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Effective Ways to Boost Email Marketing Conversion Rate

The latest statistics reveal that there are around 2.5 million e-mail users in the world with over 3 million accounts. To put that in perspective, 1 in 5 persons nowadays use email. They prefer using e-mail in business transactions and other undertakings because of its simplicity and its uncomplicated nature.

That said, marketing through e-mail is a very effective tool for online entrepreneurs. The only drawback is because of the avalanche of e-mails coming in, a potential customer may just scroll over them and not pay attention. The key is to make your pitch stand out from the heap so that users will eventually be compelled to convert. Here we gather the bestest tips and ideas to make sure your e-mails will be opened and how you can put content to warrant a conversion.


     1.) Add at least two links of the offer throughout the e-mail

The common practice is providing a long description of the product and swing your pitch right at the end. While that may work on some people, it definitely wouldn’t make a mark on the busy ones. Besides, most users that have subscribed to you may already be past customers which means they don’t need much convincing anymore. Try this: Make sure to include links to the offer at the beginning AND in the middle of your description; for good measure, you may also post one at the end for the meticulous readers.

Remember: AVOID using short and generic anchor text such as “Check the Link Here” or “Register Here”. That just doesn’t cut it. The anchor text should be as specific and as vivid as possible, conveying what you exactly want the customers to do.

Here’s a good example: “Click here to get professional tips on online marketing

The anchor text above is straightforward, clear and concise. Anyone who’s clicking on that link knows what’s in it for them.

     2.) Use an e-mail marketing software


I can go on and talk for hours about the benefits of using an e-mail marketing software. Though I prefer using one over another, there are a variety of softwares out there that perform the functions that online entrepreneurs specifically need. I advise NOT to use a default e-mail service system.

Aside from making work easier for you, an outstanding software can also include A/B testing features, receptive e-mail design, templates, and automated responders. It can also keep track of your e-mail marketing performance, can send e-mails to unlimited number of people by verifying the e-mail addresses, and help protect the privacy of your subscribers.

     3.) Do not make multiple offers

While the first tip calls for multiple links throughout the e-mail, it is a mortal sin to make multiple offers to customers within a single mail. If you’re mailing to let people know about a new cooking product that you’re selling, then don’t insert a call-to-action regarding a bedroom furniture. Every e-mail you send should be focused on one thing and one thing only. It will just create confusion on their part, or they might click on a link that has nothing to do with your desired conversion, or they might feel steamrolled by the options that they may choose to do nothing at all. You don’t any of these three scenarios to happen so do yourself a favor and offer only one call-to-action per e-mail.


     4.) Optimize your e-mail for mobile

More and more people are using smartphones and iPhones to connect to the Internet so it would only make sense to tailor the e-mails you sent to their needs. If you happen to disregard this, it would mean that your mobile-using subscribers cannot read your message effectively declining your chances to make them convert.


You don’t need to spend much money on hiring a mobile developer just for the purpose of optimizing your e-mails to be more mobile-friendly. Oftentimes, you just have to pay attention to your design. A one-column layout might just do the trick for you as it won’t require mobile users to swerve left and right just follow the message. According to a 2013 statistic, only 11% of e-mails are optimized for mobile. Strive to be in that category and you will see the fruits of your labor.

     5.) Create segments for your e-mail list

Creating segments for your e-mail list simple means you divide your recipients based on their known characteristics. This will help you target your e-mails to the right recipients, aligning your e-mail promotions to a person’s natural need and interest. For example, suppose a particular product you’re promoting appeals better on females than the males. What you can do is send e-mails only to your female subscribers, basically targeting that specific group for your specific product. It’s a pretty simple example, but the main idea is right there.


Does this strategy work? One case study says that segmented and targeted e-mails generate 50% more clicks than single blasts. Imagine what how much revenue you can get with that much conversion!

     6.) Acquire their trust

If there’s no trust, there are no conversions. That’s the plain truth. However you perfectly put up a campaign but if your audience doesn’t trust you, you can kiss your goals goodbye.

The idea here is to personalize an e-mail’s façade to make it more familiar and create a personal feel with the audience. Online marketers need to understand that people choose what e-mails to open and theoretically, a man would not read every e-mail sent to him over the weekend and he just have to select the ones that are familiar to him.

You can do execute this tip just by including the recipient’s personal name in the subject. See the image below:


The company, SEMrush, played it safe and took the double-edged approach by including the recipient’s name along with the company’s. Will you not open an e-mail which bears your name? There could be nothing more familiar to your audience than that!


The only thing that directly connects you to your potential customer is through e-mail. It’s the easiest private pathway of communication so why don’t we use it to the fullest to achieve our conversion goals? If you want to learn more or simply wish to let your thoughts be known, feel free to comment below.

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