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30+ Best CRO Tools (Free & Paid) to Grow Business in 2022

30+ CRO Tools (Free & Paid ) You Must Use in 2021

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is crucial for constant improvement and business growth. From tips and tricks to best practices, there’s a lot out there when you search for CRO. But, without the right CRO tools, you won’t be getting the expected results.

You surely invest a lot to bring in relevant traffic to your website but what is the return you get on that investment? CRO focuses on maximizing that return by sparking the engagement between your website and visitors.

As there are a lot of conversion rate optimization tools in the market, finding the effective ones for your website can be a tough task. The good news is that we have categorized the best tools from the best lot to help you optimize your website for better conversions.

What is CRO Tools

Conversion rate optimisation tools are designed to help you optimize different elements of your website to improve conversions. All tools work differently and specialize in different areas. Some software lets you understand why your website traffic isn’t converting while others help you strategize, test, and improvise for higher conversion rates. Based on the classification in the list below, you will get a much better understanding of CRO tools. Before that, let’s have a look at the importance of conversion optimization.

Why CRO is Important

From gaining brand visibility to improving your return on investment (ROI), CRO has a lot to offer. Here are some of the reasons why it is an important practice.

  • More conversions & customers: As CRO mainly focuses on increasing your on-site conversions, that means you will see a rise in the number of customers. This leads to more profit and helps you grow your customer base plus business.
  • Greater return on investment: As you invest in Google ads or social media ad campaigns to drive traffic to your website, CRO makes sure that you get something out from these visitors. From leads to sales, the more you capture, the more your ROI gets.
  • Legitimizes your business: CRO audit means continuous optimization, and that makes your business look more legitimate. As you work upon different landing pages, pricing pages, and checkout pages, your site will look more credible from time to time.
  • Deliver better experience: CRO takes everything into consideration, and that includes offering a great user experience. By providing a better shopping experience and making it delightfully easy for visitors to navigate your site, you push more shoppers down the sales funnel. 
  • Stay ahead of the competition: Once you start implementing new CRO strategies, you’ll get more conversions and profit. This profit leaves you with a chance to outbid your competitors on search engines and social media to drive more traffic eventually.

What to Consider Before Choosing CRO Tools

As we mentioned earlier, different CRO tools fall into different categories. So, there are no specific criteria of features/functionalities to consider. Although, here are some general things to look out for, while choosing the best conversion rate optimisation tools.

  • User-Friendly Interface: If you and your team have to spend a lot of time to figure out the working of a CRO tool, then it isn’t the right solution for you. Look for apps that offer a detailed walkthrough of the interface and features. Also, check the interface and looks of the software to ensure that it isn’t outdated.
  • Seamless Integrations: Using CRO tools that provide you with a lot of data should support integrations with other marketing and CRM tools for easy data sync and management. This helps in avoiding any confusion and data duplication and lets your sales, marketing, & support teams work on crucial data in an organized way.
  • GDPR Compliance: As conversion rate optimization software focuses a lot on visitors’ data, it is important to ensure that the software is GDPR compliant. Do not just leave this an option to consider and make sure that there are proper data protection & privacy policies in place for smooth data handling.
  • Security: The CRO tools that you will be using are likely to integrate with your website. So, while running the software for different experiments, make sure that there are proper security measures and protocols in place to avoid any security breaches. Check out the reviews and look for security features.
  • Free Trial: It goes without saying that you don’t want to invest in something without checking it out yourself. Look for CRO tools that offer a free demo or free trial of at least seven days so that you can try the tool to get an idea of the features and user-friendliness of the interface.

30+ Best CRO Tools (Free & Paid) to Use in 2022

Now that you know the importance of CRO and have your checklist ready for the tools, let’s get right into the 30+ top CRO tools.

Popup Tools

Popup marketing, when executed perfectly, leaves you with a hand full of leads and conversions. These tools are helpful in increasing visitor engagement and boosting on-site marketing to guide visitors, promote products/services, capture email addresses, etc. Here are the top popup tools to optimize your conversions.

