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Tricks and Tips of Lead Generation Through Social Networking Platform

Are you looking to boost your sales? Are you done with the conventional way of marketing for lead generation? Are you using Facebook effectively for driving your business? If not, then it is time for you to turn toward the social media for improving the conversion rate.

It has been noted that 58% of marketers who were using social media, experienced a tremendous boost in their ROI. Since the internet boom, social media has impacted several businesses. I can firmly say that social media has now become an integral part of Marketing mix. In this article, you will learn about the innovative ways of lead generation using platforms like Social Networking Site.

Twitter, the master of Lead Generation

You might be familiar with Twitter chats but in this blog we will discuss the usage of the micro-blogging site for business purpose.

Twitter has proved its credibility in the field of social media time and again. It has emerged as a durable and reliable player to drive in more sales for the company. It is a perfect platform where you can promote your organization with specific information on your product or services. You can also refer the link shared by Deborah Shane for increasing lead generation. The points discussed below will help you to understand the features that directly impact your brand visibility in twitter.

Identify your Customer

As a marketer, your first and foremost task is to identify your target audience. Once you are clear about it, you need to reach out to them. Twitter Advance Search helps you to generate leads within a short span of time. You can discover more about the feature here.

Make the most from the Social Media

The internet industry has evolved tremendously. Social media has nullified the traditional ways of marketing. Now customer engagement is the latest trend.

However, I must tell you that it is not the exact way you are thinking. You must be aware of the fact of the indirect approach. Confused? Well, Indirect Approach is beyond the conventional idea of referrals. It is more of the activity you do on the Social Networking Platform. Putting status on Twitter and the questions asked on the LinkedIn are the way too powerful lead generator than anything else.

Let me give you a simple example, one interesting and appealing photo posted on Facebook or Pintrest, immediately attract visitors and once the visitor is interested; the conversion rate of your business simply gets doubled. You can check out the following twitter posts from Anne Mercogliano and HubSpot’s Kipp Bodnar and understand the inspiring and helpful tips about lead generation. You can find it in here, but I would like to introduce you with the zest of the tips.

Twitter is a huge field, and plenty of people are buzzing around there all the time. Every second there are millions of Tweets and Retweets. You have to understand the potential customers and what actually they are looking for. But to understand the customers, you basically have to understand the twitter functionalities. Post something which appeals them about you. However, refrain yourself from bringing them directly to you with the hashtags. Hashtags are useful, but too much use can simply annoy the people of clicking the link and you might lose out.

Strategy holds the Key

Jim Kennan perfectly explains the strategy to follow in Twitter. Strategy, in other words, is all about doing research. But the research should not include only you; rather it should be more focused on your competitors. A constant eye on the people who are following your competitor should help you to generate a lead. It will give you insight that what customers are actually looking for. Finding out the drawbacks of the competitor should be a key strategy. Know what customers are exactly looking for and follow the comparison from Customer’s point of view. The Follow/Unfollow strategy of Twitter that previously used to be very prominent can be avoided as of now. However, it would be unfair to say that the strategy would not give any impact, but the significance has considerably reduced.

Google +, the emerging leader of Lead Generation

Google+ is similar to Micro-blogging site. The prospect and the reach of the Social Networking site are larger than it can be imagined. SEO optimized Google + post can be as helpful as putting your blog. The post appears in Google Search, which in turn can bring huge potential customers. However, it is important to understand the necessity of the Google + and the trick to use it. Research of Kristina Cisnero might help you more about the Google+ lead generation.

Tricks to maximize Google + benefits

There are few key things about Google + and if you succeed to maintain it then you will hit the ‘Jackpot.’ The first thing that has to be optimized is the Headline. It is different from Twitter and Facebook but very important. The headline of your post should contain the primary Keyword. The primary keyword of the headline would help your post to feature in the Google Search. Like other Social Networking platform, Google + too have Targeted Circles. This holds the key as the better the prospect is with the targeted circles, more is the reach to the post and finally to lead generation. While talking about the important aspects, there is one thing that cannot be missed out from any platform, image. The visual impact has the strongest power to catch the eye of the viewer and visitor. A post without an image is garbage. Additionally, Google + has animated GIFs. The level of engagement with the spicy and interesting GIFs would increase to a significant extent. Hashtags are also important in Google + as they are slightly different from the others. Like others, hashtags pulls up same content, but additionally in Google +, it brings related data also which increases the opportunity of more engagement and content ideas.

However, one thing to be remembered while posting your blog in Google +, the contributor should have the completed Google + profile.

Google Hangout, the ultimate traffic puller

Finally, the best approach of Google + that can bring huge website traffic is the Google Hangout. Google Hangout is a perfect stage to bring people to you and then share insights about specific topic which appeals them. For example, Small Business week Google Hangout can engage many and then you can easily link them back to your business website.

Facebook, the ultimate platform of the Lead Generation

There is hardly any better way to take for lead generation than Facebook, social networking platform. Facebook, one of the most popular social networking platform gives you instant, quickest and fastest lead generation options than all others. There are small, but effective ways to achieve it. All you have to do is to follow the tips and lead generation is guaranteed.

Special Button to make an impact

Facebook is having the Call to Action Button. If not, then make it a habit to include that in every share of your website link. Make sure that all of your Ads and Posts has call-to-action button. It helps to increase the organic reach of your post to a large extent. John Loomer has perfectly explained it.

Google Analytics to analyze the need

Google Analytics is the best way to understand and analyze the performance of the Facebook page of your website. The Google Analytics help you to understand the business, the level of interaction of your Facebook Page with the viewers. Success in Facebook campaigns through Ads is like hit and trial method but with the help of Google Analytics it becomes easy to make the report card of the approach. You should choose the best way for your business. So maximize your profit and minimize your effort through Google Analytics.


Spice it up with the Cover Page

The cover page is a nice way to engage the potential customer. You cannot link it to other website, but you can make it appealing and also catchy. See here how Red Bull Racing Facebook Page has made the cover photo interesting and attention grabber.

Make it count with News Feed

It is not easy to feature in the News Feed. Everything that you post cannot go to News Feed. However, engaging topics with interesting images can bring more Likes, and Shares on your post that certainly increases the chance of featuring in the News Feed more often. See how the News Feed works in an interview with the Facebook Head

Be light to catch the attraction

The Facebook Ads is certainly the easiest and best way to catch the attraction of the viewer. To increases the landing and generating lead you have to ensure landfall of more people onto your Facebook Page. The Ads should be light hearted and expressive so that it catches the immediate attention. Look how AppSumo has done it in their Ads.


Generating lead has become easier than ever with the Social Networking Platforms. The deeper you go the better result you get. So, keep posting on Twitter, Google + and Facebook and keep generating lead.

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