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The Secret of Turning Decliners Into Potential Customers

Are you sick and tired of losing potential customers and possibly losing revenue? Well, you won’t be the first business owner to feel the same way. Looking at potential customers not making a sale on your website and just closing the browser can be quite frustrating and leads to a big loss in revenue.

Countless studies have been conducted on user behavior and almost all of them suggest only one thing, majority of the visitors on your website are never going to make a purchase on their first visit and 75% won’t buy from your website at all! There was a time when you couldn’t do anything about lost revenue and loss of potential customers but now you can.</p

So if studies suggest that you can’t make visitors purchase on their first visit, then how can you change their behavior? There’s a revolutionary new technology called ‘Exit Offer Technology’ which can turn decliners into potential customers! With this new technology you can now trigger an event which would make your visitors stay for longer.</p

This technology tracks the mouse movement of a visitor and analyzes the overall velocity of it. Based on this information it can deduce whether they are about to exit your website and within a split second triggers a targeted offer like a discount coupon or a subscription letter. The best part is that you as a business owner can decide what targeted offer you want to display to your visitors. This technology gives you absolute control!
Apart from this, it provides you excellent real time statistics like number of visits, conversion rates etc. So it’s a win-win situation for a website owner! What are you waiting for? Convert those decliners into potential customers now!

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