1 – Picreel

Best CRO Tools Picreel

Picreel is the best CRO tool that lets you create and display delightful popups to website visitors in minutes. With advanced targeting options and trigger settings, you can make the right offer to your audience at the right time for more conversions and sales. Picreel is best known for its exit-intent technology that helps you stop visitors from leaving your site. As it offers a built-in A/B testing engine and smart reporting plus analytics, you can easily test popup elements to optimize them for better results. Also, Picreel integrates flawlessly with other tools for real-time data transfer.


  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Multi-channel campaigns with 100+ ready-to-use templates
  • Multiple triggers and targeting options
  • Advanced personalization options
  • A/B testing with complete analytics
  • Integration with 700+ popular sales and marketing tools


  • Starter – $14/month
  • Basic – $52/month
  • Plus – $112/month
  • Pro – $299/month

2 – OptinMonster

Best CRO Tools Optinmonster

OptinMonster is a cloud-based lead generation and conversion rate optimization popup tool that focuses on monetizing your website traffic. With a wide range of popups like lightboxes, scroll boxes, floating bars, and slide-in boxes, you can design beautiful popups to boost conversion rates. The tool comes with an A/B testing feature and powerful analytics to help you optimize your popup campaigns.


  • 100+ customizable templates
  • Tracks exit intent
  • AdBlock detection technology
  • A/B testing options
  • Target specific users, categories, or pages
  • Analytics tracking


  • Basic – $9/month
  • Plus – $19/month
  • Pro – $29/month
  • Growth – $49/month

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3 – OptiMonk

Best CRO Tools Optimonk

OptiMonk is an ideal choice for eCommerce businesses and marketers to drive conversions. The tool focuses on lead generation through opt-in forms and offers a huge library of over 200 templates to create special popups for different pages and audiences. For eCommerce growth, it is a really good companion that helps you with onsite retargeting using personalized messaged via engaging popups.


  • 200+ pre-designed templates
  • Multiple triggers and targeting rules
  • Shopping cart abandonment detection
  • Built-in A/B testing and analytics
  • Integration with popular marketing and sales platforms


  • Free – $0
  • Essential – $24.16/month
  • Growth – $65.83/month
  • Premium – $165.83/month
  • Master – Custom quotes on request

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4 – Poptin

Best CRO Tools Poptin

Poptin is a modern popup tool for conversion optimization that lets you design gorgeous overlays in minutes without any coding knowledge. It has probably the most user-friendly interface and is a great option for eCommerce businesses. With 40+ unique templates and a wide variety of trigger & targeting options, you can get going with Poptin to launch successful CRO campaigns. Also, the built-in A/B testing module is a huge plus for optimizing the popups.


  • Simple editor with customization options
  • Drag and drop features
  • Advanced trigger & targeting options
  • Multiple types of website popups
  • A/B testing and analytics


  • Free
  • Basic – $15/month
  • Pro – $39/month
  • Agency – $79/month

5 – Privy

Best CRO Tools Privy

Privy is an all-in-one marketing solution that consists of SMS marketing, popup marketing, and email marketing to optimize your conversions for instant business growth. It is an ideal choice for small businesses to boost sales from on-site traffic. The CRO tool is super easy to use and navigate and integrates seamlessly with popular sales & marketing platforms for real-time data transfer. Using the A/B testing feature, you can also keep track of how your popups and emails are performing so you can optimize them for even better conversions.


  • Pre-loaded template library
  • Drag and drop popup designer
  • Multiple targeting options
  • In-built A/B testing module
  • Easy to install and integrate


  • Free plan
  • Custom plans starting from $15/month

6 – Sleeknote

Best CRO Tools Sleeknote

Sleeknote is another user-friendly popup tool that smartly helps you capture more leads and conversions without interrupting the user experience. Sleeknote is equipped with a decent library of use-cases to design beautiful popups in minutes. With features like A/B testing, page-level targeting, and detailed analytics, you can optimize the shopping experience for different audiences. Sleeknote supports API integration to connect the app with your existing sales, marketing, and CRM software.


