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7 Tips That Will Help You Convert Your Holiday Traffic

It’s no secret the holiday season is the most profitable time period for retail businesses. Customers have a festive mood dreaming of a long-awaited family time and gift giving – and they’re ready to open their wallets.

But do marketers use this opportunity to its fullest?

Here are 7 tips that will help you to build a proper conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy! Don’t waste your chance to convert holiday traffic and get better sales.

Think about your holiday campaign in advance

About 25% of buyers started holiday shopping before Halloween. Think of all the prospects who are already browsing the web comparison shopping and looking for early deals! So hit the bullseye and plan your holiday promotions in advance. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to start thinking about your marketing goals and tools that will help you collect customer data and make more sales.

Optimize for mobile

Last year over $1 trillion retail sales were done on mobile screens. That’s 28 percent! Not bad, right? Make your page ‘mobile friendly’. More and more sales are coming from phones and tablets. Just imagine how many people are willing to buy on the go or at the last moment before leaving on vacation to Hawaii.

The holidays are the right time to take the steps to connect your business to mobile users.

If you are not sure if your site content is on a responsive design, try this: run your website pages through Google’s mobile-friendly test to make sure the search engine recognizes that your pages are mobile friendly.

Optimize your site to improve your UX on mobile screens. Make it easy to complete a purchase on mobile devices. This is a good way to convert your holiday traffic better.

Don’t leave money on the table

Letting holiday shoppers leave your site before making a purchase or joining your email list is like keeping the damper closed on your chimney so Santa can’t fill your stockings. And we all want our stockings to be full right?

You can engage your prospects who are about to leave your site and shoppers who have stalled while viewing a particular page or product.

Don’t underestimate the value of using exit intent popups to convert abandoning traffic. It’s time to get rid of the stereotypes that they are intrusive and senseless. It is not the case at all!

I get it. It can be inappropriate to set the popup to fire as soon as a visitor reaches to the website.

But using a popup with exit intent is a great way to convert holiday traffic that is about to abandon your site. Would you ignore the last chance to make a connection when your prospect is leaving the site? A special coupon code or an exclusive offer is often a great attempt to monetize such exits.

Letting visitors leave your site without presenting an offer is like letting people leave a traditional brick and mortar retail store without saying “hello, can I help you find something?”

Encourage your existing customers

It’s always right to reward your loyal customers. A nice bonus can be free shipping, additional discount, or even a gift coupon when they spend a certain amount of money. All of these will work great if you are interested in keeping and growing your customer list.

Use the power of a great call-to-action

Don’t underestimate the power of your call-to-action buttons. It should be a simple and clear instruction to take an action that offers value to a prospect. If you ignore that, you may not get as many benefits as you are hoping for – and “hoping they buy” is not a great strategy for retailers. Make an offer!

For example, if you promote a holiday discount, one proven strategy is to create a call-to-action that redirects to your purchase page. It will help visitors in their decision to buy quickly and painlessly.

Grow your customers

Let’s imagine you got a client. Yes, that’s great!

The other question is that a simple “Thank you!” on a confirmation page is boring!

Did you ever think why the last step page (thank you page) is often not used by e-commerce sites? They actually work!

Use it as the connection to your business after a deal is closed. Things like newsletter registration or social media follow can work well, and you can even test loyalty rewards and coupons for future purchases here.

Thank you pages is a great way to grow customers and convert your holiday traffic into sales.

Be there for your customers

You need to be there for your customers. It’s important to show presence and answer questions in a live mode. The 24/7 support during peak holiday shopping days is a must! When you eliminate the wait for an answer it increases the chance of visitors purchasing while they are still on your website.

Consider these tips to increase your holiday conversion rate, turn traffic into sales, and have a great end of 2016. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experience! Have you ever tried any of these tactics? How did it go?

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