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Case Study : 3 Picreel Customers’ Conversion Success Using Offers

Everyone loves a good case study! This is particularly true for companies researching the value in new solutions, like conversion rate optimization tools. If your goal is to increase conversions on your website – whether that’s sales or signups – you want to know the solution you’re considering is proven effective. You want to see how other businesses are using it successfully. And you want to know if you can expect that same success too!

We can talk about the benefits of Picreel for days on end, but nothing is more helpful than hearing straight from real customers that use our product every single day.

We invite you to download our newest case study compilation below, which includes background, challenges, solutions, and results from three Picreel customers: Foundr Magazine, Dream Giveaway, Lovingly.

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Case Study: How 3 Picreel Customers Are Using Offers To Crush Their Conversion Goals

#1 Lovingly


CRO case study lovingly


“Our ongoing relationship with Picreel can only inspire the highest possible recommendation.”

About: Lovingly has thrived in the online retail world for over 10 years, introducing many powerful innovations and industry firsts. Once known as UFN, Lovingly decided to help the floral industry embrace the online gift-giving experience. Today, their Mission is to build and strengthen relationships through meaningful giving. They inspire people to connect in a more human, memorable, and loving way. They create experiences that help celebrate life’s special moments through beautiful gifts, authentic sentiments, and unique stories.


Lovingly’s adoption of Picreel saved thousands of abandoning customers for their partners, resulting in millions in additional revenue for their partner florists from an average 8% increase in orders.

Challenge: Part of Lovingly’s value proposition is their ability to turn shoppers into the loyal clients of local florists, so they were looking for an incentive to increase conversions for their partner florists and build brand loyalty. They were equally as interested in the relationship-building aspect of the incentive – wanting something that appeared as as an upbeat, friendly gesture – as they were in the financial incentive itself.

They needed a tool that reduced bounce rates and increased conversions, and that also helped shoppers reach a decision while protecting them from falling into the hands of deceptive order gatherers.

Solution: In 2016, Ken Garland, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Lovingly began researching CRO tools that could help the company achieve its goals. After a 30-day trial of Picreel, Garland selected the platform for its multi-layered value. They  needed a solution that would be effective across partner sites, while also being used for their corporate partner acquisition initiatives. They wanted to tailor exit offers with embedded forms to push educational materials, blog subscriptions, and custom-built industry tools.

“We compared Picreel to several competitors in the exit offer space and found that it provided all the specific features we needed to run the exact exit offer algorithm required. Picreel integration into Lovingly’s network proved seamless, so we were reassured about our choice at each step,” noted Garland.

Results: Lovingly’s adoption of Picreel saved thousands of abandoning customers for their partners, resulting in millions in additional revenue for their partner florists from an average 8% increase in orders.

From the earliest stages of their campaigns using Picreel, they successfully implemented A/B testing and optimized accordingly. Specific targeting was implemented as part of their broader strategy, to keep wavering shoppers on track and retain them as happy, loyal clients of partner Florists.

“Our ongoing relationship with Picreel can only inspire the highest possible recommendation. We feel Picreel offers the most robust, versatile, and practical features across a variety of business needs, enabling Lovingly to easily tailor exit offers to our target audiences with great Success,” concluded Garland.

#2 Foundr Magazine


cro tool case study foundr


“We’ve found the targeting options in Picreel very instrumental, especially with providing only relevant offers to our website visitors”

About: Foundr is a digital magazine targeted at young and early stage startup founders. What started as a digital magazine has now become a fully fledged digital media company with a platform that has over 1m+ entrepreneurs consuming our content every month across our website, magazine, online courses, email newsletter, podcast and social media channels.


Key Takeaway: Foundr Magazine used exit offers to increase conversions for free, live training by more than 10% — resulting in more than 20,000 new attendees.

Challenge: Foundr Magazine’s website generated hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly, but the company was not satisfied with their conversion rates. They knew they were leaving leads on the table by not capturing their attention while still on the site. “We wanted to improve our ability to capture leads and sales using an exit intent popup tool that could help us leverage existing traffic by generating awareness, as well as capture leads and any potential sales from our website,” said Jeremy Noronha, SEO Manager of Foundr Magazine.