  • Huge popup templates library
  • Intuitive popup creator
  • Mobile editor & advanced trigger options
  • Drag and drop features
  • Easy integrations with email marketing apps


  • Lite – $49/month
  • Basic – $59/month
  • Plus – $114/month
  • Pro – $225/month
  • Premium – $369/month

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7 – Sumo

 Best CRO Tools Sumo

Sumo is a popular beginner-friendly popup tool that focuses on lead generation. It comes with a large library of customizable popup templates and forms to grow mailing lists and boost sales. With super-easy trigger & targeting options, you can smoothly run popup campaigns. If you are looking to start with popup marketing, then Sumo is a great free tool to kick off. However, to get the complete set of features and testing modules, you need to purchase the Pro version.


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Multiple popup designs and templates
  • Customization tools
  • Fully responsive and fast
  • A/B testing and analytics


  • Free – $0
  • Pro – $39/month

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8 – HelloBar

Best CRO Tools Hellobar

HelloBar is a popup tool that is best known for its announcement bars, modals, and sliders. You can use these on specific pages to redirect traffic, make product announcements, display special deals/offers, and much more. The cloud-based popup tool has an intuitive dashboard and a simple popup editor to get started in minutes. With the A/B testing feature and other advanced settings, you can leverage the power of HelloBar to optimize your onsite popup campaigns for more sales and conversions.


  • Easily customizable popup designs
  • Bars, modals, sliders, alerts, and page takeovers
  • Multiple display options and targeting rules
  • A/B testing and analytics
  • Integrates with popular sales and marketing tools


  • Starter – $0
  • Growth – $24/month
  • Premium – $41/month
  • Elite – $83/month

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9 – Omnisend

Best CRO Tools Omnisend

Omnisend is an all-in-one marketing solution with different modules for email, SMS, and popup marketing. With pre-built workflows and marketing automation, you can easily reach your prospects to their preferred communication channels to increase sales and conversions. With a drag-and-drop automation editor, you can get started with on-site marketing in minutes to engage with visitors. Omnisend also offers A/B split testing feature to make improvements to your marketing campaigns for amazing results constantly.


  • Pre-built custom workflows
  • Huge library of email and popup templates
  • User-friendly email and popup editor
  • Advanced reporting dashboard with actionable insights
  • Integration with popular tools


  • Free
  • Custom plans starting from $16/month

Survey/Customer Feedback Tools

These tools are part of the early stages of the CRO process i.e., the research stage, and are important in understanding your customers, such as how satisfied they are, how is their overall experience with your products/services, and so on. Here are the best survey tools.

10 – Qualaroo

Best CRO Tools Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a popular customer feedback/survey software that helps you collect valuable information from site visitors. Using the Qualaroo Nudges™ feature, you can get started with on-site popup surveys that can be triggered at the perfect moment. With AI-powered reports & analytics, you can easily analyze the performance of your survey campaigns to make improvements. The data collected using Qualaroo can be transferred in real-time to your marketing/CRM apps with seamless integration.


  • Easy to set up without coding
  • Pre-designed survey templates
  • Customer pulse-check with pop-up surveys
  • Advanced trigger options
  • Survey branding customization
  • AI-powered analytics
  • Supports integration with popular tools


  • Essentials – $80/month
  • Professional – $160/month
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes on request

11 – ProProfs Survey Maker

Best CRO Tools ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is an online tool to create engaging surveys to capture valuable feedback from customers/visitors. You can also collect quality leads by designing lead capture forms. It has a huge library of survey templates with different features like NPS, scorecards, visual questions, and much more to make your surveys more interactive and personalized. With the captured data, you can analyze the responses to see what is troubling your conversions. Also, using advanced reporting and analytics, you can easily check the performance of surveys to make improvements.


