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Copywriting 101 For Exit Popup Campaigns

You don’t have to be told again: popups work. Whether you want to close the deal on a visitor that’s invested time on your site, or you want to extend an irresistible offer to the new visitor about to leave, a strategically planned and well-crafted exit popup is proven to increase conversion rates.

While design is an important element, what really gets people’s attention is the actual message. That’s right: the words.

Need some wordsmith help with your next campaign? Consider these foundational tips.

“What’s In It For Me?”

Ahh… isn’t that the million dollar question when it comes to understanding your prospects’ motive and buying behavior?

With popups, you’re asking site visitors to give up their email address in exchange for what you’re offering. So not only does the actual offer need to be valuable, but the message needs to clearly and succinctly state the benefits to the visitor.

Do this:

No bored kids this summer! Get a list of local family-friendly events delivered to your inbox each week.

Not this:

Sign up for our weekly newsletter today!


Keep It Super Simple. With popups, less is often – almost always – more. Don’t make visitors concentrate to read your message. Give it to them straight and make it a no-brainer to fork over their email for your offer.

Do this:

Wait! Take 15% off when you complete your purchase. Use code 15NOW.

Not this:

Hi there! We noticed you had some items still in your shopping cart. We’d love for you to experience the ACME difference, so if you check out and complete your purchase right now, we’ll give you 15% off. Just enter your email below, and we’ll send the code to your inbox.

Annnnd… ACTION!

Powerful action words and active writing command attention and subconsciously give visitors confidence in your offer. Words like: guarantee, instant, free, proven, secret, confidential, limited, and exclusive are shown to motivate people to take action. Leverage it to your advantage!

Do this:

Limited quantity FREE download. Instantly unlock the secrets proven to grow revenue by 500%.

Not this:

Download our ebook to learn how to grow your revenue by 500%.

Don’t Skimp On Quality

Website and advertising copywriting is more important than ever. Visitors and prospects recognize poorly-written, keyword-stuffed content, and they aren’t falling for it anymore. They expect high-quality, relevant content, and they expect to gain value from taking the time to read your stuff.

If you or someone on your marketing team isn’t an experienced copywriter, hire someone. But don’t go cheap. It’s important to hire a professional copywriter that is proficient in your audience’s native language and who can also properly translate the copy for visitors viewing your site in another language.

Do this:

It’s great to see you again! Enjoy 20% off as our gift to you. Use code BEBACK20.

Not this:

Is great seeing you again! Take our gift of 20% discount on your order with code BEBACK20.

Picreel Templates Give You An Instant Advantage

Whether you retained your visitors for a while – or you’re about to lose them – an exit popup is your last hurrah to try to reel them back in. Make. It. Count.

Picreel’s conversion platform makes creating branded, professional looking popups fast and easy. With a variety of ready-to-go templates with example wording, you have a solid jumping off point for customizing your own campaigns. Our proven effective templates have been developed around industry best practices to allow for the right amount of copy, in the right spots, and with the right emphasis strategically placed on words.

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