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How To Convert Return Visitors Into Sales

The goal of any conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy is to capture visitors on your website and turn them into buyers and subscribers. While relevant year round, a solid CRO strategy is critical during the holiday shopping season when many people start out “window shopping” for the best deals. They’ll sometimes return to the same sites multiple times to check pricing and special offers.

With today’s website analytics, it’s easy to differentiate new and returning returning visitors. When someone returns, you have a unique (and second!) opportunity to engage them. Hit them with an irresistible offer at just the right time and convert their casual browsing into an on-the-spot sale.  

Target Your Offers To Returning Shoppers

The beauty of Picreel’s CRO platform is that it offers targeting that allows you to specify who sees your offers. Once you’ve created your offer, under the Targeting section you will have the option to specify only “returning” visitors see it.

This is the simplest way to target your offers to returning visitors. However, the more important part is the actual offer itself. This should be your absolute best offer. Your strongest effort to reel them in and get the sale. This also means you may need to create multiple offers (even multiple offers on the same page), based on shopper behavior.

Let’s take a look at a couple examples:

Combat Cart Abandonment

If a shopper places an item in their cart, then makes to leave your site – show them a popup targeted “on exit” with an offer they can’t refuse.

Think free shipping or a hefty percent or dollar off. Most importantly, make the payoff instant. Collect their email, yes, but don’t make them go check their email and come back to their cart with the code. This means navigating away from your site, getting distracted, and possibly never returning.

The easiest way to provide an instant code at checkout is to use one of Picreel’s two-step templates. Once the shopper enters their email address and hits submit, a second popup box is revealed with the promo code.

Sweeten The Deal

Special offers on product recommendations can help you move the sale over the finish line while also upselling. If a shopper adds a product to their cart, show them an offer with a complementary item and a special deal.

Think, “Wait! These stadium chairs would go perfect with that cooler! Buy both now and save 20%.” The shopper enters their email address, you show the promo code, they add the item to their cart and checkout.

The caveat with an offer like this is that it does require a bit more pre-planning on your part. You will need to select which items you want to pair up, create an offer campaign for returning visitors that is triggered when the item is added to the cart, then set up the promo codes in your e-commerce platform to only work when both items are in the cart.

Make Your Wording Welcoming & Enticing

People like personalization and feeling special. They like being shown offers based on their buying habits. They also like being welcomed into a store (both in person and online!) and getting something special. How you word your offers can convey these messages.

Here are some ideas:

  • “Welcome back!”
  • “We’re glad to see you again!”
  • “We missed you!”
  • “Hey, you’ve been here before!”

At the same time, you can also incorporate wording that creates a sense of exclusivity or urgency. This pairs well with offers for returning visitors. Remember, this is your best offer! Make it clear to shoppers that they won’t see this deal again (hint: that’s actually possible under Picreel’s targeting options; simply specify to only show the offer one time to the same person).

Here are some ideas:

  • “This offer won’t be shown this offer again!”
  • “Hurry, this is a limited time offer!”
  • “Here’s an offer just for you!”
  • “This offer is only available if you act now!”

Now think about combining some of this language to welcome a shopper back while offering them something valuable and time-sensitive.

Personalization For Ultra-Targeted Offers

Up until now we’ve talked about returning visitors. These people may or may not have done business with you in the past. You’re simply telling Picreel to show offers to returning visitors, which is based on IP addresses. However, when you connect Picreel with your CRM, you can go beyond basic targeting and do magical things.

When Picreel talks to your CRM, it has access to the data available on your past customers. This can be people who have bought from you, yes, but it can also be from email addresses you’ve collected. When you add a new lead to your CRM and begin nurturing them through email marketing, you’re not limited to the type of data you collect as a result of their behavior (what emails they open, what products they click on, etc.). Savvy marketers collect it all!

Picreel integrates with all major CRMs, and the fields in your CRM can be linked to your offer campaigns. You can use personalization to greet customers back by name, offer them a discount if they buy a product again, or make product recommendations based on past purchases.

This allows you to create ultra-targeted offers for returning customers. While the technology behind personalization is simple, shoppers feel appreciated when brands take the time to create personalized offers and not bombard them with generic offers.

And this ultimately leads to more returning customers converting to sales.

How do you capture returning visitors to your website during the holiday shopping season? We’d love to hear your ideas – leave a comment below!


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