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How To Use Offers When You’re Not An Online Store

If you’ve navigated here from our website, you already know that using pop-up offers on your website can boost conversion rates by 25% or more. Sounds great, you think, but you’re not in the online retail industry. If that’s the case, we’ve got a secret: offers aren’t just for online stores! In fact, nearly any business with a website can attain higher conversions by using pop-up offers.

Check out some of our suggestions…

Real Estate Agents

Want to increase your showings? Make it so easy to book that it’s hard not to. One problem for you as a real estate agent is that even though a potential buyer may discover a property through your website, the buyer ultimately navigates away from your page and calls a different agent, perhaps one they’ve used in the past, to book the showing.

This behavior is a simple habit. The solution? Interrupt the habit; create an offer that appears when the prospect moves to leave the property page. An overlay with a simple CTA like “BOOK A SHOWING” with a “Schedule Now” button and an email address field will break the habit and force the prospect to second-guess their decision to leave your page. This increases the likelihood of gathering valuable information and booking a showing.

How about sellers? Consider a prospect who is thinking about selling his or her home. One of the first questions sellers have is how much they can get for their home. The answer to this question may affect timing of the sale as well as what type of homes the seller considers when he or she moves – therefore, this is valuable information to the seller.

If you have a calculator that gives a range of values on a home based on given criteria about the home, you can use a gated access offer. Consider creating a link that says “What’s My Home Worth?” When a potential seller clicks this link, an overlay can appear that says “Learn the value of my home!” with a request for an email address that must be completed before the seller is redirected to the home value calculator. This information flows directly into your CRM, so you follow up even if the seller never contacts you directly.


Hiring a lawyer is big decision that typically involves a lot of research, as cost, reputation, personal rapport, and experience are all factors. Additionally, by the time someone is seeking a lawyer they are often under duress and as a result may be behaving different than a typical consumer. Because of these unique circumstances specialized strategies must be used in marketing your firm’s services.

For example, consider using a time delayed offer, such as a free consultation overlay that appears after the user has been at your site for a predetermined period of time. The ideal time trigger is less than your average pageview length (per your website analytics), but is long enough for a visitor to get a feel for your offerings.

A time deployed offer generally catches people off-guard and can yield a positive response – even more so if timed at the point when a potential client is beginning to generate questions about the process, services, etc. that are better answered in-person.

Another way lawyers can increase conversions using offers is to target offers based on referral source. For example, if you’re a family law practice, you can create a specific offer for someone arriving via a Facebook ad about asset distribution, and a different offer for someone coming from an ad for fathers facing custody issues.

An offer for the former may read “Protect your assets. Request a free consultation today!” while the latter might read “Protect your rights as a father. Maximize custodial rights by booking a free consultation today.”

Marketing Agencies

As a marketing agency, you have valuable insight that nearly any type business can benefit from. In most cases though, before people are willing to pay for your services, they want to interact with your website and content. They want to see if you really know your stuff.

Ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, and guides are great ways to showcase the value behind your expertise and services, especially when they provide valuable and actionable tips that someone can use before committing to a paid engagement. One simple way to get even more value out of an ebook, for example, is create a gated offer that allows free access to valuable content after receipt of an email address. This way you’re able to both follow-up with the prospect on that particular offer, as well as add them to your CRM for future contact.

As another example, let’s say you’re hosting a live webinar and the prospect has moved to exit the landing page without registering. It’s possible that the user wants to exit because he or she has a prior engagement that conflicts with the webinar.

If you will be recording the webinar for on-demand playback, you can create an exit offer that reads “Don’t miss out! Sign up to be notified when this webinar becomes available for on-demand playback!” and collects an email address. In this way, you’ve gained another potential webinar viewer as well an email address.

Software Companies

As a software company, you have the unique challenge of selling a product that is in many ways intangible. You can describe your software, share screenshots, and testimonials – but ultimately a potential user may not understand the function and value of the software until they try it. What if you could offer a free demo just as a potential user became intrigued by the potential benefits of your software, but before they became overwhelmed and left?

An offer that is triggered after a user scrolls a certain percentage down the page does just that. Let’s say a user has scrolled 25% of the way through the specs page on one of your products. They’ve read this far, so you’ve determined there’s interest. You can set the offer to appear just at this point, where the reader is thinking “this might be a good fit.”

Similarly, if a user has been to your site before and has returned to visit the same product page, there’s a good chance they’re interested in making a purchase, but something is holding them back. In most cases, price is the determining factor. Many times, this type of user would be willing to pay for the SaaS, but is unsure it’s worth the money. This is the type of customer who may convert after a free period of use.

Delivering a “first month free” offer to returning visitors allows these users to be convinced of your value, while excluding first time visitors from seeing the offer. 

Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

No matter what industry you’re in, valuable and well-timed offers can boost conversion rates and increase your mailing lists. Are you ready to see how using online offers can help skyrocket your business’s conversion rate? Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of Picreel’s CRO experts. We’ll help you understand our products, show you how easy it is to get started using offers as a CRO strategy, and of course, set you up with a free 30-day trial!

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