E-Commerce strategies

Picreel shares e-commerce strategies of online retailers such as online shops. E-commerce retailers have more traffic than other types of websites and experience higher cart abandonment. CRO approach designed by Picreel turns your e-commerce visitors who leave the checkout page without buying into repeat buyers.

Conversion rate optimization, E-Commerce strategies, Picreel
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Retargeting 101: How To Follow Your Leads To Boost Sales

According to Marketo, approximately 96% of visitors to your website are not ready to buy. This goes for any industry, but eCommerce sites tend to feel the squeeze even more, enduring sky-high cart abandonment rates of 70% or more as visitors window shop and then vanish. Read More
Conversion rate optimization, E-Commerce strategies
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How To Write A Cart Recovery Email That Converts

Cart abandonment is a fact of life for online retailers. The most common reason is simple to understand. People are beginning the research process; they’re “window shopping” if you will, and comparing pricing, availability, shipping and return policies. They want the best deal, understandably.

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