By Landon Donovan

Using Onsite Retargeting Technology to Boost Sales

Did you know that 98% of visitors on your website will never make a sale and will never come back? Sure, you can always get new visitors but it will be the same story with them too. 98% is a behemoth of a number to ignore and 98% means that most of the revenue you put into your website is getting wasted. So how can you change this?

A great way to ensure that potential customers don’t leave your website is by using onsite retargeting technology, which can boost sales for you. Onsite retargeting technology detects when a website user is about to exit your specific webpage and before he can do that, displays them a perfectly timed target offer. This targeted offer helps you to retain a user and turn him into a potential customer.

Onsite retargeting technology monitors a website user’s mouse and analyzes the movements made by the user like the click rate and how fast the cursor moves. Based on these movements this technology detects whether a user is about to leave your webpage and then displays them an offer which they won’t refuse.


You might be wondering what targeted offer or offers can this software possibly present to make a user stay and perhaps become a potential customer. Well, the answer to that question lies in this incredible technology itself. By installing this software, you, as a website owner, get to create your own customized targeted offer relevant to your business. This offer could be a discount coupon, a customer referral or just a free subscription for your newsletter. The beauty of this lies in the fact that it gives complete and absolute control to a website owner.

Apart from providing a customized targeted offer, onsite retargeting softwares also provide mail marketing integration and even A/B testing which gives the owner total power over his campaign and allows him to get more potential customers and improve sales.

Normally, most onsite retargeting softwares are very easy to install and do not require any coding knowledge. So, you can install it on your website with relative ease, no matter what your background and it will take only few seconds for you to complete that installation.

So by using this radical new technology, aptly named onsite retargeting, you get a chance at converting those 98% decliners into potential customers, thereby boosting your sales.

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