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By Landon Donovan

Picreel Releases Response To Security Breach: Zero Data Compromised

Picreel has been making the news lately after an attempted security breach, and we want to set the record straight for our customers.


All client and company data, including payment data, personal data, passwords, company or customer data — is safe — no data has been compromised.


Here’s the background:


On May 12, 2019, the JavaScript code that Picreel clients install on their websites was targeted by a malware program out of Panama. The hack attempt on Picreel servers triggered a security switch that temporarily halted access and paused all customer ad campaigns. For a brief moment, the Picreel code was prevented from running and any Picreel functionality would have been disabled.


If you noticed this interruption in your campaigns, we apologize for the inconvenience. However, that very disruption is precisely what secured your data. For that, we are incredibly proud of our security team’s forethought and expertise, which enabled them to proactively build this safety net into Picreel’s JavaScript code.


We can assure our current and future customers that absolutely ZERO data was compromised during this attempted hack. Since then, we have added additional security measures to defend against future attacks, and have also assigned a dedicated resource to ensure the security of all client installed JavaScript code.


You can read the official response in the news to the security breach here:


If you have any specific questions or concerns, we invite you to contact us directly.


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