  • 100+ beautiful survey templates
  • Embed surveys on the website or share them over social email/social media
  • Drag-and-drop editor to create surveys, quizzes, polls, sidebar forms, etc.
  • In-depth reporting & analytics
  • Easy to integrate with popular sales & CRM tools


  • Free – $0
  • Essentials – $0.05/response/month
  • Premium – $0.10/response/month

12 – Survey Monkey

best cro tools Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a popular feedback gathering tool that helps you get customer insights with ease. It assists efficiently in user research, market research, and more. With an intuitive visual editor, you can delightfully create high-converting surveys to get more responses. The software is equipped with an AI-powered genius engine that helps you make effective improvements to your surveys for better results.


  • Pre-built template library with multiple use-cases
  • Easy-to-use visual editor
  • Survey language translation to reach maximum audience
  • AI-based reporting & analytics
  • Seamless integration with popular sales & marketing tools


  • Paid plans starting from $25/user/month (custom pricing based on features)

13 – Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a smart all-rounder survey tool, equipped with really great features and functionalities. With an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create questionnaires and surveys using 100+ customizable templates & question types. It is powered by built-in intelligence to boost response rates and capture better quality data. You can easily embed the surveys on websites, chatbots, mobile apps, and more.


  • Large library of pre-built templates & question bank
  • ExpertReview feature to get real-time survey design recommendations
  • Get smart insights with predictive intelligence
  • Real-time reporting with 30+ graph types
  • Smooth integration with Adobe, Marketo, and more tools


  • Free
  • Custom plans starting from $1500/year

Data Analytics & User Behaviour Tracking Tools

Sometimes, businesses just couldn’t identify why a certain landing page or sales funnel is not converting. With a mix of data analytics tools and user-behavior tracking tools, you can collect valuable qualitative data to get to the root of certain parameters. It helps in improving user experience and is a crucial part of conversion rate optimization techniques. Here are the best analytics & user-behavior tools to get started with.

14 – Google Analytics

best CRO Tools Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best free data analytics center that gives you detailed insights into your online business. From tracking the performance of different web pages and identifying the traffic source to analyzing your content engagement and gauging the effectiveness of trending keywords, it is a must-have tool to get some serious data. Many businesses solely rely on Google Analytics to make smarter decisions when it comes to CRO.


  • Track different types of website campaigns
  • In-depth analysis of conversion, retention, bounce rate
  • Segregated demographics data with visual reporting & analytics
  • Detailed graphics to understand user movement & behavior
  • Custom reporting to analyze selected data


  • Analytics – Free
  • Analytics 360 – Custom pricing

15 – Lucky Orange

Best CRO Tools Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a popular conversion rate optimizer tool that lets you understand everything about your site visitors. From the total number of visitors and their source to dynamic heatmaps and much more, you can see in real-time how potential customers are interacting with your site. Moreover, Lucky Orange automatically creates the recording of every visitor so that you can find the exact reasons why visitors aren’t converting.


  • Historical statistics to identify the exact traffic source
  • Smart segmentation of recorded sessions
  • Dynamic heatmaps and segmentation to filter heatmap data
  • Behavior tags optimization
  • Fully responsive chat integration with website


  • Starter – $10/month
  • Small Business – $20/month
  • Medium – $50/month
  • Large – $100/month
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes on request

16 – Crazyegg

 Best CRO Tools Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a well-known multi-purpose analytics tool to help you deliver a better shopping experience to visitors. Using a proven combination of heatmaps, website recordings, and A/B testing, Crazy Egg lets you identify the attention hotspots and obstacles in the navigation to optimize your website design for better conversions. You can also track ad campaign traffic on your website with its Confetti feature to see if visitors are taking the desired action.


  • Five types of analysis: Heatmap, Confetti, Scrollmap, Overlay, and List
  • User-friendly interface that requires no coding knowledge
  • Session recordings to analyze visitors’ movements
  • A/B testing functionality
  • Integrations with popular apps


  • Basic – $24/month
  • Standard – $49/month
  • Plus – $99/month
  • Pro – $249/month
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes on request

17 – Hotjar

Best CRO Tools Hotzar

Hotjar is an advanced user-behavior tracking tool that helps you analyze what visitors are into when they are on your site. It comes with a powerful combination of heatmaps, session recordings, surveys, and instant feedback messaging. Hotjar’s all-in-one analytics solution is super helpful in identifying the pain points of visitors so that you can improve the customer experience to get more sales and conversions.


