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Your Black Friday Conversion Marketing Schedule

Your Black Friday Conversion Marketing Schedule

It may feel like summer is barely in the books, but it’s already time to start thinking about your holiday conversion marketing strategy. Up first: Black Friday! We always recommend that you start planning Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing in September so you have plenty of time to set up campaigns and be prepared to pivot and tweak based on customer response.

In addition to email marketing, social media, and any other channels you use to get the word out about your Black Friday specials, using retargeting offers on your website is a fantastic way to boost conversions and capture leads in real-time — when visitors are already on your website.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started with conversion marketing, here’s the schedule we recommend using as you plan for Black Friday — and beyond!


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Week One

We do all the heavy lifting for you! A Picreel representative will work with you to install Picreel on your website and connect it to your CRM or email platform. Next, we will help you develop and create your first holiday campaign offer. 

This week we will also show you how to create your first mobile campaign. Picreel offers mobile templates, desktop templates, and responsive templates, and it’s important to understand the difference and know when to use each.  

Week Two

Audit your checkout process. You want it to be effortless for customers to make a purchase, both on desktop and mobile. Some best practices for a buttery smooth checkout process include:

  • Guest checkout 
  • Automated checkout options (Apple Pay, PayPal, etc)
  • Minimal form fields
  • Auto-fill enabled
  • On mobile, tab buttons and correct keyboards enabled
  • All costs disclosed at beginning of checkout process

Week Three

Begin planning your holiday promotions, and decide how Picreel’s retargeting offers can support your goals.

Retargeting offers, also called pop-ups or onsite ads, capture visitors on your website and offer them something in exchange for their email address. The goal is to offer something valuable and relevant, and to show it to the right people, at the right time.

We usually see companies create these types of holiday retargeting offers depending on their goals:

  • Free shipping and discounted expedited shipping
  • Discounts, like dollar or percent off the total purchase
  • Free gift with purchase
  • Free or discounted matching item
  • Buy one, get one
  • Gift certificate or coupon for future purchase
  • Holiday gift-giving guides
  • Product comparison guides
  • Daily deal email signups
  • Product recommendations
  • Capturing visitor feedback with quick surveys
  • Informing visitors of policy changes (i.e. free exchanges and returns the month of January)

November 2nd – 6th 

Launch your holiday campaigns. Often, these will be teasers to get people excited about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers. Picreel offers many templates, including countdown timers that are perfect for showing visitors daily deals and letting them know when the deals will be live. 

November 9th – 26th

Check the conversion rates on your campaigns. Be prepared to pivot and tweak based on which campaigns are performing best. You can use Picreel’s built-in A/B testing to identify your best offers. For example, create two offers using the same design and template, where one offers free shipping and the other offers a percent off discount. Which had higher conversions? 

You can also test design. Use the same offer (i.e. free shipping) and see if a festive holiday template attracts more attention than a neutral design that matches your website. 

Picreel’s easy-to-understand analytics dashboard gives you real-time data that allows you to make changes to your campaigns throughout the holiday season.

November 27th – Black Friday

If you have any one-day-only deals, make sure your website is monitored and your customer service desk is stacked so everything runs smoothly. 

November 28th – 29th

Turn off Black Friday campaigns and switch on Cyber Monday campaigns. 

November 30th – Cyber Monday

(See November 27th above!)

December 1st

Turn off Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns and launch December campaigns.

December 2nd – December 24th

Monitor December campaigns, A/B test, and adjust as needed to optimize conversions. Be sure shoppers know deadlines for ordering (another great use for a pop-up!). 

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