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Troubleshooting Your Exit Popups

troubleshooting your exit popups

You reviewed your site analytics to identify traffic patterns and user behavior in order to develop a strategic exit popup campaign with thoughtful copy, valuable offers and easy calls to action. On paper, your campaigns are solid.

So why aren’t they converting?

Without extensive testing, it can be difficult to know. But sometimes it’s helpful to troll the internet just to get an idea of what other people are doing and how your popups compare.

Here are 5 popups from around the web that could be doing something better. Are you making any of these mistakes?



troubleshooting exit popups


There are a few things going on here that could be causing potential conversion issues:


  • What is the Thank You Event, and why would site visitors care?
  • Date of event is clearly stated as May 10, so why would a visitor join the mailing list to be “the first to know when it hits”?
  • The real offer, take 30% off your next purchase, is buried as an additional benefit of joining.
  • Form requires double entry of an email address, which could be a turnoff to some visitors.


Takeaway: Keep your message clear and simple. Don’t confuse visitors with an overly busy popup and conflicting information.



how to troubleshoot your exit offer


Because this popup is on the site of a household name (that we’re protecting), it may be converting just fine for all we know. But if you consider it without the brand attached, it’s generic and lacks value. Asking visitors to join your email list for “news, promotions and more” generally isn’t enticing enough for most people to fork over their email.

Takeaway: Remember that your visitor expects to receive value in exchange for their email address.



troubleshooting exit popups with lack of compelling content


The problem here is that the visitor knows nothing about the ebook. What will they learn? What results can they expect? There is a tiny thumbnail of the book, which tells us it’s about super foods; but, a quick Internet search turns up vast information about super foods.

Takeaway: What’s special about the information in your content that visitors should be compelled to give up their email address for it?



troubleshooting CTA in exit popups


While the wording here is very clever and it’s clear that the subscriber would receive a weekly newsletter about art, the call to action fails to answer “what’s in it for me?” Should the subscriber expect drawing tips, links to new blogs, information about art festivals and events, coupons?

Takeaway: When crafting your own popup CTA, what’s the hook that would make someone accept a weekly email from you?



use timing to troubleshoot exit popups


This is actually a pretty enticing pop for a foodie website. Tons of tips, recipes, and information about nutrition delivered right to your inbox. What readers of this blog can’t see, however, is that this popup appears the moment this site’s homepage loads. The visitor might not even totally know what the website it about before being bombarded with a subscription request.

Takeaway: The timing of your popups is critical.

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