  • Three heatmap parameters: scroll, click, and move
  • Visitors’ screen recording to track exact movements
  • Different types of surveys
  • Instant feedback messaging to get real-time feedback
  • Customizable feedback widget
  • Seamless integration with popular apps


  • Basic – Free forever
  • Plus – $39/month
  • Business – $99/month
  • Scale – Starting from $389/month (Custom pricing based on daily sessions)

18 – Adobe Analytics


 Best CRO Tools Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a powerful tool for gathering insights and analytical data from multiple sources like email marketing campaigns, websites, mobile apps, and more. It is a great app for measuring key performance indicators, analyzing user flow, and monitoring conversion rates to understand the factors troubling the ideal customer journey. With versatile reporting and predictive intelligence, you can make smart decisions to get better results.


  • Multichannel data collection
  • Advanced segmentation of data
  • Advanced calculated metrics for enhanced analysis
  • AI-driven descriptive reporting
  • Integration with popular apps for easy data synchronization


  • Custom quotes on request

19 – Heap Analytics

 Best CRO Tools Heap Analytics

Heap Analytics is the most comprehensive data collection tool that captures all the actions performed by your users. This includes mobile, web, and cloud interactions such as clicks, purchases, emails, form submits, and much more to help you analyze and improve your conversion rate optimization strategies. The easy-to-use systematically arranged dashboard is quite handy and allows you to track all the interactions in one place.


  • Intuitive dashboard with a 360-degree view of all interactions
  • Average session length tracking to analyze customer engagement
  • Analyzes important marketing metrics like retention, bounce rate, exit tracking, etc.
  • User behavior tracking for mobile apps
  • Advanced custom reporting & analytics


  • Free
  • Growth, Pro, & Premier – Custom quotes on request

20 – FullStory

Best CRO Tools Fullstory

FullStory is a digital experience intelligence platform that lets you measure all user interactions over multiple channels to get a complete picture of your growth. The tool offers heatmaps, click maps, scroll maps, session recordings, bug tracking, funnel analysis, and much more to understand user behavior, increase engagement and improve conversions. With FullStory running the show efficiently, the work of other website conversion tools gets easier.


  • Easy to use and no technical expertise required
  • AI-powered insights for smart decision making
  • Powerful visualization options
  • Advanced recording & playback tools
  • Seamless collaboration & integration


  • Business & Enterprise – Custom quotes on request

User Testing Tools

The UI/UX design is a crucial part of conversion rate optimization that helps you deliver a delightful user experience for better conversions. Here are a couple of effective user testing tools to get going.

21 – Optimizely

Best CRO Tools Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the leading experimentation platforms that help businesses test, identify, and implement winning digital experiences. It is equipped with a machine learning engine to predict customer behaviors to avoid the guess-game when it comes to what will convert and what won’t. With simple one-click integrations, you can easily bring all your data to Optimizely to effectively test different ideas for delivering a better user experience.


  • Performance Edge feature to run website experiments quickly
  • AI-powered reporting & analytics
  • Advanced web A/B testing
  • Smart targeting & personalization options
  • Integration with all popular platforms & apps


  • Custom quotes on request (feature-based pricing)

22 – UserZoom

Best CRO Tools UserZoom

UserZoom is a testing and experimentation tool that helps you measure UX so that you can understand what users think and how they behave. The tool focuses on user research at every stage and helps you design user-oriented product solutions for an enhanced user experience. It comes with a hand full of useful features, including reports about competitors’ UX performance to optimize and improve.


