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OptinMonster versus SumoMe

What’s The Difference Between OptinMonster vs SumoMe?

Trying to decide between OptinMonster vs SumoMe? For marketers looking for a conversion tool to turn website visitors into buyers and subscribers, these two popular lead generation plugins promise to grow your traffic and lists with ease.

Let’s take a look at the differences between OptinMonster vs SumoMe.

What Does A Traffic Conversion Tool Do?

A quick look at your website analytics likely reveals multiple pages where sessions are short and conversions are low; places where you’d love to be able to grab the attention of site visitors, get them to stay longer, take a specific action, and ultimately entice them to give up their email in exchange for your offers.

One of the most effective conversion tools that do this is the exit popup. By installing a simple plugin that integrates with your existing website and email service provider, you can quickly design a custom exit pop that serves up an offer targeted to the site visitor’s behavior. For example, for visitors that move to abandon their shopping cart, an exit popup may offer a discount in exchange for their email to complete the purchase. Likewise, a visitor that has spent a certain amount of time reading your blog may get an exit pop that invites them to join your email newsletter list.

That’s the view from 40,000 feet. Now let’s look at OptinMonster vs SumoMe list building features specifically.


OptinMonster is a conversion platform optimized specifically for WordPress sites, although it works on any type of site. The software tracks visitors’ mouse movements using signature exit intent technology to serve a popup just as the visitor is going to leave your site. OptinMonster also allows you to serve up unique offers using page level targeting based on a visitor’s location and behavior; for example, if a visitor puts a certain product in their shopping cart, then they see a popup for a special offer on a complementary item. Finally, OptinMonster features A/B split testing that allows you to test different versions of popups to see which perform best.


SumoMe is a complete suite of free tools designed to help grow your business. The List Builder 3 app serves exit popups at just the right moment, such as when the visitor navigates to leave your site, after a certain amount of time, or when a specific link is clicked. The unique selling proposition of the app is that it is incredibly simple to use, featuring drag and drop functionality that allows you to fully customize popups to appear as though they were designed specifically for your site. While the basic List Builder 3 app is free to use, a paid Pro version offers expanded features like A/B split testing.

Picreel – A Better Option

If you’re in the market for a serious conversion tool, you owe it to yourself to add Picreel to your list. With all the features of OptinMonster and SumoMe to capture leads and increase conversions, Picreel also offers customer survey popups, event registration pops, onsite retargeting, unlimited campaigns and more email, CRM and marketing automation integrations than any other conversion platform. And if you’re new to conversion popups or just have too many campaigns to manage in-house, Picreel offers full-service management services to keep your popups running and conversions soaring.

Start your free 30-day trial of Picreel today – no credit card required!


Benefits OptinMonster SumoMe Picreel
Exit Popups x x x
Timed Popups x x x
Link Popups x x x
Multiple Popup Types x x x
No Coding Required x x x
Analytics x x x
Easy Editing x x x
A/B Split Testing x pro only x
Mobile Integration x x x
Email Marketing Integration x x x
E-Commerce Integration x
CRM Integration x
Onsite Retargeting x
Personalized popups x


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