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Picreel Privacy Policy

At Picreel, we take data security and privacy very seriously and have a set policy to govern the use of all data collected during the course of normal business on our website. This Privacy Policy is made available to you, our visitor to inform how we manage and utilize any personal information that we collect.

Disclosure of Data Collection

Just like other websites, Picreel collects information that is willingly and explicitly supplied by our site visitors inquiring about our business and the services that we provide. A visitor may choose to supply additional information to us over time to engage our services as a paying customer. Data collected may include, and is not limited to contact name, email address, business address, business phone number, business web address, order history, and other characteristics of a customer’s business. Payment details such as credit card information is collected only by third party payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal that are PCI-DSS compliant.

It is also a necessary function of the Picreel software to collect browser data known as cookies. Picreel utilizes the function of cookies for the purpose of, but not limited to, recognizing your browser, recalling certain information, saving preferences for future visits and/or disclosing internal transactions with the company’s authorized staff. Turning off cookies is always an option, or you may choose to set your computer to alert you when cookies are being referenced by a site you are visiting – including Picreel. However, some Picreel services may not work as expected in the absence of these cookies.

We also collect browsing data while you are on the Picreel website such as which pages you visit, time spent on each page, features you click on, and other analytics that help us to improve our service and provide the best experience possible to all our visitors.

Picreel also collects data supplied to our customers using our platform to collect data from their customers and prospects. Data collected by a customer is stored only for use by that customer and is never referenced by Picreel for our own use, nor is the data shared from one Picreel customer to another. Data collected is usually limited to contact name and email address, and in some cases Picreel customers also use our platform to receive survey responses and other information to help them provide goods and services to their website visitors. Once data is linked or imported by a Picreel customer from the Picreel database to the customer’s own database or customer relationship management (CRM) tool, the data is then governed by the customer’s own data collection and privacy policies, and Picreel can make no claims or accept any responsibility for how that customer manages their data. See our Terms and Conditions for details.

Use of Collected Data and GDPR

As a best practice, and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governing the use of data for citizens of the European Union, we are furnishing this summary of how Picreel references and uses collected data.

Picreel engages exclusively with owners and representatives of websites and businesses that operate websites and does not actively sell any consumer goods or services. All collected data is presumed to be business data that has been furnished for the express purpose of facilitating business activities.

How we use your data depends on how you utilize Picreel services.

First and foremost, we use your information to tailor our services to meet the needs of a website or business that you own or represent.

Data may also be used for our own product development and related research and analytics such as Picreel software service pricing, usage, popularity, and satisfaction.

Data is routinely used for customer support so that Picreel support agents can quickly and appropriately respond to customer inquiries, technical issues, and other requests for assistance.

Data collected by Picreel customers using the Picreel platform is not utilized by Picreel in any way. Typical data use cases by Picreel customers includes sending special offers, conducting surveys, and facilitating opt-ins to email lists.

Picreel customers will be notified within 72 hours in the unlikely event that it is deemed necessary to disclose data to a third party in compliance with the rules of the law, in the implementation of the site’s policy and of for the protection of the rights of our company’s and of our clients’ property and/or safety.

Data Sharing

Picreel customer data is not shared, rented, or sold to any third party. Data may be accessed through automated connections with third party databases such as payment processors and CRM tools, however, the data remains the property of the Picreel customer and is only used by Picreel and only by consent.

Contact data collected by Picreel customers using the Picreel platform is shared only with the Picreel customer engaging its visitors. Data is not shared between Picreel customers, nor is it transmitted to any third parties.

Picreel maintains that it is your right to know what data we have collected and stored about you or a company you represent, and we will share your data only with you upon written request.

Data Security

Different security measures are being applied to ensure the safety of your personal information which you entrust with us.

The Picreel website is currently hosted on and secured by Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers where security is governed by their own protocols.

Secure Socket Layer (TLS/SSL) technology is a secure server which we use to keep all supplied sensitive personal information, as well as any order and payment details secure.

Data that is not in use or has been deemed to be outdated and inaccurate is destroyed, and customers may request removal from Picreel database once 90 days has elapsed from the last transaction date with Picreel.

Policy Toward Children

In compliance with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA any personal information from 13 years old individuals and below are not collected nor stored. We also proclaim that our products and/or services are for ages 13 years and above.

Terms and Conditions

Kindly visit our Terms and Conditions tab which establishes the use, disclaimers, and limitations of liability governing the use of our website at Terms of Service.


By using Picreel, you agreed to be covered by our privacy policy. If you do not agree with any part of the Privacy Policy published here, please do not visit our website.

Changes of Privacy Policy

Picreel retains the right to change its privacy policy, however, changes will be posted on this page, if any, for user’s information.

Last modified: May 22, 2018

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