  • Huge set of features for user research
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Click testing, surveys, card sorting, live intercept, and more
  • Supports quick design iterations with constant testing


  • Custom quotes on request (feature-based pricing)

Live Chat Tools

Delightful customer support is crucial for conversion rate optimization and nothing is better than providing live support to on-site visitors. Here are a couple of effective live chat tools that are easy to implement and use.

23 – ProProfs Chat

Best CRO Tools ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is the most user-friendly live chat tool that offers you and your support team everything you need to provide a delightful experience to visitors. It comes with an announcement/alerts feature with which you can make announcements about site maintenance, new products, sales, and so on. With AI-powered Chatbot, you can automate support to offer instant help, and only qualified valid leads get transferred to your support staff. Also, you can easily monitor the movements of visitors to understand their behavior and preferences before they click on your chat widget.


  • Add self-help material in chat widget
  • Store canned responses
  • Advanced options to guide visitors
  • Set up live chat announcements
  • AI-driven Chatbot to automate support
  • In-depth data reports
  • Integrates easily with 50+ tools


  • Essentials – $10/operator/month
  • Premium – $15/operator/month
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes on request

24 – Intercom

Best CRO Tools Intercom

Intercom is a popular live chat software that helps you easily connect with your potential customers. The tool is equipped with support bots, self-serve support, product tours, and more to help customers at every stage. With a shared inbox and organized interaction history, you won’t ever miss a communication. Intercom also offers an integrated help desk and knowledge base to provide further support to existing customers. Overall, it is a great tool for your marketing and support teams to interact and understand customers’ pain points.


  • Automate work seamlessly with chatbots
  • Targeting options to target specific segments
  • Manage all customer interactions in one place
  • Powerful business messenger
  • Collaborative inbox for personalized attention


  • Starter – $79/month
  • All other plans – Custom quotes on request

A/B Testing Tools

If you are looking for constant improvement in conversions, then A/B testing tools are super important to know what works best for your audience. Here are some of the best A/B testing software that streamlines with CRO strategies.

25 – VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

Best CRO Tools VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

VWO is a comprehensive A/B testing tool that lets you test anything and provides you with metrics from everywhere to see how your experiments are performing. It is a great software to track how website visitors are reacting to your changes on site, and that helps you identify the changes that are likely to increase your conversions. Apart from VWO Testing, they offer a complete set of CRO software, including analytics, behavior tracking, and deployment tools.


  • Easy-to-use visual editor for A/B testing
  • Heatmaps, analytics, and session recordings
  • Web push notifications and messenger integration
  • Advanced targeting options for easy traffic allocation
  • Integration with popular marketing and CRM tools


  • Growth, Pro, and Enterprise – Custom quotes on request

26 – Google Optimize

Best CRO Tools Google Optimize

Optimize is the best conversion optimizer tool that lets you experiment and test different changes you make to your site. It integrates with Google Analytics to provide you with better real-time insights on conversions. The tool is equipped with multiple modules for A/B testing, split testing, and multivariate testing to analyze and test different versions of web pages. It is absolutely free, and you can use it to deliver personalized experiences to visitors.


  • Different types of testing modules
  • Native integrations with Google’s apps like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Accelerates Mobile Pages, and so on.
  • Easily design custom landing pages for ads
  • Integration with popular marketing & CRM platforms


  • Free

27 – Convertize

Best CRO Tools Convertize

Convertize is a smart A/B testing solution that lets you easily test all your conversion ideas. With a drag-and-drop smart editor, you can easily create test campaigns and manage them with Autopilot to maximize conversions. The detailed analytics and Hybrid Statistic Engine help you get better insights quickly to make smart decisions. Also, you get lightning-speed page load time to improve your SEO rankings using Convertize.


  • Dynamic content addition to pages
  • Detailed analysis for best conversion rate optimization
  • Plugin to personalize landing pages
  • Smart notifications to drive user engagement
  • Integration with popular sales, marketing, and CRM apps


  • Solo – $49/month
  • Team – $199/month

Landing Page Design Tools

Landing pages are very important as they help you capture leads, direct visitors to special offers, etc. Following the traditional ways of creating landing pages might not be enough to get the expected results. For better conversions, here are a couple of tools that will help you create professionally-looking landing pages.

