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Overlay enables you to show a customized and targeted pop-up to your website visitors. Overlays can be displayed when a visitor is about to leave your website, after a designated amount of time, or when a visitor scrolls through a web page. Capture a new lead, gain a sale, or simply keep a visitor on your website longer with a pop-up that is customized according to your needs.

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Survey allows you to acquire customer insights by placing a precisely targeted form that collects feedback from your website visitors. Picreel makes it possible to survey a specific group of visitors. Customize your design with different answer types, colors, calls-to-action forms, and questions depending on your visitors' responses. Why guess and rely on hypotheses? Uncover insights today to really know your customers!

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ReelLinks makes it possible to display an overlay when your website visitor clicks on a link. Present a customizable design each time, that allows visitors to subscribe, join your lists, or navigate to another page. Just place a link on your web page and Picreel will convert it to new leads and improve your conversions!

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One Click Integration With Your Email

Picreel works out of the box with all major email marketing platforms.
We integrate with more email marketing services than any of our competitors.

300+ integrations
Custom HTML Forms

... and All Websites & eCommerce Platforms

We've got everything you need

Easy Editors

Create your own branded offer within 30 seconds. No code required

Get awesome designs and customize features, colors, texts, effects according to your needs. Alternatively, upload your own image or use advanced modifications by accessing the HTML/CSS mode.


Identify the most profitable segments for web personalization

Measure, test, plan and execute the performance of your campaign. Picreel offers a visual display of the collected real-time data about visits, impressions and conversions on your website. Make your campaigns responsive!

A/B Test

Serve targeted design variations with pinpoint accuracy

Test the performance of different buttons, styles, colors, texts and more to get the best solution for your website. Learn what converts better!

Adittional Features

Exit Intent Technology

Our exit intent technology allows us to determine the exact millisecond a visitor leaves the page.

High Converted Templates

You can easily edit your template design, or even upload your own version.

Targeting Options

Target users by referal source, site content, new or returning, and much more options.

Interactive Elements

Add timers, call buttons and other interactive elements to your overlay.

Mobile Integration

Ultimate mobile compatibility and effortless work with iPhones, iPads, Android, and Windows devices makes it possible to reach every customer.

Timed and Scroll Overlay

Engage your web visitors with a customized offer that appears within every needle of scrolling or after a specific delay.

Hundreds of satisfied customers

It's proven, companies that use exit intent technology increase their conversion rate. These Picreel customers are living proof. No matter your industry or location, Picreel can help you get more leads and conversions!

"Picreel took me one minute to get live and has nearly doubled my conversions. I’m a fan!" Alicia Webster. Marketing manager of Shank Circle
"Picreel’s survey makes the experience for my customers and me seamless when it comes to collecting and analyzing feedback." Charlie Andrews. CEO of Scoop Map
"For the last week I have beed running it, my conversion rate exploded! Picreel got me 5 times the amount of subscribers I usually have! This is insane." Nicole Bruce. Founder of Rositet

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