your favorite apps.

Picreel’s beautiful and well-timed popups let you collect crucial information about your website visitors like their name, email address, mobile number, etc. This info can be easily transferred to any custom application or system in real-time.

The integration opens a window of opportunity for your sales, marketing, and support teams to interact with website visitors to boost conversions and sales from qualified leads captured via Picreel.

Features & Benefits of Picreel Integration with Webhooks

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