28 – Leadpages

Best CRO Tools Leadpages

Leadpages is a well-known software to create engaging landing pages for turning clicks into customers. The tool offers built-in conversion guidance to help you create high-converting landing pages. With drag-and-drop widgets and a variety of unique templates, you can easily design and develop beautiful pages using the interactive visual editor without writing a single line of code. The best thing about Leadpages is that you get super-fast page load speed with a 30% higher performance score.


  • Mobile-responsive, high-converting templates
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for easy customization
  • Pop-up forms and alert bars included
  • AI-powered reporting & analytics
  • Seamless integration with digital marketing, sales, and CRM software


  • Standard – $37/month
  • Pro – $74/month

29 – Unbounce

Best CRO Tools Unbounce

Unbounce is an all-in-one conversion intelligence platform that lets you design awesome landing pages with ease. With a library of 100+ landing page templates, you can use the drag-and-drop builder to create delightful pages with interactive elements to engage and convert maximum visitors. What’s more? Unbounce offers popup and sticky bars builder as well to capture leads and drive sales. Using their Smart Traffic feature, you can intelligently display relevant pages to audiences based on their behavior and preferences.


  • User-friendly classic landing page builder
  • 100+ landing pages templates
  • Popups & sticky bars with smart trigger plus targeting rules
  • Security features for landing pages
  • Detailed analytics with all crucial metrics


  • Launch – $81/month
  • Optimize – $122/month
  • Accelerate – $203/month
  • Enterprise – Custom quotes on request

Competitive Landscape Tools

Finally, you need to assess where you stand in the market for competitive analysis. This means analyzing different parameters like website ranking, performance, and more to optimize certain areas for more conversions. Here are some tools that will help you with it.

30 – Semrush

Best CRO Tools Semrush

Semrush is like a must-have tool in your conversion optimization bag to get guaranteed results from online marketing. From SEO and competitor research to content marketing, PPC, and social media marketing, you can get it all done with Semrush. With features like competitor PR monitoring, rank tracking & analysis, and market analysis, you can work on your website & content optimization to stay ahead of the competition. Marketers use this tool to identify and close any funnel leaks for better conversions.


  • Keyword research, on-page SEO, local SEO, and link building
  • Content marketing, management, distribution, and optimization
  • Market analysis, PPC keyword research, paid advertisement, and website monetization
  • In-depth site audit with detailed reporting & analysis
  • Integrates with popular social, sales, and CRM tools


  • Pro – $99.95/month
  • Guru – $191.62/month
  • Business – $374.95/month

31 – Ahrefs

Best CRO Tools Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular all-in-one SEO toolkit that helps you analyze your competitors and optimize your website. With keyword explorer, content explorer, and rank tracker, you can learn more about your customers and track your ranking progress to see where you stand. The tool comes with a set of free learning guides to master the software in no time. You can get insights into all the crucial performance metrics from an intuitive dashboard like health score, domain rating, clicks & impressions, and much more.


  • Site explorer to get insights into competitors’ backlinking profile & organic search
  • Site audit to understand the factors affecting your conversions
  • Content explorer to provide you optimized & high-performing content
  • Keyword explorer to get both high-traffic and low-traffic keywords
  • Smart tracking of important marketing metrics


  • Lite – $82/month
  • Standard – $149/month
  • Advanced – $332/month
  • Agency – $832/month

Time to Fill in Your Backpack With Efficient CRO Tools!

Well, there you have it – a comprehensive list of popular and proven CRO tools from different domains to get your conversions back on track. Based on your research, optimization requirements, and budget, you can select a combination of these tools to align your CRO techniques for the best results.

If you don’t have enough resources and are looking for a single takeaway, then we would suggest Picreel as the perfect conversion optimization and lead generation tool for online businesses. With an easy-to-use interface, smart A/B testing feature, guaranteed results, and reasonable pricing plans, you can rely on Picreel to take your business to the next level.

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