Lead gen strategies

Picreel explains which conversion optimization strategies help turn your visitors into subscribers and buyers.

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7 Personalized Marketing Tactics to Boost Ecommerce Conversions

The future of eCommerce is personalized customer service. Brands that key into this concept potentially drive conversions through the roof. As shoppers are fiercely knowledgeable and demanding the best experience possible. Brands that deliver get the bacon. Ever wondered what it would be like to have every email you receive, mobile offer you view, the advertisement you see, the website

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Using pop-ups for customer feedback

How Savvy Marketers Are Using Pop-ups For Customer Feedback And Testimonials

Are you utilizing offers – or pop-ups – on your website to get feedback from visitors? More and more websites are utilizing these features to directly engage with their audience, targeting them with ultra-customized offers in exchange for valuable feedback — while they’re still on their website. Let’s take a look at why savvy marketers are using pop-ups for customer feedback and testimonials, and how you can integrate this strategy into your conversion rate optimization

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Lead gen strategies
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Tricks and Tips of Lead Generation Through Social Networking Platform

Are you looking to boost your sales? Are you done with the conventional way of marketing for lead generation? Are you using Facebook effectively for driving your business? If not, then it is time for you to turn toward the social media for improving the conversion rate. It has been noted that 58% of marketers who were using social media, experienced a tremendous boost in their ROI.

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4 Lead Magnet Ideas To Help Realtors Build Email Lists

Most people don’t buy when they are first exposed to a product or service. They want to research the item for sale and even the person selling it. They want to gain a level of comfort that comes from doing due diligence.   As a real estate agent, you know this all too well. How many people have agreed to buy a home from you on the day they meet you? The answer is probably somewhere between zero and

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How To Use Offers When You’re Not An Online Store

If you’ve navigated here from our website, you already know that using pop-up offers on your website can boost conversion rates by 25% or more. Sounds great, you think, but you’re not in the online retail industry. If that’s the case, we’ve got a secret: offers aren’t just for online stores! In fact, nearly any business with a website can

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