Campaign testing strategies

Campaign testing strategies are used to optimize incoming website traffic.

Campaign testing strategies, Picreel
5 alternatives to sumome popups

Looking For A SumoMe Alternative? Try One Of These 5

SumoMe is a suite of apps that serve many different functions. You’ll find apps for marketing, business generation and growth, and brand development. The plugin works with WordPress sites and helps website managers and developers capture leads and integrate lead data with email marketing programs. SumoMe offers a free basic service so it’s a popular starting point with businesses

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Campaign testing strategies
6 tips to monetize traffic on media sites

6 Tricks To Help You Monetize Web Traffic

About 4 in 10 U.S. adults check digital media sites every day – that’s 40% of the adult population! If you’re a growing business in the digital publishing industry, you’re probably thinking, “Wow. How do I make this amount of traffic work for me?” You may already be trying. Chances are you’re

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Picreel B2B-Conversion-Tracking-Mistakes-To-Avoid

B2B Conversion Tracking Mistakes To Avoid

The ability to track online behavior is one of the best technological advancement that ever happened to the marketing community. But, with the influx of new information the challenge is to keep it beneficial and actionable. This is especially true in B2B marketing. Conversions come in different forms and attribution can get complicated. Hence, when it comes to conversion tracking,

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