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Recover abandoning
visitors and turn
them into customers
Picreel is the most powerful conversion rate
optimization and lead generation from bounce
traffic technology in the world.

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Mouse movement analysis

How does this work?

By analyzing the overall mouse velocity and movement, our
technology can detect when a visitor is about to leave your
website and at that precise moment we can trigger an event
to stop the visitor from leaving your page.

You will see an instant conversion lift through the offer and
you can recover up to 25% of all abandoning visitors for you
to follow up and retarget.

What do you get when you use Picreel?

Here are the amazing features that allow Picreel to get you more customers

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    Free custom design

    Get amazing custom design that fits for the style of your website

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    Exit-Intent Technology

    Now your website visitors will stay longer with Exit Intent!

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    Know everything from visits to conversions with insight analytics

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    A/B Testing

    Test compatibility for maximum efficiency with A/B Testing

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    Mail marketing integration

    Send newsletters, sales videos and gift cards all from one place

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    Mobile integration

    Manage your campaigns and turn your website into mobile

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Insight analytics

See results real time

We like statistics to be simple and easy to understand that’s why we designed our dashboard with clarity and brevity in mind. It gives you real-time statistical data on how your offers are converting.

  • Visits
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Full Campaign Reports
  • Statistical Confidence

Take a look at campaign examples

Picreel offers great seamless integration with the following email marketing softwares

Hundreds of online businesses love us!

My online business had been suffering since the previous year and desperate to find a solution, I found Picreel. Who knew SaaS could become a life saver for me. I decided to try them out and within days of their 30-days free trial, visitors on my website increased and my sales got a boost!

So my instinctive reaction was to purchase a pro account and I have never been happier. Now, visitors and sales on my website have been constantly increasing!

Yarek Larsen

Product Manager, Procore Technologies

I got 58 new customers last month with Picreel’s excellent Exit Intent Technology! Before Picreel, almost every visitor on my website was just browsing through and at the max adding goods to the shopping cart but making no purchase. Desperate to save my business, I discovered Picreel’s revolutionary Exit Intent Technology.

I started designing my own discount and freebies banner with their templates and soon my sales started increasing. Now I get a steady stream of new customers every day and my sales have never been better. All thanks to Picreel!

Helena Planert

Chief Innovation, LogicBuy

Picreel has vastly improved my sales. Now I have more unique visitors than ever before! My web development business had been witnessing consistent sales but I wanted to attract new customers and increase the online presence of my business. I decided to give Picreel a try and the 30 days free trial was a win-win situation for me.

Within 30 days my web development business saw a surge of new customers! So I got myself a pro account and have never been happier. Now I wonder how I even managed without Picreel in the first place.

Jason Tolentino

Market Analyst, CoinFlash INC

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