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How, When, And Why You Need To Start Using Exit Popup Plugins

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Editor’s note: This story was originally published in January 2017. It has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Garnering new leads has always been the primary goal of marketing. Advertisements, trade shows, promotions, cold-calling…they have all been used very effectively in the past to help businesses attract new customers. Today, websites fill that role. Rather than simply hoping their website is found, web-savvy businesses have taken a more proactive approach toward lead generation by implementing content marketing and lead conversion strategies to build their brand and attract new customers.

Content Marketing Is Just The First Part Of The Lead Conversion Process

There’s no question that content marketing is one of the most effective ways to make a product or service visible to potential customers and clients. The primary function of content marketing is to entice visitors to your site or spread the word about your product or service. It’s a marketing strategy for the early stages of a campaign. It’s not used to “close the sale” but rather to boost interest in your products or services. It is just one step in a multi-step process to generate new customers or clients.

The steps in this approach to lead generation can be summed up as:

  • Step 1: Readers discover your business.
  • Step 2: Readers become regular visitors to your site.
  • Step 3: Visitors become consumers or customers.


We’ve already covered Step 1; readers discover your business through content marketing.

Step 2 is turning those initial visitors into repeat visitors. To do this, it helps to think like a visitor. What is the visitor looking for on your site? Why did they come there? Figure out the answers to these questions and then keep providing similar content to keep them coming back. You can use your analytics tools to see which pages are getting the most hits and shares. This will give you a good idea as to which content is most popular and help get you started.

Doing this sort of research and then providing content that visitors want helps ensure that visitors will return again and again. Equally as important is making sure the content you put up is fresh and relevant. It helps build your reputation as a thought leader in your field if you can publish engaging and relevant content on a regular basis.

Even after all of this work, you’re still not done. Readers need to become subscribers, buyers, or followers. That means you need to add a third step to the process where a reader can be swayed to become a customer: conversion.

How do you convert all of those new readers or site visitors into consumers or paying customers?

That’s where exit popup plugins come in to play. Exit popup displays are your closing strategy. They finish the job that content marketing started.

Exit Popup Plugins Captures Visitors At Crucial Moments

Experience has shown that not every visitor to our site does what we want. Just take a look at your analytics tools for proof of this. We can have the most enticing images, the best use of words, the greatest content, give out rewards, and use other any number of methods to entice visitors, but it does not mean that the visitor will stay on the site let alone take a desired action. And if you shrug your shoulders and let them leave, you’re leaving money on the table.

This is where exit popup solutions come into play. Exit popup plugins are able to capture a visitor’s email address or get them to take action if they start to leave the site. Picreel has developed some of the best exit popup technology on the market today. Using this technology, site owners can recover certain visitors’ email addresses and use those addresses to start an email campaign. This leads to increased sales, new visitors or subscribers, and a social media surge. Popups can also be used to get visitors to take other actions as well, like completing a purchase.

How Exit Popups Work

Exit popups rely on exit pop software or coding. They use JavaScript and the web browser to track a visitor’s cursor movements. When cursor movement indicates that a site visitor is getting ready to leave the page or leave the site, a special offer or opt-in form “pops up”.

The idea is that this popup offer will either entice the visitor to stay on your site, perhaps by providing a link to a new page, or it will prompt them to take a very specific action like providing an email address, which you can then use for additional marketing purposes. If site visitors are not interested in the offer, they can simply click out of it and leave the site as usual, but most of them don’t do that. They take advantage of the offer and do what you’ve prompted them to do.

There’s a common theory that many visitors simply get overwhelmed and decide to leave a page because of that. Popup offers pinpoint that moment of indecision and provide the visitor with a very specific action to take, which may be all they need to make a decision.

The more targeted the call to action, the better.

When To Use Exit Popups

Exit popups can be used in many different ways and they are easy to set up, which is why they are such popular and effective eCommerce tools. Before you create your exit popup, you’ll need to determine why visitors are leaving your site in the first place. It may be because:

  • They finished reading your content and were ready to leave.
  • The content was irrelevant to them.
  • They did not find the product they wanted.
  • They are waiting for a deal or discount.
  • They got distracted and forgot what they were doing.
  • They were just researching and were not yet ready to make a purchase.
  • They didn’t like the price.
  • The product did not meet their needs.
  • They did not find the product they wanted.


Let’s take a look at how exit offers can be used to counteract visitors leaving for the reasons listed above:

    • They finished reading your content and were ready to leave or the content was not relevant to them. If you have a site visitor who is already reading content, a Newsletter Signup Prompt is a great way to encourage them to return to your site in the future. A signup popup makes it easy for readers to opt in to your newsletter. Even if they didn’t find what they needed this time around, who’s to say future content won’t be interesting to them? Don’t ignore the value of your newsletter. Too many sites bury newsletter signups on their site where they get very little action. Instead, use a much more effective exit prompt.
    • They are waiting for a deal or discount or didn’t like the price. This is called Shopping Cart Abandonment and it’s one of the strongest indicators that a customer is ready to buy. They have placed an item or items into their shopping cart but then they don’t complete the purchase and you’ve just lost a sale. A shopping cart abandonment popup that offers a coupon code or discount can encourage shoppers to complete the transaction.
    • They got distracted and forgot what they were doing. Bring your customer back to task with Sales and Special Offer popups. It’s easy for shoppers to miss everything that’s going on an eCommerce site, like live promotions. A sale or special notification popup is the simplest way to highlight current offers or promotions. Just ask visitors to provide an email address in order to opt-in to the offer.
    • They were just researching and were not yet ready to make a purchase. You can gently nudge these types of buyers to take action by offering a Referring Source Promotion popup. These ads target visitors from a referring source or social site, making them feel special and hopefully take action because of it.
    • The product did not meet their needs or they did not find the product they wanted. Something drew the visitor to your site in the first place. Maybe you didn’t have exactly what they needed this time around but that could change in the future. Add a Pre-Launch Opt-in to share new product news with interested parties.

