By Landon Donovan

How Picreel Can Help to Boost Sales for e-Commerce Websites?

Picreel is the most powerful conversion rate optimization. We don’t joke around we are serious about improve conversion rate. We convert abandoning web visitors into customers! But how can we help boost the sales of an e-Commerce website? The biggest challenge is to get the attention of a fleeting visitor and to convert his interest into sale. There are certain factors to be considered, in order to boost the sales of an e-Commerce website.

One of this is the conversion rate. This actually plays an important role on your ecommerce website. If you want to boost your sales, you have to increase both the traffic and conversion rate. Are you aware that 70 percent of conversion processes are abandoned before completion? It’s true this situation happens every day to an online business. Based on surveys 7 of 10 shoppers on your site left carts full of merchandise and headed for the exits.

Nearly every website is losing buckets of money every day because they do a terrible job of selling products or services to their visitors and at the end of the day they earn nothing. But don’t despair there’s always a room for improvement. It’s not too late for you to harness success. So, what could be the problem? The process leading up to a transaction online is possibly the most critical to a shopping carts success. If the buying process causes frustration, confusion or insecurity, the user is likely to abandon the shopping cart and never to return again.

The usability of a shopping cart refers to the efficiency with which a user can achieve their goals on a website. It is where our technology comes in, as our client we will grant you a shopping cart recovery. It is an automated email program which is highly relevant and can deliver high ROI. Why do we say so? Because they are activated in response to a customer’s behaviour and reflect his or her actual interests.

We guaranty to be different from the rest who promise to give you the moon and the stars. As with other automated messages, they require upfront work and potentially integration with other systems or data sources. Let’s move on, for any ecommerce website, an articulate cart abandonment service is compared to an attractive and appealing sales staff. However, these symbolic staffs should be convincing. Therefore the message they send to abandoning visitors must be well framed and properly timed.

You might agree that cart abandonment is a problem that all e-Commerce sites see in some degree. Take note that the rate at which your visitors abandon depends on how effective you have structured your checkout process. Cart abandonment service is an important statistic that needs to be tracked as it could mean the difference between a profitable e-Commerce website and a potential loss.

Through the advance technology used by Picreel you’ll have the chance to recover your visitors and turn them into customers. This means an increase rate e-Commerce website. From there on, you’ll increase ecommerce sales, magnet additional viewers and new subscribers will follow along with followers in the field of social media.

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