Case Studies

Improving Customer Retention

Resume Now has been providing high quality resumes and cover letters for quite some time now. Their motto “Win the job with a great resume” seems perfect for the services that they provide. With 14 different design templates and helpful tips on offer, you will have the most impressive resume in the market.

An increase in customers and unique visitors is what every online business strives for and Resume Now is no different. They wanted new customers and new visitors for their website, which is why instead of choosing a retargeting campaign they chose Picreel and turned decliners into customers!

Resume Now has been consistently using Picreel’s excellent Exit Offers to recover customers and visitors on their website. With a 10.4% conversion rate and 6361 new customers every month, the boost in sales that they achieved has been immense.

The proof is in the numbers

10.4% Conversion rate

6361 New Leads/Month

Excellent ROI and even more sales!

In 2006, Purevpn started an experimental online security service which became vastly popular. Safe browsing was on everybody’s mind and Purevpn started providing high quality VPN, PPTP and L2TP services, which provided security as well as anonymity to a user on the internet.

Their success lies on the fact that Purevpn has been providing strong encryption so as to prevent spying! By choosing their services you get a new IP address to maintain your anonymity and prevent harassment from people who might be tracking your online activities. Since every business wants progress, they chose Picreel to get new customers and visitors.

Purevpn has been getting more than 2100 new customers every month! That’s a phenomenal number of new customers and it was all possible not because of retargeting campaigns but due to exit offers by Picreel. An exit offers campaign for Purevpn got them an amazing 10.57% conversion rate.

The proof is in the numbers

10.57% Conversion rate

2118 New Customers/Month

Increased Traffic and More Customers

A polish dating website, Sympatia has been giving opportunities to millions of single Poles to meet and fall in love. With more than five and a half million members, suffice to say it is quite a popular website in Poland. Sympatia, a Polish word which means sympathy in English, has been the number one social networking site for many Poles.

Sympatia, for many years now has been connecting people throughout Poland and the rest of the world. They have been conducting regular meetings and workshops for their users to meet with each other and develop even deeper bonds.

By using Picreel’s Exit Offers, sympatia has recovered more customers than ever before without using any retargeting campaign! All in all, a 10.2% conversion rate and over 10,000 new customers every month suggest that implementation of this technology has been vastly successful for this innovative social networking website.

The proof is in the numbers

10.2% Conversion rate

10224 New Leads/Month

Improving Customer Retention with Onsite Retargeting

Kitchen Cabinet Kings have been the premier bathroom and kitchen cabinet online providers. They have been delivering excellent and high quality cabinets nationwide. Offering 20 to 40% lower prices than local retailers with many different styles and designs, it’s an offer few people could refuse.

In this fast paced world, gone are the days of going to numerous stores to buy stuff. In this digital age you can buy anything and everything with the click of a button and Kitchen Cabinet Kings have used this notion well to create a booming business.

But Kitchen Cabinet Kings wanted to increase their online presence and their clientele. So instead of opting for a retargeting program, they opted for the services of Picreel. Using revolutionary onsite retargeting technology, Kitchen Cabinet Kings got a record breaking 137 new unique visitors a month and a conversion rate of 26.57%.

The proof is in the numbers

26.57% Shopping Cart Recovery Rate

137 New Customers/Month

Improving Customer Retention with Exit Offers

EyeCandy is an online shop that specializes in colored cosmetic contact lenses.

EyeCandy has made a name for itself as one of the best cosmetic contact lenses shops on the internet through their high quality and authenticity guaranteed beauty products, free shipping and excellent customer support. Starting off each customer signing up for their newsletter on a $5 coupon has also played a significant role in their success.

However, to capitalize on their investment and increase their conversion rate, they have had to rely on the Picreel’s exit offers.

For instance, with a beautifully designed exit popup they increased their conversion rate by 6.7% within one month, which translates to 3011 new customers.

Within the same period, Picreel also enabled them to collect over 3000 new email addresses for their newsletter.

The proof is in the numbers

6.7% Conversion rate

3011 New Customers/Month

Boosting Sales

To help people engaging in sports activities recover from the accompanying exhaustion, nutrient debilitation and body wear and tear, the Atlanta-based Kill Cliff Company has made available a lightly carbonated delicious recovery drink.

This drink has no sugar, artificial flavors nor colors, and is packed with essential vitamins, electrolytes, plant extracts and natural enzymes.

With such a great product, which is sold at 10% less price than other beverages, the only thing that Kill Cliff lacked was sufficient engagement of customers online. However, the company acquired Picreel onsite retargeting technology to take care of this area of their marketing strategy.

This technology has given them 10.81% increase in conversation rate in a month, which translated to 1022 new customers. In addition, Kill Cliff is now sharing news, deals and giveaways with customers through the email addresses that the technology prompts them to leave behind.

The proof is in the numbers

10.81% Conversion rate

1022 New Customers/Month

Making Lead Generation Easier

Loopian is an argentine online based long distance education provider with its offices in the city of Cordoba. The institute has been in operation for close to eight years with over 15000 students, across the country and beyond, going through their unique virtual education system.

Having an increase in customers is any business’ objective and Loopian is no different. They aim to provide education and training to as many people as possible and to help them achieve this is the Picreel exit popup technology.

Loopian created an exit popup PROMO 2x1 Access, which offered students the option of finalizing another free course after signing up for one. This campaign was very successful as Loopian was able to sign up 886 more students, at a conversion rate of 4.45%.

We are happy to be part of this success story, and we look forward to helping Loopian achieve its further goals in the industry.

The proof is in the numbers

4,45% Conversion rate

886 New Customers/Month

Making Lead Generation Easier

If you fancy the idea of browsing the internet with your IP address hidden or you have always dreamt of accessing websites like Netflix and BBC, which are usually blocked to people outside the US and UK, without losing speed, then CactusVPN is your answer. This is a Moldovan based company that offers Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions to customers around the world.

The company’s Smart DNS product, in particular, gives customers anonymity and security even when they use public hotspots that expose them to hacking, eavesdropping and surveillance.

CactusVPN happens to be one of brands that use Picreel exit offers to convert visitors to their ecommerce sites into customers. This technology has been very successful for the company, with 465 new service users recovered in one month from 10% discount exit popup campaign.

So far they have been able to achieve a 17.78% conversion rate increase, which indeed is a success story by any standards.

The proof is in the numbers

17,78% Conversion rate

465 New Leads/Month

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