Other uses for exit popups include:

  • Contest Notifications. Similar to using popups for sales and special offers, use them to notify visitors of current contests. Once they click to join the contest, they’ll be asked to provide an email address or contact information and Voila, you have a new lead.
  • Member Only Promotions. Visitors love to feel special, so create special offers that are accessible only to members. Sign up to become a member, get the coupon code!


Getting Started With Exit Popups

Now that you’ve got an idea of when and how to use exit popups, how do you get started? It’s actually pretty simple. There are many services that you can work with to provide you with exit offers. Picreel has one of the best exit intent popup solutions out there right now simply because it is so versatile and affordable.

Picreel is used to:

  • Capture new leads.
  • Build lists.
  • Increase sales.
  • Promote special sales.
  • Register for events.
  • Conduct customer surveys.


Picreel allows users to create fully custom offers – as many as they want, for as many campaigns as they want – to send very targeted messages to site visitors. This type of messaging is based on conditional statements in computer programming, or “if-then” statements.

If your customer puts something in a cart but then goes to leave, then your Picreel plugin knows to offer up a 10% cart discount, for example, to encourage them to complete the transaction.

Another example is if a visitor has spent a good deal of time reading your blog, then you might want to offer them a chance to opt in to your newsletter or sign-up for new blog post alerts.

You’ll need to do some work ahead of time to think about what actions will prompt which offers or to decide which offers to create, but once you do that, the rest is automated.

Why Picreel Has The Best Exit Intent Popup Solutions

Picreel is one of the most user-friendly, effective exit intent popup solutions we’ve seen. We’ve got options, features, and services to create a unique, effective exit popup campaign regardless of your familiarity with the concept.

1. Options

We currently offer three different types of popups:

  • ReelOverlay. Overlay shows customized and targeted popups. These can be displayed any time you choose: when a visitor is about to leave your website, after a designated amount of time, or when a visitor scrolls a certain amount through a web page. It’s a great choice for when you want to capture new leads, make a sale, or simply keep a visitor on your website a little bit longer.
  • ReelSurvey. Survey allows you to collect customer feedback right from the page they are on. Targeted forms make it possible to survey a certain group of visitors or ask highly specific questions. Gain customer insights without asking them to take a long survey or link to another page. It takes the guesswork out of understanding your customers!
  • ReelLinks. Links allows you to display an overlay when a website visitor clicks on a link. Create custom overlays with different offers or messages based on different links on your site.


2. Features

Our features are robust and changing all the time as new technologies and ways of communicating and accessing information develop.

  • One-Click Integration. Picreel integrates with hundreds of email, CRM, and marketing platforms. No manual data entry required! We have 300+ integrations and work with all website and eCommerce platforms.
  • Complete Customization. Any one of these popups can be completely customized for your needs: your colors, your logo, your fonts, your questions, your offers, etc.
  • Easy Editors and Templates. Not sure about creating your own popups? No problem. Follow the prompts of our easy editors to create an offer with no coding required or use one of our design templates to get started and tweak it to make it yours. Want to try your hand at creating your own ad, survey, or template? Picreel lets you do that too.
  • Analytics. Don’t know which pages to target? Our analytics tools identify the most profitable segments for personalization. Once the popup campaign is active, track its progress and performance using real-time data. Make changes as needed to build a responsive campaign.
  • A/B Testing. Find out which popups are most effective. Test the performance of different designs, colors, and styles to create the very best exit intent popup.
  • Targeting Options. Not all visitors are the same, which means not all visitors will respond to the same ads. Target users by referral source, behavior, site content, and many more options.
  • Interactive Elements. Engage your visitors with timers, call or share buttons and other interactive elements.
  • Mobile Integration. Mobile is too big to ignore. Don’t miss out on capturing leads from mobile visitors. Picreel popups are fully functional on Apple, Android, and Windows devices.
  • You Set The Rules. You create the If-Then scenarios and decide where and when a popup will be displayed.


3. Services

Yes, you can find exit intent solutions that are simple and effective, but they won’t do for you everything that Picreel does. You won’t get the same number of features, the versatility, or the customization options. But perhaps most important is the service you get from Picreel. We are not a sell it to you and forget about you kind of business. We offer full service email and phone support and full management of your exit popup campaigns. You can even work with a dedicated customer success manager and an onboarding specialist if this all new to you. We want you to succeed. We want you to meet your campaign goals, whether they are increased sales, new marketing leads, or survey responses.

Try The Best Exit Intent Popup Solution For Yourself

If you are losing website visitors before they take an action, you’re an ideal candidate for exit intent popup solutions. With just a little effort, you can turn those visitors into paying customers and reap the long-term benefits. It’s no longer enough to invest in content marketing and hope site visitors take your desired action. Give them a push in the right direction with an exit popup display powered by Picreel and start reaping the rewards.

Do you want instant business growth?

Picreel customers get a 15-300% instant increase in inbound leads & conversions.