The challenge was finding a conversion rate optimization tool that could integrate with their existing website marketing strategy, that was easy to use, and that was proven to increase the number of leads and sales coming from their site traffic.

Solution: In 2015, Noronha began researching CRO tools for Foundr Magazine. After a 30-day trial of Picreel, he chose Picreel’s CRO platform to show visitors offers on exit in hopes of retaining more visitors and converting them into leads and sales. Noronha chose Picreel specifically for its ease of use and how simple it was to set up and launch a campaign minutes after installing the platform. Most importantly, Picreel integrated seamlessly with the magazine’s existing website and tech setup, requiring no IT involvement, no training, and no complex integrations.

After using the system to create offer campaigns on exit,the company began experimenting with the extensive targeting options available on the platform. “We’ve found the targeting options in Picreel very instrumental, especially with providing only relevant offers to our website visitors — offers that they find truly valuable and are more likely to convert on. Using the targeting, we are able to successfully provide content based on visitors’ interests and also show them specific offers based on where they are on the site and how they’re engaging with our content,” said Noronha.

Results: By using Picreel, Foundr Magazine has collected tens of thousands of leads over the years by creating awareness for a portion of their free content.

In one example, the company wanted to increase attendance for a free, live training that they host. In just one year, a Picreel offer campaign for the training resulted in 200,000+ impressions and a 10% conversion rate. That’s an extra 20,000+ attendees who signed up for the magazine’s training sessions. In addition to promoting free content, the company has also used Picreel offers to increase conversions on paid products, like the magazine’s subscription packages and exclusive online courses.

#3 Dream Giveaway


pro tool case study Dream Giveaway


“We have been able to cost-effectively capture a significant amount of sales that can be tied directly to the ads displayed through the Picreel platform”

About: Since 2008 the Dream Giveaway® brand has been licensed by a variety of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations for the purpose of conducting sponsored fundraising promotions. Since that time donations received from millions of individual donors to these sponsored Dream Giveaway promotions have delivered millions of dollars in unrestricted funds to the individual sponsor charities and a variety of grant recipients. These funds have helped provide important assistance to veterans, hospitalized children, cancer victims, the homeless, victims of natural disasters, and other worthwhile causes.


Key Takeaway: Not only did Dream Giveaway increase sales, but those sales were very profitable for the organization.

Challenge: The Dream Giveaway site functions as an e-commerce platform, where individuals purchase tickets to enter their choice of featured giveaways. The company was experiencing issues with bounce rates and conversion rates on the ticket purchasing pages. “We were looking for tools that could effectively allow us to convert web visits – increase ticket sales, in this case – before the customer could leave. Our business model required a tool that could simultaneously target upsell products based on customer activity on the site,” said Ted Zollinger, Marketing Director for Dream Giveaway.

Solution: During fall of 2015, Zollinger began researching conversion rate optimization solutions that would help capture site visitors’ attention and lead to increased sales. After a 30-day trial of Picreel, the company fully adopted the platform, citing its ease of use, flexibility and easy maintenance.

Zollinger was particularly impressed with Picreel’s targeting options, which allowed them to target offers based on the page a visitor is on, where the inbound traffic is coming from, and even whether the user is on a desktop or mobile device. The company also appreciated the ability to capture contact information from the visitors that converted on a Picreel offer, which helped them build lists for future marketing communication.

Results: Right out of the gate, Dream Giveaway has had great success using Picreel offers to increase sales and conversions. “We have been able to cost-effectively capture a significant amount of sales that can be tied directly to the ads displayed through the Picreel platform,” said Zollinger.

In one example, Dream Giveaway used an offer as an incentive to get visitors to complete their ticket purchase after clicking the “Enter Now” button from a featured giveaway. “People love our giveaways and feel good about their ticket purchase being a donation to help charities, but this is the page where we saw an opportunity to improve bounce rate and conversions. By offering a discount, in one case 25% off the visitor’s ticket purchase, they had another incentive to complete their purchase. Often, we would even see higher purchase amounts with customers using the coupon. So not only have we increased sales, but those sales have been very profitable for us as well,” concluded Zollinger.

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